#B90X - DAY 62 - Amateurs are Addicts. Artists are Pros



I realize this is an old thread, but I had to post regardless. I have, over the course of 5 months become addicted to crypto. It’s all I think about and mostly all I do whenever my laptop is open (even at work). Im either checking coincheckup or look for updated news on crypto. It has become so detrimental that I have flunked one of my classes. Im a grad student and was looking to finish around August and now that date has been pushed back. I realize im definitely up for the B90x challenge but im trying to become an Artist in this field. I dont want to miss any information from the “DODGE LORD” himself regarding new and existing projects that will moon so I my mind is on crypto at all times. Not sure if im alone in this…


My day today:

  1. Woke up at 6:30AM
  2. Chugged a glass of water
  3. Made it to Playa Studios at 7:38 for NAC3 Crypto Conference!
  4. Helped out with operations, spoke to some peeps and networked, listened to some keynotes until 5:20PM
  5. Went to the driving range with friends from 6-7:30
  6. Chilled at home until 8:30
  7. Going out for KOREAN BBQ!!!



oops, missed part 1

  1. Woke up at 7:30, chugged a glass a water
  2. Made it to work by 8:35AM
  3. worked, worked, worked until 7:45PM
  4. Chilled and listened to music until 9:00
  5. Did b90x Day 61, practiced Chinese on Duolingo, and read Acts 4!
  6. Went to bed by 11:00 to prep for Saturday


Got up at 6, drank some water, bathroom break, went running, did my daily routine of breathing exercises and yoga. Cold shower followed by breakfast. Finished a bunch of image editing I had been putting off. Did a 15 min session of Tabata workout, took a shower and had lunch. Studied Japanese and finished B90X for the day, checked some crypto charts, located the NEO whitepaper. Ate an afternoon snack. Had a deep two hour conversation with my wife, made dinner and ate it together. Checked Telegram and Twitter if I had any messages or anything important. Ended the evening with playing Ni no Kuni II together with my wife.

Got up at 6, drank some water, bathroom break, went running, did my daily routine of breathing exercises and yoga. Cold shower followed by breakfast. Went grocery shopping shortly after the store opened, spent some time with my wife, made dinner (using a slow cooker), did some image editing, ate lunch. Now I’ve just finished B90X, time to study Japanese, read the NEO whitepaper, plan my schedule for the coming week, eat an afternoon snack. Then I’ll try to read for an hour and go through some crypto related things. Do some image editing if there’s time before dinner, finish dinner and eat, spend the rest of Sunday talking or playing Ni no Kuni II with my wife, while also trying to cram in some more food (trying to gain weight).


Yesterday was a great day for me. I was very productive. My work day from Friday night ended at 5am Sat morning. So I slept till 9am. I had coffee, fed my birds and put them outside. I did my morning chores till about 12. From 12-3 I went shopping to find replacement stones and flowers for my driveway. (A neighbor drove her car through my front yard and took out the retaining wall, mailbox, palm, etc) From 3 till about 6pm worked on gardening and wall. From 6-8 I had dinner, put the birds to bed, and then I went to bed. My children were not at home so I was able to get a lot done. I usually like to take them somewhere when all of us have a day off together.
Today is Sun at 9am. I am still in bed :thinking: I should probably get up but I’m going to smash out some B90X instead! Have a great day everyone!


Yesterday is always my one day off for the week. Which is really just a half day off since I work overnight Saturday night until 7am Sunday. During work did B90x and read 5 crypto related articles and saw DCTV daily 5 videos and listened to hour of Your Wish Is Your Command. Woke up at noon and then spent time with the family. Family day on my day off watched a movie and finally got my girl to watch the Dogelord livestream first time live yesterday.

Today working full time job plan on finishing Your Wish Is Your Command today. Read 5+ crypto articles and watch Decentralized daily 5 videos. Spend time with baby put her to sleep then work and rinse and repeat.


Well i got up yesterday and got ready for work. 30 min
8.5 hours of work o boy lol
2 hours for messing with my mining rig had a problem I fixed this morning.
watched/ listened to you tube for 4 hours while filling orders for customers at home.
then spent an hour with the wife before bed.

this morning I spent 30 min doing a fix to my mining rig lol stupid problem. read my book for 30 min this morning before work. 8.5 hours of work. 10 min after work checking on the rig that’s good to go now lol. and now Ill have youtube going in the back ground as I do my second job order fulfillment at home till I go to bed. My second job is so boring lol but makes me that money lol.


Indeed I want to Go Pro… I remember my time spent yesterday… thanks to B90X lesson on TimeBoxing. My time is valuable, I craft it each and every moment. My week ahead is already planned too… amazing… its up to me to make it happen…


Driving daughter around.
Wondering how low BTC can go? Spent most of the day on this topic, to be honest.
Watched Top Gun.


Time fly’s, which makes us cherish it even more!


Yesterday, slept in, missed my workout like an amateur because I have been failing at my goal of getting to sleep early. Worked until 6:30PM. Then grocery shopping, then made dinner with the wifey, took the night off to watch the series finale of sense8. Sometimes I need to break my routine (mostly to keep Her feeling loved lol).

Today I woke up, made my lunch and coffee, did some TA, checked the charts and the news, cued up Youtube Videos for my day at work. Now I’m headed to the gym after B90X, then I’m going to work until 7pmish (Hopefully I’ll still catch the sunday sermon!) Come home, eat dinner, read a bit (hopefully if I have time) and get my ass to bed early as possible so I can wake up and crush Monday!


It may seem like routine sucks. But routine allows for discipline to be created for when life goals emerge!


Yesterday I was finishing last cuts to clip.
Helping my mum in the house.
Also I spent some time watching the markets, B90X, post on blog, and evening I was watching with friends MMA.

Today I’m uploading video and planning next week, so far.


Drove daughter to my girlfriend’s house
Work 8:30-5:00
Yankees game 5:00-10:18
Sleep 12ish

Breakfast 8:00
Daughters Piano 9:00
Haircut 10:45
Shower 11:45
Niece’s birthday party 2:50
Brothers house for a bbq (Not Korean sorry dogelord) 4:50-7:00
Family Movie 7:45-9:00
Just got home-


“The successful master the monotonous”


My time was spent driving home from Wisconsin all day, it was a long Day 3 hrs sleep but my ride made it worth it! On an average day it’s mostly keeping the spa up and running or mowing the lawn.


80% was productive as I planned my day early in the morning, BUT I did catch about 2 hours in Crypto Chat Rooms, which is too much because in 20/20 hindsight what I got out of this was more water cooler talk instead of truly productive and forward-moving results, so chop, chop goes the chat! I gotta become a Pro!


Work all day. Come home. Shower. Check the Bitcoin.Pub. Walk the dog. Back to Bitcoin Pub and Youtube. A little TV. Bedtime.


Day before yesterday:
8am – 5pm: Work at the office. Checking sales from previous day, analyzing clients charts, meeting with sales team to come up with new creative ways to get ready for our next campaign, video call with factory in China cause they trying to raise prices cause of new laws and increase in price of fabrics. No Bueno, which is making me consider a different factory in Vietnam or Indonesia… will see…
6pm – 8pm: Traveled to Arica, Chile with my parents to take care of some personal business.
9pm – sleep: Spent some quality time with my parents while briefly talking about what we had to do the next day.

Spent my day following a contractor guy that is helping me out with a remodeling of a property I own. Planning to add a second floor before I resell it. Pretty much took all day driving around and planning. I am dead exhausted.


Yesterday was a normal work day for me. Woke up worked out got baby ready for day care took her there listened to B90x on the way and DCTV clips. Then listened to audiobook during work. After work read See You At The Top and spent time with family. Then took a nap and went to over night job and read more there too and wrote B90x answers there.

Will try to rinse and repeat same habits today.