#B90X - DAY 62 - Amateurs are Addicts. Artists are Pros



Yesturday most of my time was spent at work getting the boat ready for a project in Papua New Guinea.
Time was spent troubleshooting faults and fixing defects before we leave. 12 hours at work 1 hour to watch the shitbox “TV” to numb the brain cook and have dinner, 2 hours of B90X catch up on sunday sermon recorded chat and crypto news.

Today was much the same was mostly the same 12 hours prepping the boat with 2 hours after work for B90X and youtube crypto related news to catch up on.

Iv unsubcribed everything on facebook a couple of weeks ago that will only trigger my troll button so im not to be distracted or side tracked

This is what i love to wake up to and work on every day with the side hustle of crypto when im not at work to keep my mind active and be more fullfilled with what i can achieve


Get up and out of the house: 20 mins
Spent 5 minutes finding Crypto videos to watch on my drive into work.
Worked 8.5 hours.
Spent 15-20 minutes of this time to check Coin prices
Watched more crypto videos in car on the way home.
Cleaned up from work, spent family time with the wife and kid before leaving to meet relatives for dinner. (1.5 hours)
Dinner. 2 hours
Put child to sleep, skipped B90X, went to sleep early.

exactly the same as yesterday until I got home from work.
Proceeded to cook dinner and eat 1 hour.
Spent family time at home playing with child and talking with wife 2 hours.
Put child to bed, got ready for bed, watched B90X 1 hour.

I probably spent an additional 15 minutes during family time to check coins and youtube videos on Crypto.


Yesterday – Monday
10:30 Wake up late
10:30-12:30 Cleanup, breakfast, play with dogs
30-2:30 Prison ministry 12:
2:30-3:00 Renew license plates
3:00-4:00 Post office and Home Depot
4:00-5:00 Home, internet work,
5:00-5:40 Return to license bureau to rewrite check
5:45-7:00 Home, change license plates, internet time
7-8:00 Supper with relatives
8-10:00 Watch television with wife
10pm-2am Computer work, B90x, surf, then bed.

Today – Tuesday
11:00 Wake up late
11:00-12:00 Cleanup, breakfast, play with dogs
12:00-1:30 Computer work, emails,
1:30-3:30 Walk, exercise, shower, eat
3:30-4:00 Visit with relatives
4:00-5:00 Negotiate sale of houses
5:00-7:00 Internet time, don’t remember
7:00-8:00 Bible class
8:00-10:00 Tv time with wife
10:00-1:30 Internet emails and surf, B90X then bed
DAY 62 – I see way too much computer time and late sleeping time. Need regular/routine hours.


Where did you spend your time?
Yesterday was Labor day. I got the day off and slept in till 5:30. Which was pretty good as I was drinking with a buddy the night before. My wife had to work at the local camp ground checking people in and out, so I had the kids alone. Spent the morning with the kids building a habitat to grow super worms, which are over grown mill worms. Food for the family lizzard. I’m tired of buying food for that cold blooded beast. So the morning was spent watching youtube vids to create the right environment to grow the worms. And then building the habitat. After that we had to go to the hardware store to get the material to create the cricket habitat to grow them. That damn lizzard eats close to a dozen a day, and at 12 cents each, it adds up fast. This is the 3rd attempt to create the correct habitat. Ill let you know if it works. I did sit down after the hardware store trip and watch a movie on netflix, which I slept through. Made dinner and timed it for the arrival of my wife home from work and made the kids clean the house before momma bear got home. And of course had to make sure all of the homework was done. Momma bear is nice until she is not, so its better to make sure things are done. I can take the heat, just don’t like to. After dinner, I loaded up the van with a parrot cage I bought at an auction on Friday and took it to the car wash to clean it up to sell it.

Looking back over the day, I see that I actually did a lot which it did not feel like it at the time. I was in a bit of a foul mood. Was feeling a bit down because I am not getting to my vision and mission as fast as I would like.

Today I created a list of things I wanted to get done when I got home, this B90X being part of that. I’m knocking 'em out. I just wish that damn job I have to work wouldn’t take up so much of my time. LOL. Some Day…


Yesterday I made did my morning routine of getting ready for work (coffee, feed and let out dogs etc.) Went to work, on my way I needed gas but I was running late so threw $15 in) chatted on the discord while I waited on things, but overall didnt spend too much time on it. I browsed reddit for about 5 to 10 min as I just scroll through “what’s popular” I went home and thought about going to the liquor store, but wasnt sure if they carried what I wanted to pick up so I just went home where I then looked on their website. My wife had dinner in the oven, I took a quick shower and we watched 2 episodes of Claymore. I then proceeded to brush my teeth, let out the dogs and go to sleep.

Today I woke up at 6:20, normal routine.l left at 6:58. There was a lot of rain coming down, got a little squirrely with the rear wheels hydroplaning on the highway, got to work at 7:28am, sat in my car until 7:43 because it was raining and we dont open until 8 on Saturdays. I worked, had lunch at about 12:15, took break and talked with a friend until 1:15 about computers and crypto stuff, continued working and clocked out at 5:04, drove to the liquor store and had stayed there from 5:14 to 5:28. Drove home and got there at 6:08. Let out dogs, played with them, asked wife what she felt like eating since date night. 6:28 we left to go get food. At a stop sign I checked the email from Peter at about 6:34. Joined the convo and was on mute, got called out, said hi - introduced the booins and we left meeting to eat some PHO! We left at about 7:45, got home at 8:03, watched 1 episode of my hero (released today) and 2 episodes of claymore took out dogs. We finished at 10. I had needed to watch the alpha class 6 course, so when I got the video, I watched it, watched a video about an r8 for a while and now I’m doing my b90x at 1:15am on Sunday. Gonna get ready for bed as the youngest pupper has training at 9:30. :+1:


Yesterday and today were exactly the same except yesterday I had a workout and today I am doing some meal prep. I agree with @MeddlingSheep that the work day takes up over 3/4 of my day. I have so many mini time boxes after work that’s the only way I can keep sanity. I have my interview tomorrow for a new job that more than likely will be 2nd shift if it works out as well as adding an additional 45 of commute time. We shall see. If it works out it’s really going to screw up everything :rofl: but I will adjust and get my time boxing modified and the world will keep spinning.


Yesterday, Content creation, rendering, & uploading; Spanish exercises, discord/Pub, bills, get cash, pay friend, tennis (6:30pm-9pm), got girl flowers and spent time with her for anniversary(lunch time), hang with girl before bed. The rest of day I can’t remember :man_facepalming:
So far today:
7 am- Wake & shower
7:30 - post some content
8 - get on pub / discord / catching up in B90x
then ???
11 am - call from a friend
11:30-12 – finish catching up on B90X


Looking at my schedule I’m a very boring person. I do the same things over and over again. Unless there is an emergency nothing much changes. :roll_eyes:

Yesterday was Sunday so my day was:
1 1/2 personal time - morning/night time routine, bathroom, eating, ect.
2 hours actual time caregiver for my disabled husband (I’m with him most the day to care for him but I can do other things)
30 minute meal preparation (we ate left overs and put in microwave)
30 minutes reading
15 minutes scripture study
4 hours I watched church videos on Living Scriptures and BYU.TV (husband and 3 kids were sick so stayed home from church) while I attach historical index records (like census, birth or death records) to my family’s genealogy
1 hour driving (listening to church leader talks)
1 hour serving time to someone in need
Rest of the time was filled with being mom

Today is Monday so:
1 1/2 personal time - morning/night time routine, bathroom, eating, ect.
2 hours actual time caregiver for my disabled husband (I’m with him most the day to care for him but I can do other things)
30 minute meal preparation
30 minutes reading
15 minutes scripture study
2 hours homeschooling (my daughters work with the kids the rest of their homeschooling)
11/2 hours driving kids to work or collage (we only have 1 van for 7 adults) while listening to crypto youtube ie DCTV (this is why I can’t be on chat most the time…I’m driving)
30 minutes cleaning
30 minutes doing laundry
30 minutes taking care of financial issues
15 minutes doing B90X
3 hours working on VARWEE
1 hour Family Home Evening
Rest of the time was filled with being mom

I’m sure there is more that I do that are just routine/habit that I don’t even notice but this is basically what I’ve done for the last 2 days. :smile:



Yesterday- I made and canned 24 bottles of lemonade. Researched and ordered more lemonade jars (cheaper/exact same ones I was previously buying). Transplanted 200 Swiss chard in the high tunnel. Cleaned my house. Did laundry. Cooked supper. Researched ways to integrate cryptocurrency with Squarespace for a payment option on my website. Found the only solution.

Today- label lemonade that I canned yesterday. get orders ready to ship. Go to the post office, chiropractor, & cell phone store while in town. Finish setting up the second grow tent exhaust and lights. Cook supper. Do more laundry. If there’s time left, I’ll transplant lettuces in the high tunnel. Later tonight I’ll work on the website checkout solution I found yesterday for accepting crypto on Squarespace.


I was addict - not anymore! However, they are still things which makes me more like an amateur than a professional.

I am preparing myself to going back to UK, planning everything, trip, new place, new work.

I went back to place where it hurts but I know it’s right and get back to learning wordpress.
I learned new things but I feel I could do much more.

  1. yesterday (not a typical day, I’m on vacation)
  • 4h public transportation
  • 4h visit to some friends’ home
  • 1h lunch
  • 1.5h phone conversation
  • 3h Youtube videos
  • 0.5h Facebook
  • 1h walking and shopping
  1. today
  • public transportation
  • walking and shopping
  • phone conversation
  • e-mail


1. Yesterday, I wrote from 9am till at around 12.30pm. I then watched some TV and ate, and ate before returning to the writing deadline at 3pm till around 6pm. I then started multitasking (writing in front of the tv in the living room). I then tried working midnight. But I spent time on the Bitcoin Pub and Twitter instead. Got tired and slept. I am completing my Masters Thesis. Due soon.
2, Today I had a dentist appointment . Got home just before noon. Ate and watched tv. Went to the store at 2pm. Got back home, watched music videos till 5pm. Then I wrote till at about 8pm, wherein I multitasked. Spent time on Twitter and the Bitcoin Pub. Writing this reply. It’s 11pm though.