#B90X - DAY 63 - EGO VS. TRUTH - Going Bitcoin Professional



When you become a bitcoin professional your life gets very simple.

The amateur is an egotist. He or she takes the material from their life and uses it to draw attention to themselves. He or she creates a persona or a character for the world to see.

Going professional is an act of dying to self. No ego, no distractions, no big hype. No pretense. You know it when you see it. We aren’t stupid. We know when people are playing a part, we know when people aren’t being themselves.

The amateur identifies with his own ego. He believes that the ego is who he is. The amateur is a narcissist. He views the world hierarchically. He continues to rate himself in relation to others, becoming self-inflated if his fortunes rise, and desperately anxious if his star should fall.

These amateurs crave third-party validation. The amateur is plagued by his imagined conception of what is expected of him. He is imprisoned by what he believes he ought to think, how he out to look, and what he ought to do, and who he ought to be.

The amateur competes with others and believes that he cannot rise until a competitor falls.
If the amateur had the power, they would eat the world, not knowing that in doing so, would mean his own extinction.

A professional on the other hand worries not about the perception of others. They are doing a good work. They cannot come down. They know themselves, they know where they are going. They have most likely created a personal vision and mission in life… like what we’ve talked about in previous B90X videos.

Going pro means shedding all of that excess weight. You are the only one who can change your life. The time is now, no one can do it for you. And frankly, no one is interested in you enough to change your life for you.

In today’s B90X exercise, I’d love for you to share with us: Who are you comparing yourself to. How are you deceiving yourself and how are you rating yourself against others?
You probably already know why this is not a positive position to be in. Are you living the truth of your life? Or are you living your life according to the perceptions of others?

Going Pro - 20 Part Series of Going Bitcoin Professional in Life!

I’m comparing myself to my old self. I am not deceiving myself because I am authentic and I know who I am. I don’t rate myself against others because they don’t ever meet my standards. I live the truth of my life. I am living my life according to my own principles and the way that I want to perceive myself. I do what I want because I’m signed to me.


Yeah when I see others live the type of life I want to live it sucks. Because of facebook and other social networks I’ve figured out that these successful people are a friend of a friend of a friend. When they seem like people you could know the jealousy is stronger.

So I need to double down on focusing on my own life



Watching B90X and honestly other Bitsize videos has already taught me to dismiss the petty bullshit like comparing myself to others. I allow others success to inspire and motivate me instead of make me upset with myself. Getting into cryptos has really helped shape my life and made me much happier with the direction I’m facing and the path I’m choosing. I genuinely enjoy watching people succeed and I think this truly started once I felt like I was succeeding in my own life. The power of the blockchain is magical lol.


You’ve got it brotha! We’re all learning and growning as the spaceship gets ready for take off.


I just realized that the spaceship might be more than a cute way of saying price increase. Our lives could change significantly in the next months/years


I catch myself comparing myself to others a lot. On a good note, I am able to recognize it when it happens! I first became aware of this earlier this year, and it’s hard to break this habit. I also recognize my tendencies towards competition and wanting to take down my competitors. I’ve had this trait since birth probably, and I’ve learned to use it for motivation to get results. The problem is that it is completely unsustainable and as soon as I achieve success with my goal, I stop trying and “take a rest”. I’m kind of blown away right now because I have always noticed this pattern and did not understand why it was re-playing in my life until halfway through writing this!!! It’s all about that unsustainable, unhealthy trait of “competition” that I have subscribed to. An example of this is with another real estate agent in my town that started about the same time as me. Whenever I see one of his signs (especially if it’s in the area I live), I actually get pissed and start talking all this shit in my head about him! It’s ridiculous to admit, but it instinctually happens and I have to constantly remind myself to stop because there is enough business to go around. A big reason I even got into real estate was due to my ego wanting to be validated by my parents and other “professionals” in my area (and the money too :)), total amateur status. I also realized in the video that being an amateur is like relying on a central bank (central authority) to validate your actions/your life!

Anybody have any tips on how to squash this competition thing? Being aware of it is a start, but I feel like it’s still playing a big role in my life.


I’ve been around too long to give a fuck about what others are doing or what they think of me. I see the rise and fall of the amateurs and understand that most of them just need to grow past their own bullshit, and they will eventually (hopefully) evolve. I’ve been there myself.

But once you emerge and shower that shit off, you have a clean start towards a more enlightened and satisfying life. That’s why I’m here. Am I ticked off at myself, the near-ultimate early adopter, for not getting in on crypto years ago? Fuck. Yes. I can blame it on life fucking me over around the time I should have picked up on it. But that doesn’t matter anymore, I only have TODAY.

The train hasn’t left yet and I’m hopping it. I’ll make mistakes, I’ll tell you guys where I screwed up or was a dork and ask for advice, knowing the wealth of compassion and experience here amongst friends. The important thing is I have a Vision, a Mission, and Goals. I don’t even have my ticket yet. But I’m working on it. And I’ll do it, one way or another.

We’ll all do it, just in different ways.

Barkeep, a virtual round to everyone in the pub, I love you guys!


My dad always told me this:

At the end of the day you have to be okay with going to bed with yourself, your own thoughts, behaviors, and the principles that they are built upon.

The battle and struggle is real. It’s with ourselves though, not with each other and certainly not with the internet. Our goal is to improve the self every single day.


I recently had found myself for quite a while comparing myself to others in the fact of - “why aren’t i married, why don’t i have kids, why don’t i have white picket fence & house, why don’t i have that car” am i a failure to myself, family, society?? I would beat myself down on this.

Having spoken to someone very recently on this situation & how i was feeling - it turns out in the end i’m actually pretty close to where i want to be in life.

Single life is good, I can do what i want, when i want. Don’t get me wrong I Love the feeling of a relationship, the love, the companionship, the trust but in the end I haven’t found her. I don’t want to be married just for the sake it.

My values in having children haven’t changed - I never wanted to bring up little ones into a world where i couldn’t give them everything.

The house aspect i never wanted to be owned by a bank & owe a ridiculous amount of money & have that burden just for the sake of having a house.

Cars, constant new material things - I don’t need a flash car to get me from A to B, that’s all it does! Material things I have the things i need & use. I don’t need to have the toys that i won’t use that will just sit there. If i ever do want something i will go buy it as long as i know i’ll use it.
Do i need to buy new sunglasses or shoes or clothes etc every week or month…no i don’t because all of these things i already have & are perfectly fine.

When you actually step back & look deep into yourself, the answers are there.


A cold truth is we are exactly where we are because of us. It’s humbling and moving at the same time.
It reminds us that we are not a product of circumstance, but rather decisions.
We can be whomever we want. We must use our mind to make it so.


Thank you peter.
:100: %

The past few weeks of doing this series, more so the psychological factors have been so valuable to my own current situation. It’s unbelievable that it’s all lined up. :man_shrugging:t4: . Life works in funny ways at times.


such an amazing statement. I love these words. Congrats @FloridaWater!


It is a lifetime effort @bretts. The great news is you can spot yourself doing it. A lot of people struggle with this step. Congrats brotha, you are on your way!

@altcoinchick your spirit is YOUR TICKET. You can ride that anywhere…even to the moon and beyond. Most people use things to compensate for spirit. You have it all in the right perspective!

@Anthony sounds like you have found the perfect place to be! Congrats!


Thanks bud, inspired by the greats. :heart:


I compare myself to my flatmate, especially when it comes to trading, but I think it is a healthy competition. I used to be deceptive with regards to the extent of losses with trades but now I’m getting better at being honest with others and to myself about the reality - I think this is important for improving.

I think overall I’m an honest person and I live my life that way


I am highly competitive, so I compare myself to others all the time. The struggle is real! I have to stop framing my successes on others’ successes. I am thankful that I do not do it at the expense of others, and I do not feel that when others fail I succeed (quite the opposite), but mentally I do measure their accomplishments as high watermarks that I must strive for. I have to redirect that energy towards being the best me. I can learn from them or emulate certain best practices, but I am not them and my product is my own. I will restate my Mission since the last part was designed to address this:

Mission: Rocking financial independence by understanding, dissecting and leveraging new technologies and bringing as many people as I can along for the ride!`

We are all in this together, and when the team wins, we all win.

I have to keep this front of mind; make the conscious decision that my life, my mission, my goals, and my work ethic should reflect where I want to be, and they are not based on the backs of others. I must stretch myself every day to complete ‘my’ goals and reach ‘my’ targets.


Comparing myself to 2 of the greatest in my field. I get the impression I’ll never catch up even though, in reality, they got both 10 & 20 years on me. Bottom line is I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to do. That, added to the fact that me & them are completely different on so many levels so in 10 & 20 years my accomplishments will look nothing like theirs.
As to personal integrity, the reason I work where I work is because I’d rather live my truth than what others think is right.


As long as I compare myself to who i was yesterday, I’ll be chillin.