#B90X - DAY 63 - EGO VS. TRUTH - Going Bitcoin Professional



I tend to compare myself to how I’ve performed that certain task previously. Trying to improve on what I have done in the past. This can however get out of hand a bit, when I start to obsess over details that must be adjusted to perfection, even if the completed product will not be affected in any major way because of it. I could probably benefit from taking a step back, looking at the big picture, not focus so much on the tiny details, and try to get more stuff done instead of perfecting things nobody cares about.

I can’t say that I’ve ever had a problem with being concerned about what others think of me, partly because I’ve looked really weird in my youth, so I got used to people staring all the time and I started ignoring it. If I feel comfortable with how I look or what I think then that’s all that matters.


I compare my traits and disciplines to my hero’s to see how far I am. However I do feel inferior to them in anyway as everyone is superior to someone in an aspect. It’s just a guiding system to me.

Like when Petah reads FUD on DCTV but always has a positive outlook on it. That is something I want to automatically emulate when I read articles on my own.

I’ll be damned if I let people make thoughts for me. Which is why I fill my head up to achieve auto suggestions from listening to personal development audiobooks majority of the time. Eventually will become an eternal optimist.


well I use to judge my self against any rich guy out there. anyone that had it better than me. I come from a very poor family. so I always dreamed one day Ill be like them and ill be awesome too. lol then years of dreaming I meet one of my Idols just to see he was an ass hole. And I did’t want to be like him. so worried someone was going to take everything from him. could’t help anyone lol prick. so now my new out look is to share my knowledge with the world lol. Ill talk about cars all day tell you anything you like to know. ill talk about bitcoin and what little I know and tell ppl how to get more info. If I have something that could help someone else trying to make a life for them selves I would love to be there person that helps now. I get told why do I do that it’s stupid all the time but i just say it makes me happy why not!!! and years of hard work and playing by my rules has started to get me in the place that I want to be. no more holding this guy back from ppl judging me not bettering them selves. now they want to be me. Its funny how it comes full circle. but the ppl that said why to me look to me for help that I’m glad to give. I try not to judge anyone and ill help anyone with good knowledge and ill go out of my way for someone trying but need guidance not laziness. Like my brother. I’m putting him through collage for auto body. He is disable according to my mom and the state for being aggressive. but he wanted to change his life. so I helped and that was 2 years ago. so I guess to say i have a plan for life and I’m sure as hell going to do it my way not following someone else path!!!


Blockquote this is indeed true. The bottom line and the truth of the matter at end of all this we have to be at peace with our own self. We can’t lie to ourselve. Have learnt to be at peace with myself. Comparing with others is just selling myself short. Great to be back again. Have been tieing loose ends of my life so I go fully pro on the journey to the moon… let’s do this…


I don’t compare myself to anyone else, I stopped doing that about the time I turned 30, settled down with my wife and started a family. If I look at how other people are doing things, then it is to try and improve myself. I enjoy reading the messages and info put on here by some of the more experienced members, learning loads!


Aren’t we all special in some way or form. We should never try to be anyone we aren’t. As individuals, we have our own special talents, traits, looks and brawns.

I continue to spread the good work and knowledge of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency to inform people how the technology will change the future and the person as well.

Let’s keep up the hard work and we shall soon rocket to the moon!


I tend to follow and learn from the smartest or most accomplished people that I can find. I am amateur as fuck because in many ways I am comparing myself to some incredible peepurr. Need to break this comfort bubble somehow and live my own dreams and stop being a mimic


Oh @Nynjah I feel ya brother. I’m so pleased and happy, that you guys decided to go through B90X with me. We learning together. This community is the best!


Truth is the fundamental stone to build Blockchain design life. Truth in my life it’s start in this very moment, when I stand and telling myself truth about myself, my life, my reality, my opportunities as also my obstacles and destructions which I have to get ride off in my life.

Today is a beautiful day, I started my day in good way and now I need to make some money, go to the gym and back to work.


Are you living the truth of your life? Yes I am; I know who I am and I don’t compare myself to anyone. What I can do is be honest about what I know and what I don’t know. For the most part, I believe I found some like minds in this community. @kimchi @Nynjah


I am so consumed with my own Vision and Mission that I honestly don’t have time to compare with others. I’ve always considered that type of thinking as short-sighted just because there will ALWAYS be someone above, or even below, us. As long as I can get our little family to where they need to be, I’m good. Thank you for these reminders Peter.


I’m guilty of being an amateur by living beyond my means. I feel I could be more frugal so giving up the luxuries is my battle. I’m 100% satisfied with all my material possessions but that need for comfort is only an amateurs way of thinking. I’m moving forward with slow steady change eliminating those amateur ways of going through life not knowing what you make or knowing exactly how much you have. It’s a daily struggle but one I want to change by building/ incorporating reflection and making those adjustments. Cheers to grinding a new you!


All good my man! Keep it going!


Gotta admit, these constant drops make me nervous. But I have never sold anything. Buying, but still nervous.


I don’t really compare myself to others. I have my own goals I want to accomplish in crypto. I do tend to get influenced by others at times but overall I know what my mission statement looks like and that is the true driving force in my decision making process. No time for EGO. Let’s each get to the moon :full_moon_with_face: in the way that works best for us individually.


I realized I still deceive myself by trying to reach a past version of myself sometimes. There are times when I am talking about fitness or being healthier with friends and family and without realizing it, I tell myself “Oh yeah, I gotta get back in shape cause I’m getting fat and people are telling me to my face so I gotta get ripped like I used to” for example.
The correct sentence should be, I gotta get healthier cause of me and get to a better shape than before.
Gotta get better at motivating myself without putting me down or being too critical about it as well. Grow personally out of love for myself rather than grow because people tell me or because I see other people doing it and I just follow.


I am still comparing myself with people with great discipline in different aspects of life, success, and greatness. I compare myself to fellow pub members and thinking how good it will feel to have been hodling for as long as them and winning bigly. It fires me up. I also compare myself with my past self half a year in with experimenting to be an eternal optimist still ways to go but getting better and better.


I compare myself with other vessel masters i never thought one of them must fall for me to rise we all have our special traits and abilities strength and weaknesses in the company and we utilise the best person suited for the task, their is abit of competition but i see it as healthy competition as it motives you and others to keep learning and gain more experiance

I used to deceive myself alot when i was younger around 22-25 when i first started driving boats everyone was way more exoerianced then me and i had an ego to think i was just as good as the expiranced vessel master with many years under their belts but hopefully with age, wiser and a lil smarter now i dont really care if others are more experianced than me even with crypto there is never enough to learn and its a forever quest to gain XP

I like to think i hold all the knowledge if its a particular topic or subject i know well where people can find the answers to and i dont always know all the answers and thats where i deceive myself now


I’ve been the amateur in past jobs/relationships/life-experiences. I’m not saying I’ve arrived into professionalism by any means, but I do walk a different path now that involves tremendous introspection. Each day is a day for me to be of service to those around me. I constantly try to improve in every aspect of my life. A few minutes of prayer and meditation every morning and night go a long way to being true to one’s self. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson :man_dancing:


I’m with Dsquared, I don’t really compare myself with others. Comparing myself with others has inherent dangers such as: copycat syndrome, different skill sets may lead to feelings of inadequacy, latent jealousy, possible iconoclastic arrogance, inordinate competition, self-absorption, self-deception, distorted self-image, and distraction from one’s own mission and vision.

I would rather spend my time with those of shared interest (like my Bitcoin Pub peers) and moving along with each person’s own skills and contributions, moving forward toward their own goals and at the same time producing a synergistic effect in the Pub. Cheers…:beers:

DAY 63 – Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may face the fiery darts of FUD and FOMO…:scream: Stay strong. :weight_lifting_man::weight_lifting_woman::weight_lifting_woman::weight_lifting_man::no_good_man::no_good_woman: