#B90X - DAY 64 - Who's Going to Choose Your Life For You?



I am very blessed! My family is very supportive. My parents are very proud of my choices and trust my decisions. They have never pushed me into a particular career or mindset. We have had several discussions around my path and even crypto, and they are super excited. My dad has even started getting into Crypto :slight_smile:. I even invited him (and he accepted) to the Pub!


My family is very proud of what I have become. Now my mom has ALWAYS believed that I should let my “man” or “partner” take 100% financial care of me. That way life does not work for me. My success happened because of the hard work, long hours, and sacrificing all that sleep we need to function. Now because of my hard work, sacrifice and success I can help take care of her. Has that changed the way she feels about it? No. I don’t need her too. I am the happiest I’ve ever been. My life is better then I could have ever imagined. My husband and my children are my rocks. They keep me focused and inspire me to keep learning and improving. I couldn’t do this without their support.


“as long as what youre doing is creating value for other people, we love you”


These are difficult questions every last one of them. My family has always been supportive of my decisions because they believed in me, so I am not sure if they would personally have chosen anything differently if they had the opportunity. I have been in a very bad place for most of my adult life, so now that I am finally pulling myself together, I think that they are proud that I managed it on my own. I know my wife is proud of me, but at the same time she wishes that I would have more time to spend with her, so it’s a delicate balance.


Being a first generation Filipino that means my parents want me to be a nurse. Which I am not lol, but my girl is very supportive of my crypto investment and ventures. But one of my moon goals is to buy a house in Florida for my parents next to my moms sisters which is her dream. I’m sure will be very supportive of that lol and in line with my mission and vision.


This is a good one. well my wife supports me 100%. I’ve been into cars my hole life and she put me through school to be a better mechanic that can manage a shop too. she got me started in BTC in December. We started to do research as the market dropped. and waited till the bottom then and it went down again. we both lost money but its all good. she supported me to get my mining rig up and going and now we are trying to get a gpu farm going lol. now thats support

my brothers are both on board with me and all that I do. My middle brother is a gamer that hates the high prices of gpus. but I just got him on board with mining on his comp with nicnhash. my baby bro has my back no questions asked. he is my body guy, my video editor for youtube and is helping with the mining rig.

my mom supports me as long as I don’t ask for money at all!!

My dad loves that I work on cars and bikes. I just told him about my btc and my rig. and he was not that supportive of btc. thinks its fake and will go away and the bubble just popped. after taking and explaining what cryptos represented he was more open than I’ve ever known him to be. I feel like I half convinced the most stubborn man that cryptos are good and they are not going away soon. he said he would look more into btc. I was shocked!!!

when I was 18 19 and 20 I was a good for nothing drug addict. heroin crack and Weed. I was homeless and my family had all turned there back on me. I was stealing cars for drug money and all that crap. then it happened I hit MY ROCK BOTTOM!!!
found my love of my life and started to fix my self little at a time. Now my hole family supports me and is behind me 100% I believe.


Well this is a good one… with nuclear family except for my brother thanks to him am in this space. The thing with family they only believe once they see strangers celebrate you. Well let’s just say my wife is yet to see the light bulb… planning to surprise them soon. My parents would have loved that be an accountant… figures guy… Am glad I took this trijectory… not looking back.


I have the support of my close family and they have my support in all they do.
I would like to think they want only only success and happiness for me.
Ultimately it’s only I who can achieve those goals for myself. I do believe that our best path in life is the one we choose to take, not one that is set out by someone else.


My mom is always supportive no matter how stupid, intellectual or odd my ideas might be. I think that she will always have the best interest for me and support me to become 100% successful in this hourney.

I surround myself with great people and eliminate waste, as we’ve discussed. We can only improve our lives by gathering the best of our ideas and collaborating with positive people.

I can’t believe we are near the finish, but we still have so much to learn!


They are very supportive of my goals and path. I just get that tunnel vision. So I think they would ask me to exercise more tolerance and patience for those around me. This does support my own growth, and patience is important. I can’t make everything happen in one day, or one week. I know they are at least 99% behind me, even if I haven’t got them fully convinced on Crypto (yet).


My family is the driving force that sustains my drive towards a more secure future.


My family doesn’t understand what I’m doing, my mother is supportive, she even recently started asking “so when you starting your mining farm son?”

I also asked my ex and Her response was simply this.

She wants me to move to place when I will be surrounded by good people, to find good church, when I also will be involved in.

She said that, She wants to see more God in my life, and that’s the only way that we can be back together. She said that I need to also take care more of my mental health because stress is killing me, gym is good but I need healthy food and also She said on the end that I need mentors.

A. I really want her back.


My family has always been very supportive of me, and they still are. I consider myself to be a fortunate man.


I chose the hard road with no college degree so I believe my family would have chosen the scholar. I know they are absolutely proud of my achievements and success, work ethic, drive etc. The knowledge barrier is tough but I’d give it up a thousand times for outstanding character, humble, great attitude and care free no stress kind of helpful loving personality I’ve molded. :wink: Some things are priceless and they love me for it - good people are hard to come by :wink: Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Those closest to me would simply want me to be happy and live a good, healthy life. These are all things I am working towards now. Crypto and blockchain tech has provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to create life changing wealth and to be part of a technological revolution. My goals will continue to follow the overall mission to become debt free and live a life of financial security and happiness.


Those who care most about me, my family mainly, have always told me, you do what you want to do but if you decide to do something, you have to give it your all even if you fail.
I recently had a chat with my mom about my next professional move. I am currently in the transition or looking to change my career path and leave the import/export business. I asked my mom what she thought about it and she said that following my passion or something I am really interested is great and all but she does know me too well and she knows I sometimes struggle with finishing projects. I love trying new things and doing different things all the time but yes, I admit I do get distracted by newer projects and sometimes won’t finish something and leave it hanging for later, and most of the times, I don’t even come back to those projects.
Definitely need to work on my task finishing skills and resilience towards hard tasks/projects and not give up too easily. Baby steps.


She sounds like a keeeeeeeeper man, it sounds like you should bring her breakfast more often to bed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel ya brother. The art of getting things done is mine missing class. Need to go back to the school. I mean me.


My parents will be supportive once have the gains. My girl just wants to be with me and be happy together she is supportive 100% and I am grateful for that. My friends know I’m on my grind just taking care of my family and working they are supportive as well even though don’t really see them.


When i quit college to go work on a fishing boat with my dads brother in law my mum was super pissed at me and begged me to finish and have a good education.

I could see my dad was proud what ever i done as long as i was happy and gave it my best.

When i came home with a brand new subaru wrx parked in her drive way at 18 she was shocked i made good money working on a stinky fishing boat and made more than i would have ever if i finished college with debt and on a small trainee wage for the first 4 years.

My mother always tryed to be controlling and my father was more care free and only wanted happyness

I think she has realised now being over 30 i live my own life the way i want to haha but thats what you get for having asian mothers