#B90X - DAY 65 - A Boring Life - Never Give Up



Something that is boring goes nowhere.
It travels in a circle. It never arrives at a destination.
The repetitive nature of the boring life and of addiction is what makes both so tedious.

No traction is ever gained. No progress is ever made.
We’re stuck in the same endlessly-repeating loop of insanity.

That’s what makes addiction, or auto-pilot habits, a little slice of hell on earth.

Addiction, or auto-pilot habits share two primary qualities:
1 - Embody repetition without progress
2 - The produce incapacity as a payoff

This may not be a perfect example, but let’s try one on for size…

There are over 2M people in jail today in the US, we can go over the political and socio-economic reasons for this, but let’s just stick to some ideas that I believe we can glean from this from a macro level.

While this is certainly depressing, how many more are self-imprisoned in cycles of abuse (of others or themselves) or habituated to other forms of vice, corruption, and depravity?

Why is staying in an endless loop of insanity so intoxicating?

Because the payoff is incapacity.

Those that are addicted to trouble and the endless loop of life because they are safe behind bars. They are safe within the constraints they they have often created for themselves.
In a criminals example, statistically, many of those that are released from prison, often find ways to get sent back.

The payoff for the prisoner is release from the agonizing imperative of identifying, embracing, and bringing into material existence the dreams and vision of his own heart.

They have given up.

My father has given me many quotes in my life that I live by, but one that has significantly impacted me the most is to never give up. Whenever I think about this I always think about the two choices that I have in life, which I’ve repeated time and time again in this B90X series:

You can have a well crafted life that is designed by you.
Or, you can have a life of passivity, where you live based on circumstance.

In today’s B90X program, let us know in TheBitcoin.Pub below: where must you remind yourself to not give up? What in your life have you given up on? What must you reinvigorate in your life. What must you begin again?

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Hi, CryptoNation)

Where must you remind yourself to not give up?
Yesterday, I had almost broken the relations with my love. I was thinking like a loser, to give up.
I haven’t given up) Now we are opening the new doors in our relations with full of love) Thank you @peter and the CryptoNation, you give me belief in my life) I love you guys)

What in your life have you given up on?
Previously, I have given up on the Bitcoin. Yes, I have sold a part of my savings it to rebuy them lower. I don’t know is it good, or bad, but I had given up with my promise to HOLD.

What must you reinvigorate in your life. What must you begin again?
I have to be a wise man, the man that doesn’t condemn others for their thoughts and goals they have. I need to become a child again) It seems to be silly, but I have understood that in the world of office workers I have become uninteresting and too much serious person. I need to get in peace with myself again, to be able to rule my life.

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


I dont know where to begin with this video, its so inspiring and I know from many years of experience how much personal psychology and the never-give-up mentality can be so life-changing. having had a long-term neuro-immune illness and not working since 1994 I have been extremely low at times, and considered suicide several times (as recently as last november).
I was always interested in self-help books, conspiracies and the madness of the world we live in and have also become quite spiritual. I know we have been lied to about EVERYTHING of importance and life has often seemed to painful to carry on, but now BIG CHANGES are on the horizon - we are on the cusp of unbelievable change. I’m glad I’ve stuck it out and now the cryptos can make my life so much more hopeful and I can see a near future where I can afford to go abroad for the laest natural therapies and to also extensively renovate my tiny home. So take this video on board folks - NEVER GIVE UP :slight_smile:


Thanks for your candor in sharing. This is very powerful!


I don’t think that I have given up on anything. I probably need to start practicing music first thing in the morning, and then slotting everything else for later. This is similar to an idea in the Rich Dad Poor Dad books where you are encouraged to pay yourself first, no matter what your income, so that you could invest.


Preach brotha! You need a parish… in Chamblee! Tru Spirit in the streetz of Chamblee

I have a very thorough and very investigative personality. Because of that I spent several years pursuing and eventually coming very close to achieving a particular dream of mine. However, during the course of that pursuit my life evolved, as it tends to do with passage of time and as such, I now have a new goal. With any goal, the probability of achievement is correlated to the execution of a formulated plan. Being here is part of my plan.


I am going to share this on FB! It’s inspiring and could help many people.

It’s frustrating and breaks my heart to watch people I care about spin their wheels with addiction, self-destructive, unproductive, repetitive behaviors. Sometimes I wish I was a professional in this area to be able to help them, to help them snap out of it and get back on track. My gut says that all I can do is be supportive, be uplifting and positive, helpful by asking them what they want out of life and what their goals are, maybe causing them to think of what they are doing that is holding them back and wasting their precious time in getting there. Yet I also don’t want to incapacitate myself by not pushing ahead with my own goals. I’ve tried to compete with a partner’s addiction (more than once, not the same person) and I’ve kind of concluded that you can’t compete with that mistress. They have to realize it themselves, save themselves (hit rock bottom I guess?). Maybe this presentation will help someone that sees it. So I’m sharing it.


The only time people look UP is when they have hit rock bottom. I think it’s necessary for some.


Glad to hear man. Never stop HOLDINGGG. :slight_smile:


This is something ive had to continually remind myself of the last couple years. Ive had to recover from two separate surgeries, the last one being a ruptured l5s1 disc in my back. Ive always been an active hard working person and its been rough mentally to throttle things back on the physical side. Ive always prided myself in getting stuff done and being independent. Ive had to rely on friends and family to help me through my recovery. I still haven’t given up on my dreams and have almost fully recovered but i don’t think ill ever be the same as i was a year and a half ago.

I am adjusting and i will persevere!


I had given up on being my own.

I had forgotten that dream of being ultimately full self independent, not working for the man, the system.

I’m still very much nutting out & learning how to bring this to reality but the vision is crystal clear.


I’m of the opinion that in order for one to experience great joy, they must first experience great pain. It would seem that you experienced a considerable amount of pain in your life up to this point. Therefore, I’m of the strong opinion that you my man are on the cusp of absolute glory and unending success for the rest of your life. Who knows, it could be crypto related! All the best and keep your head up. Respect for posting that.


Very kind comments Guderrin. I’m prepared for all eventuallities, but i do feel like I have certainly come through a storm. :slight_smile:


I gave up riding my motorcycle since I’ve been gone and I need to get back to riding, hehe. I have also gave up bicycling because I don’t have my bike here either and I am so looking forward to going on bike rides again. Shoot, I’ve given up driving for the last month and I know I will enjoy that again too, it’s good for the soul to be mobile. I had given up drinking but I think I want to have a beer or two this weekend so I just might do that. I had given up on a few of my friends who are stuck in their ways but today I chose to accept them for who they are and just pray that God will help them with their challenges. I need to continue exercising strength training at least twice a week and push it up to at least three times soon. I have given up on practicing coding and studying language in a disciplined time blocked manner. Never give up, never surrender! hehe. I must begin again.


One thing that I need to do more of is going slow and loving the little things in life. Life is fast and when you don’t take the time to notice, it will go right by. I am hopeful one day I can slow down work so that I can enjoy more of my life. Taking steps toward my new blockchain designed life will get me there faster than by just hoping for a better tomorrow!


So I watched this again because it was uploaded to decentralized tv.

I’m not going to give up on moving, and I’m thinking about liquidating my bitcoin cash reserves that I received from the august fork to do it. Does anyone know if bitcoin cash will have a bright future now that bitcoin’s lightning network seems to work well enough? With cryptocurrency there is always an opportunity cost if you spend it, but at some point you have to as you won’t stay young forever.


Opportunity cost. Do it.


“Never give up” is a quote I am familiar with and I usually don’t give up on anything worthwhile. It’s worth reminding yourself during hard times and thinking about how far you’ve come, rather than how far you have to go.

I gave up trying to play poker for a living, I wasn’t making enough to live off. I gave up playing the guitar for a long time but restarted last year. I’m trying to give up drinking alcohol or at least cut down. Knowing when to give something up that is negative, or that isn’t working out, is also a good skill :wink:


If I was you, I’d get rid of Bitcoin cash. I don’t see much potential in the project.
I recommend reading or listening to Nick Szabo regarding block size if you want an expert’s opinion on the matter.


I might try to sell most off at the peaks. Don’t want to sell too early just in case