#B90X - DAY 65 - A Boring Life - Never Give Up

I must remind myself not to “give up” when I am tired. We all wish we had more time in the day, however I sometimes push things back when I am limited on time, and if I end up pushing it back far enough, I start saying “i just don’t have time for that”.

My problem I have is things I start, pack so many “i want to add this and this and this” to my plate and I take a bite bigger bite than I can chew, and if I miss one, then that one seems to get dropped first. If you go to the “I’m skinny as Fuck” thread you will see how day 1 motivated! However taking on Alpha class, b90x, other items… I flooded my time and had no budget for my time at all. I was throwing many hours of things to be done with my few hours that I actually had. I stuck with Alpha and B90x as these two are my life changers, and have essentially reduced my dedication (though I am still slightly active) updating ISAF thread.

I must dedicate time to Timeboxing and sticking with the plans. There is always other things we would love to do, and yes they can be important, but we must find out what we NEED to do. Alpha class is essentially over and now we are doing continuation videos. B90x is Almost over so when it is, I can dedicate that time for something else. But I NEED to know how much time I have to budget for what I need to get done. I’ve been working more at work to because life does get in the way sometimes, but I want to timebox so I can leave when I need to to complete other task. Get home earlier, free up time to edit the videos I have recorded for my Alpha continuation course and crush it. I also should timebox how long I have to write a response, but I like to deep thought this as you can see where you need to improve. We are almost done with B90x anyways, so that will free up a good chunk for sure!

Shower and bedtime now. Night.


I have to remind myself not to give up daily. I agree that it would be nice to have more free time. I have my time boxes adjusted so that I have some but its a small percentage. That is where the vision and mission keep me facing in the direction I am going.
I miss playing tennis. But now that I have a workout routine it has kind of taken the place of tennis. :tennis:


Transitioning from preparing for action to actually doing action it’s been a struggle to do the good habits of preparation and doing.


Not giving up is daily struggle, for what I’m struggling not giving up on varies but there always seems to be that battle of self and will.


I have listened to this video 4 times over the last 3 days and I’m still not sure how to answer these questions. Though the situation that I’m currently in has required me to delay things, I still take daily steps, be it small steps, toward my goals. Moving towards my goals have been one of the things that has helped me endure. The only thing that I think I’ve given up is my ability to have fun but I’m working to change that. :blush:


This one is super hard for me because I’ve never been one to give up. Sometimes that’s not a good thing. I should, in some cases, give up sooner than I do. I’ve been through so many things. Ideas. Experiments. Like thinking I could make money off milking a cow and bottle raising calves to sell. I did this for four years!!! Every year telling myself “I’ll do better next year.” Well, next year never came. I don’t see it as a loss though. I gained skills that most others will never have. And I had so much fun doing it. Even though it was a shit ton of work milking a cow twice a day. Every day. For four years. Rain, sleet, snow, or shine. But even when I decided to sell my cow, it wasn’t because I gave up. It was to move on to another venture. Blueberry farming. Here I am. Still blueberry farming 5 years later. Not making a killing. But I have a lot to work with and big plans. Have I had moments of wanting to throw in the towel, absolutely. Farming is hard and every single thing that could possibly go wrong, at times, it does! Like the entire blueberry farm flooding in the middle of season. I guess having a clear plan and vision keeps me going. Doing what you love doing also helps keep you motivated.


In my life I must remind myself not to give up on being myself and make my own choices. Too many times I fall for what I think others would want me to be.


Peter you are totally right.
I have given up on controlling my weight and diet. This a problem as it affects my energy levels, mental health, and happiness.
I need to re-invigorate my self discipline. I am need to work my coding and teaching my girls to code.
I also need to keep that dca going on btc. Last week I faltered. I need to keep moving toward my dream goal.


I have realized never to give up on your goals no matter how out of reach they are because at the end of the day life goes on with or without you. Trust the process.

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Where must you remind yourself to not give up?
I must not give up on building my company, making a better future for my family, and making myself a better man.

A healthy life of joyful liberty where I accumulate knowledge and nurture positive relationships with people, planet, and being.

What in your life have you given up on?
I’ve given up on having a deep relationship with my father. I’ve given up on finding a ‘career’ that I don’t make for myself. I’ve given up on hoping that someone else would come along and offer me a magic ticket.

What must you reinvigorate in your life?
Fitness, meditation, yoga, tai chi. Friendship. A deeper connection with the ocean. Music - both playing and diving into.

What must you begin again?
I must begin to build myself again. I must find the child I was, the man I wanted to be, and the best parts of what I have experienced in this life and meld those realities into the best possible me moving towards an even better possible me.


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