#B90X - DAY 66 - Facing Resistance



Resistance comes. It always comes. It is an ever present entity whenever you embark on any type of journey, project, or passion.

Resistance hates two qualities above all others:

1 - Concentration
2 - Depth

Why? Because when we work with focus and we work deep, we succeed.

How did your favorite athlete become the best?
How did your favorite artist become so articulate with the brush?

Resistance wants to keep us shallow and unfocused… and it is devious in nature.
It makes the superficial and the vain intoxicating.

It takes many forms:

  • Interruptions
  • People
  • Social networking
  • Your cell phone
  • Email - for me, this is the biggest

I’m going to ask you a weird question:
When you sit down to do your work, do you leave your internet connection on?

We may have never thought about this dynamic… but it’s worth doing an experiment on your life. Here’s the experiment for today’s B90X:

When you sit down for work, what distracts you? What resistance comes? When the resistance comes, take a sticky note and write it down. Sometimes merely the act of writing down your resistance allows one to mentally be able to spot those when they do come, allowing you to get back on task.

Let us know today, what did you write down on your sticky note?

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I have to leave my internet on because I run web based businesses.

My number one distraction is having a bunch of tabs open.
So I need to bookmark them away. It is a better idea to write a summary note immediately if I learn new information.

I think most people fall into a trap of allowing the negative side of electronics infect their lives.


I’m content to share that I don’t get distracted much. If I really want to do something, I just do it. I embrace the Nike motto. Video games can be a distraction for me, but I have found that I can also practice languages while I play so I enjoy that sort of synergy. As I move forward with some of my bigger goals next year I will keep this in mind. I suppose resistance for me are excuses and use of euphemisms. Thank you!


I get distracted by everything when I start to get hungry.


Cell phone, check too many notifications through the day.


For me email is big because many times this leads to clicking on a website link…then down the rabbit hole you go! Great video brother!


I was able to track this today as it was my first day back to work after 2 weeks of holiday.

My main distraction when i’m at work would be having thoughts of browsing on other websites (nothing to do with work) & my phone (checking/responding notifications)

To combat the phone I have decided to leave it out of sight & only use it when i’m eating. I noticed today it 100% keeps my mind on the task i’m doing.

The browsing of other websites will be harder but i’m sure I will be able to conquer it.


Last year I discovered life without email alerts popping up on my desktop and the bliss that comes with turning off the phone ringer and even eliminating the vibration when it rings. It allows me to focus with my people and have meaningful conversations without the visual distractions. Now if I could keep my mind from wandering…even writing a note while I watch this video…that would be heaven. Maybe what this means is I have not engaged it in such a way that occupies it 100%. Maybe I need to engage my mind more to allow myself peace and calm to do better work!


I just saw this video. I know what my distraction problem is. When I have to do things I don’t see the benefit of it. Then I wander around and start doing things to distract. Like searching for new time management hacks. Hoping the work will be done from the new hack. =)
On the other side. When I like or know the benefits, that I can go deep in the tunnel and shut of the outside.


I do use the internet when I work, I time-box tasks and use the internet to research, find links and add pictures to my website and in my other line of work.

I get distracted by emails at my 8-5 job, phone notifications (but only when I check my phone as it stays on silent) and human interruptions from students, colleagues and my boss. I’ve definitely gotten better at cutting out distractions when I do my personal work - phone on silent and always time-boxing tasks to stay focused. However, I am much more easily distracted when I’m hungover.


My distractions:
Emails, phone calls, and instant messages.

My job has me developing new projects and automation nationally, but I also sit over 2 organizations, development and operations, reviewing and executing on the output and sometimes acting as a conduit between the two. This means that a lot of my day is filled with ad-hoc fire drills and calls. Just in writing this comment, I had 3 phone calls and 2 chats. I think I might try going semi-dark and get the teams used to me be slightly less “available” at a moments notice. I will establish a process to reach me if it is important and urgent, but if I am tagged as not available, that means they will have to send me an email, and I will handle it during my administrative time block. I will let you know how this goes, and I will also let you know what ends up on my sticky note.


Facebook is the obvious culprit for me.


I don’t really have many possible distractions where I do my work since I don’t have a new cellphone with social media, and don’t check my email from this computer. I try to only keep relevant tabs open in my browser while working, but sure sometimes I’ve switched tabs for a while if I get stuck with whatever I’m doing.
My biggest never ending distraction is fatigue. It slows me down and at first I don’t even think about it, until I catch myself dozing off and know that I need to stand up for a while. If I don’t take short breaks every now and then I can be working nonstop without getting very much done. Starting now I’m going to try working standing up at all times at least until after lunch and see if I get less fatigued.


my b, watched the video and thought I did the exercise- follow up on day 67!


Distraction is definitely my phone I help reduce this by hiding my apps in a folder on the second page and have notifications off. :joy:


while I work at home no I’m too busy for the internet. at my job I do use my cell phone all the time.

I make tons of notes all the time but not my resistances. never thought to do that. but phone calls are my biggest distraction. its hard to get started just to hear my cell go off and someone else wants me to look at there car stopping what im doing. Its so hard to start working just to be pulled off the job in 20 to 30 min. I just want a hour of peace and quiet to get shit done lol.


I faced a disruption today from my wife… we had a good talk nonetheless than when in my zone I don’t want to be disrupted. Have also decided to wake up an hour early then everyone else. Thanks for this.


@peter this is different than being narrow minded or having a tunnel vision, right?

The experiment is quite interesting. Everyone nowadays seem to be connected to the internet. We work, take breaks and do daily activities all on the interwebs.

I believe of cell phone and/or mobile devices are the death of us all. Thread lightly folks, that which makes our lives easier can also make our lives doomed!

Also, I too deal with the constant email problems. Weeding out all the junk versus real work emails can be hassle. One day, we hopefully won’t need to use email. lol


Weeding out shit is the name of the game.


Spartans knew what they were doing when they focused their energy and attention. You also see it with special forces teams. A really good book I just read on this subject was “The War of Art: Break through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” by Steven Pressfield