#B90X - DAY 66 - Facing Resistance



The neighbours dogs barking all the fucking time!!!
So today I bit the bullet and complained to the council.


Absolutely. I know exactly what you mean man.


Distracted me today:
Cell phone
Crypto markets


It’s true, that resistance factor and destructions, which as @Trilamanila said before, is that mobile.

When I will be back from the gym I need definitely check working without internet connection. I’m curious how long I last. :slight_smile:


My distractions were:

Crypto market
Impatient assholes


Coworker Ryan
Wife texting
Wanting to open all emails vs. knocking them out one by one. :slight_smile:


My main distraction is my phone, I call it my 11th finger. Mainly work stuff but Oh Gawwwd that 11th finger keeps me distracted. :cryingjordan:


Like the tale of the two shoe salesman, It’s all about perspective.


Well, we all know that you are not you when you are hungry.


I was time boxing as well, the beginning was easy but I slowly started doing it less and less. I gotta get back on that horse real quickk.


I am the CEO of a small company and go nuts from e-mails and calls. I would love to read your update whenever you post it. Thanks for sharing :+1:


I have been following the process and it has been working really well. It is hard to change the habit, but I have muted my email notifications and set “urgent” flags for certain people and subjects. Generally, I use email subject Rules/filters for “Urgent”, “Hot”, “Important”, etc… The rest sit in my inbox until my administrative Time Box. I tell my team to either Skype or Text me if there is anything that can’t wait. We have gotten used to this and I feel even more efficient without the sidewards interruptions. The difficult part is training those outside my group that emails will not be responded to immediately, but I have found that my replies are better thought out and provide better value when I am only focusing on those emails, so the recipient has a better outcome for their patience. As always, there is a balance and each situation needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis. For example, there are cases and people where waiting to respond would negatively impact my career, so I am cautious to glance over periodically to make sure those are cared for.


Wow, it sounds like you got it down!
I really appreciate you taking the time to follow up on this.
You are right that you can’t treat every situation the same because every situation is different and there can be factors that we sometimes don’t see coming or missed and that can have an great impact on us and others, good or bad.

Thanks for sharing!


I get distracted easily.
If I’m working I will often look at the news, mostly rugby news. The neighbours dog barking!


Yesterday my main resistance was waking up immediately when my brain did. This is something I am still working on.


Had no interuptions sailing a boat in open waters getting beaten by rough weather with no internet for 5 days and got to read some if the books iv been meaning want to for a while and spent some time to self contemplate of the next moves in life

Pain is pleasure


I go through waves, I’m always more productive when I do it but I keep slacking off until my productivity drops and then I start doing it again.


I feel ya man. Gotta focus on that execution!
I still struggle with it too. It is easier to time box for work and important stuff but personal stuff I seem to have the most problem doing it. We can do it!


I work construction, so anything that stops my hands from moving will slow me down. I listen to you tubers while working and every time there’s a commercial, I have to skip past it. That slows my time down. However, since my work has become second nature, I use the time to learn something new. Love the content!


A very simple subject, but not one easily mastered.
Cellphone texts, wife’s honey-dos, email, advertising and the distracting human interest links on the internet. One minute I am checking my email and before I know it I’m off on some subject such as “60 Groovey Pictures That Show More Than They Should”

DAY 66 – Must focus on end benefit…if I really want to get there. :trophy: