#B90X - DAY 66 - Facing Resistance



Today had distractions but I’d say one was def worth it. So lets start:

Texting: I really only got distracted by 1 person texting today. My buddy from the Marine Corps hit me up this morning when I got to work and we check in every once in a while but it had been a bit longer between chats this time. So we talked about what has happened lately, changes and what not and he mentioned he was in school again for Computer Engineering and programming. He mentioned he was tired working at his current job and so he wanted to learn more in depth about programming and how he built a few apps and had fun doing it. Being one of the only tech guys I served with (in my direct field/shop), I asked if he had been involved in Bitcoin. He replied “Nah, was too late to get in on it. What about you?” I explained to him that I had been in for a little while, but that it was definitely NOT too late. Talked to him quite a bit today explaining the basics, sent him all the wonderful material and such we have (10daysofbitcoin, b90x, pub, cryptoyum, etc) and told him about Yen and what Peter and John were creating. He thought it was awesome and I explained how he could use his programming skills to really create the living he wanted. He told me he’s spent all day among the websites and wanted to participate in the beta class. I’ll have to make sure if he made an account already on here. But yeah, besides distracting me in the morning, I think it was worth it to talk about it with him and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table.

Discord: I got on for a little bit, and made a @CryptoMom meme :joy:

Work: That’s right! WORK! I spent so much time trying to replace all the vacuum lines today on a car that it was a resistance in itself. Getting frustrated, cutting myself, both multiple times… mini breaks were needed and the thing still has issues another shop says they fixed and never did. So still working on that turd.


This exercise was a bit of a nightmare.
At my day job, I am continually interrupted.
I am in charge of laminating, It is not glorious, but it is the start the entire chain of events that produces cabinets.
When drafters and listers make errors, it is not found out until later. Then the parts that were missed or listed incorrectly have to be laminated, but at that time I am off to other tasks, and have to stop what I am doing to get that under control.
If someone drops a part and it gets damaged, it has to be redone.
If paperwork is not dispersed properly, what should have been done does not get done until someone notices the missing items. Then it is an emergency
These are situations cannot be ignored, as not taking care of things now interrupts the supply chain of the entire shop.
It is very frustrating as there is little I can to prevent and stop the interruptions.
My ability to roll with the punches and shift gears fast comes into play but it is not the best way to operate…

Then on the home front, where I am really putting my crypto lifestyle in place, I am continually interrupted by children, dogs, cats, wife, house, neighbors, etc. Some things I can prevent, and others I cannot.
When my child is wrapped around a telephone pole in regards to quadratic equations I have to stop and sort out what needs to be sorted out so she can understand. I am lucky in that regard, I can do most high level math in my head. (sorry for messing up the bell curve for all my class mates)

The point is, most interruptions in my universe cannot be pushed away. only some. It is frustrating.
And the biggest interruption going on right now is my day job is making me go to 12 hour days, so when I come home, I am so exhausted I can barely make progress on my crypto life.

I know that these are the growing pains, but …errrrr:rage:


Resistance is a bitch for sure. I had to start turning off notifications on my phone when I exercise. I would be in the middle of a set and get 10 discord notifications pop up and cut my music out. So I fixed that. I spend so much time at work which keeps me from getting distracted. I can’t work with a phone in hand so that is a non issue. Which makes me think that work may be the biggest resistant bear in the forest. :rofl: I often wonder how many things I could get done if I had all that time. One day I will have that problem to solve and I know the resistance will be following along. That will be the real test. :beers:


Much of my work currently requires the internet.Some things online do distract me while working but I think my main distractions come from people around me. I’m not saying spending time with anyone of them is a distraction, but there are moments in which they are distracting and this comes from many different people. Sometimes resistance comes from the the body or mind be tired or heavy, sometimes the internet connection is running exceptionally slow, and I’m sure there are plenty of others.

Looking forward to trying writing down resistances that popup throughout a day and see what I get.


ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW TO LEARN thank you will help my exams and work


Resistance is seductive. One of my restiance been having is copyright issues with my YouTube and having YouTube channel deleted did with Cohort. But instead of just being down about it have to meet it with aggressive action build with what I got.


I can see i face multiple distractions, being my mobile, social media and friends want to catch up or do something. I tend to sit down to work and not too long after I find myself thinking about my phone, i would usually pick it up and have a look at Instagram or snapchat for basically no reason.

Now I’ve decided to leave my phone in another room, this way i’ll me fully focused on the task at hand. It’s great to be conscious of what distracts you.


So tracking my distractions yesterday it turns out, with no surprise, that my biggest distraction from getting my things done starts with the saying “Mom.” Others talk about coworkers interrupting them but try having a 6 yr old come in with the power of Taz (Bugs Bunny reference) every 5-10 minutes with something “important”. As I was listening to him all I could think is “resistance is futile you will be distracted.”

I’m guessing that if I can work around my minions coming in every 5-10 minutes wanting the “Mom” attention and still getting my stuff done, then I think I just might make it. :joy:



Resistance. What distracts me?

It used to be discord. I got smart though. I don’t spend near the amount of time on it as I used to. I have gotten so much done.

My phone is a distraction. 99% of the time when it rings, it’s my mom. This happened just last night when I was working on my website. She called and needed me to order something for her off amazon :skull:. My phone doesn’t distract me often though. I have email notifications off. I rarely get text messages. And I rarely use social media. I will monitor all distractions over the coming days though. I’m sure I’ll find other things!


Internet with constants notifications is a big distraction when I work on something.

I had an interesting experience last Saturday when I’ve used all my data on my phone and an almost the whole day till late evening I’ve been off. I thought awesome and I put my head bigly to the grind and believe I did a really good job. I need to do it more often while I’m working!


for me it’s a lot about remaining comfortable and avoiding new stuff

  • lazying in bed
  • thoughts that justify not to do what I WANT to do and instead just do something that I’m comfortable doing
    - this is the strongest type of resistance I get
    - I find that planning ahead helps a bit because you can move attention away
    from those negative thoughts and focus on the plan
  • watching Youtube videos

so yes, I don’t get resistance in the usual forms that other people do, but I do get a lot of the above

in the recent past I had e-mail cause I would get notifications on my phone and would always instantly check it, but I’m not a popular person and I have decided to unsubscribe from a lot of things since they weren’t that helpful for me