#B90X - DAY 67 - Going Pro Means Being Alone



The Gnostics believed that exile was the essential condition of man. Do you agree? Famous author Steven Pressfield says he does.

The artist and professional as well as the amateur and addict both wrestle with this experience of exile. They share an acute, even excruciating sensitivity to the state of separation and isolation.

I’ll tell you this, after 20 years of building startups, most of them failing, I understand the value of isolation and lonliness.

In the last B90X video, we talked about resistance. Resistance always comes… and whenever I have started a new project or new startup, the resistance is acute and in your face.
Generally, the only ones who support me are those that have walked this path before, or those that have walked with me in previous projects and previous quests in my life.

They understand what it takes to get shit done. They understand what it takes to focus, concentrate, and go deep on the tasks at hand.

This will be especially true when you are in the midst of changing your life. You will experience lonliness, exile, and isolation.
People enjoy it when other are just like them. Stuck in the same spot they are in. Misery loves company, does it not?

There are answers to this plight.
Find people who are willing to fight the good fight with you. People that are willing to come beside you and help you on your journey.
That’s why we made TheBitcoin.Pub! So we can do this journey together…

But don’t be fooled. There will be many parts of your life when you will be alone.

You must get used to this. I have found that in these moments of solitude, when I am focusing hard on my work, my savior comes, my muse comes, and I grow in determination as I remember that I am the ONLY one in my life who cares enough about my life to make it different. This realization is a lonely realization. However, it is also relieving, it is freeing.

For me, understanding how to deal with being alone has made me a stronger person. It grows personal resposibility for my own life. It has helped me remove blame from my life. It has removed any sense of being owed anything. It removes entitlement.

Do you want a different life? Do you want a different job? Different career? Different tradjectory in life? You must go first… and in many cases, not all of them, but in many cases, you will take the first step alone.

In today’s B90X program I’d love for you to share in TheBitcoin.Pub, how do you break through exile and loneliness?

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Going Pro - 20 Part Series of Going Bitcoin Professional in Life!

This one was by far most important b90x lesson.
Here’s why:

-Being alone gives you IQ points.
-Being alone dispels all lies that protect you from hating yourself. Goal is to change things that make you unhappy, not to hack your brain into being happy.
-Frees up your time from constant world distractions.
-Makes you walk uncharted lands.
-Teaches you to solve your own problems.
-More self-sufficient you are, more skillful and powerful you become.
-Learning times get cut in half, because you became problem solving machine.
-You will almost never need help about anything.
-World is built upon “who needs who” relationships. If you mastered everything above, people will always want to be around you, and you can call yourself a winner.


Pretty much. It is often those who are the most successful who are at peace with being by themselves for extended periods of time.

Isolation allows for self-revelation.
Happy cake day again Banlord @Fragmaster


:doge: I need :hammer: icon near my name.


I deal with isolation by going on the internet :slight_smile:
If I am having an issue, pretty sure there are other people out there had this very same issue.
Also learning, reading online guides take away the loneliness within you.
Sometimes the closest people around you may not listen to you…
They won’t agree with what you are doing…
The internet is a strange place.
You can get the best advice from someone in the cyber space whom you have never met…
That could be the best advice you had in your entire life…


I may be alone but I’m not lonely.

We all need to experience what it feels like being truly alone without feeling lonely.
If you feel lonely, you haven’t truly met yourself.


you have to do creative work alone but I think that, on the other side, there’s probably people who like the same things as you do. But, you have to get to the other side first


Reminds me of Osho: “The capacity to be alone, is the capacity to love”.

But I think you’re talking more about being the lone pioneer, that’s prepared to venture out alone and take the risk for the potential of great discovery. But what is the best thing you’ll discover? Is it something out there in the world, or will it be something you find out about yourself along the way?


I’m talking more about how… if you change your life, many will not understand and even less will support you in real tangible ways.

Being alone IS self discovery!


I found it interesting when you referred to people as a form of resistance. I’ve absolutely noticed this as I’ve made progress in the crypto space. My family and friends don’t seem to enjoy talking about Bitcoin, especially when discussing it’s growth. Ive tried to get my group of homies on the crypto train for months after a good friend introduced me to BTC in July. A few other friends are finally investing now which makes me happy to see. Im just thankful to of found all this content and made the leap into the Crypto Nationnn. Through living in this space I’ve learned that while having people’s support is wonderful, its not needed if you have support for yourself.


Entrepreneurship and loneliness go hand in hand. One of the most valuable aspects of this loneliness and exile, is the opportunity for us to use it as motivation to succeed! This is how I feel most of the time. I’ve always been the family member who was trying new ideas, thinking out of the box for side businesses, etc. Many times, even family members exile you. There is this constant feeling and thought of “They just don’t get it”. I take that feeling and use it for motivation to prove them wrong. Very interesting video Peter. Thanks for the insight brother!


I agree. I need both and a good balance of them. It probably depends on your personality, because I know people that choose to be solitary 90% of their time and they tend to go off the rails in their own company…they lose their center instead of finding it. I have been spending a lot more time alone lately…with you guys! It’s nice to have a community of like-minded weirdos to hang with! :slight_smile: :joy:


Not quite sure how I break through exile & loneliness, i think each time has to have a different approach which i adapt to the situation automatically.

Whether i completely separate myself from certain situations/places to just delving balls deep into what i’m choosing to do which reliefs the loneliness in itself.

It’s a strange feeling taking a large step back & analysing yourself & how you created this current situation, what you believe in & direction you are choosing to go.

I don’t have enough life experiences to create a list. I’m still learning.


Such a great video - prob the best one IMO. The most powerful moment in my life was the realization that no one else has my best interest in mind and that I’m the one responsible for me.

That’s not to divulge into a self-consumed lifestyle, but it allowed me to “let go” of unfair expectations I was putting on those around me. It helped me get rid of some of my “entitlement”.

There’s also a shift that happens when you stop relying too heavily on others and start betting on yourself. You become sharper, you find new and creative ways to solve problems, and you become much more self-sufficient and overall “free”.

Rock n Roll.


I have come to love the silence. As I sit here in my garage typing this.

It allows me to “connect” with things I love (in my brain).


I lived in my van for 6 months exploring the US, the first half with my girlfriend which was very fun and interesting, the second half on my own which was not as fun and interesting, hehe. However, I learned to enjoy my time alone. I think being alone is good for thinking, reflecting on your dreams, your passions, your decisions, and your plans for the future. Ask yourself why you are alone, why you enjoy it, or why you don’t enjoy it. Some personalities enjoy being alone more than others. I used to be much more extroverted but now I am learning to embrace introversion as well. It is good to be comfortable being alone, but we are also social beings. I try to communicate with God when I am alone. I think if we love ourselves, and our missions, then we won’t get so lonely. I know some extroverted people who love themselves and they choose to read or dive into projects when they are alone so that they don’t feel so lonely. I’ve also been wrongfully arrested when I was alone on my own property and I am a law abiding citizen so being alone isn’t always so great, hehe.

Know yourself, know your worth, embrace independence. Elon Musk will only pay you $10/hour to go interrupt people’s alone time to sell solar panels and that won’t pay the bills in California. Tom the man with multimillion dollar K-Max helicopters will only pay you $10 an hour to haul explosives, drill holes, set explosive charges, and then hook the drill up to the long line helicopter. Now chase the helicopter through the desert so you can do it again at the next spot.

Embrace being alone, set some goals for yourself, and build your own shit, it’s a lot more fun, you decide when, where, and how you will work, plus it pays better. :blush:


I tend to use a lot of vodka when alone…lol. Seriously, alone time is great thinking time and it allows us the moment to see where we are facing. Did we veer left or right or are we still on target? Did life get in the way or have we allowed life to help propel us to ward our goals. With the cryptonauts here in the pub, we are never really alone :slight_smile:

I love alone time, but need more of it from time to time. That is something I will begin to schedule!

To Da Moon :rocket::rocket:


Scheduling your alone time sounds interesting. Definitely curious how it has gone so far.


This resonates with me greatly! Being alone definitely gives you time to reflect on yourself, you aren’t distracted or worried about others, you can focus on yourself.


Another interesting one. I fully agree that people will be a form of resistance when you are trying to change your life for the better and do different things outside of your comfort zone. However, I think their actions are not conscious ones, I reckon subconsciously they don’t want to be left behind so they slow others down. They probably don’t understand their own feelings in most cases and how their feelings are affecting their actions.

how do you break through exile and loneliness?

  • Having a good book is essential.
  • It’s always a great time to reflect so writing thoughts in a diary.
  • Focusing on a task, a project or learning something new.
  • Having a hobby like playing the guitar or something fun/relaxing.