#B90X - DAY 67 - Going Pro Means Being Alone



The times that I find myself alone are the times when I discover more about who I truly am. I am ok with being alone, some of me enjoys it. Those that I keep close are very few.
We come here alone and we leave alone. There will be those that have an impact on my life, but my actions, my path, my successes and failures, those are mine to own alone.


The first time I realized I’d be alone on great adventures was when I was around 20.
Me and my friends had all been talking & talking about skydiving. We finally decided to go but one after one they all bailed out. “No money” was the number one excuse.
I’d saved the cash like we’d planned and decided “fuck it. I’d rather do it alone than not do it at all”.
I had an awesome time & got it all on film. They all commented on how “lucky” I was and to this day none of them have ever been.
After a while, you get used to it :sunglasses:


Lord’s with me :slight_smile: just sayinnnnnnnnnn!


Being alone has never really bothered me. I can immerse myself in a project all alone an entire day without feeling the need to engage with other people. It’s a good way to get things done since there are no distractions when nobody else is around. I’d say the opposite has always been my biggest difficulty; forced socialization. Being more social and outgoing is still something I need to get better at.
As far as breaking loneliness goes, I always have my wife whom I can speak about whatever concerns me at the moment, she may not have understanding of technical things, but she’ll always listen and give some input.


Being alone in your own thoughts is exactly why I’m so motivated to listen to audiobooks like a full time job. To master my subconscious is what I believe to be self mastery. Do not want the little voices in my head to be of self doubt and overthinking of worry but of encouragement and positive outlook.


man I know this on all to well. I’m a mechanic so I’m the first call. I get to work on cars all by my self most of the time for 3 years it was like that. If I had help or just someone to talk to it would been nice. but I tell my self no one else will do it if I don’t. sacrifice now and I can play later. I played for years getting no were. now I’m grinding a way working all the time. no real help but I see my self getting closer to my goals so every lonely night is worth it to get were I want to be with my family. I’m happy with who I am and I get caught all the time dancing by a car to a good song lol It’s just who i am lol. I even talk dirty to the cars lol makes me laugh others think I’m weird lol I’m cool with that.


Today I found out that my friend who got me into crypto got out during last month, when crypto fell almost at the lowest level. I’m saddened by this as I thought I would have someone close to me go with me to the moon…

As I am doing this B90X program, I feel myself reverting back to my old self again especially when crypto has been falling quite a bit. But thanks to this community, I stayed strong and have been HODLing even through one of the roughest times crypto faced. Hopefully, we all are rewarded for our disciplined DCA’ing and good habits we developed.

Thanks guys.


Where focus is energy flows… it’s a good thing I spend my good time with like minded individuals. It really helps… The Bitcoin is my safe haven… I love it here. Silence is good as I get to review at restrospect on my course and goals.


We’re in synch man, didn’t I mention Steven Pressfield in my previous comment?! I thrive in alone time, it allows me to introspect and pull my muse from within, sometimes with an epiphany, other times with the usual grind. But alone is the only way to shut out ALL other voices except for your own.


This is an amazing step. Last year, I overcame my loneliness by traveling abroad alone, without any friends to different countries. It was difficult at first, but I discovered myself and found out more about my own character. I was able to break out of a shell and interact with people, find adventures and make new friends.

When I don’t travel, I try to uncover new technologies, read new books and create new content. I have been applying this for the past couple months and it has been helping with not focusing on price of the market, but understanding how this technology will help society and of course make our lives better.

Thanks again for a great lesson! <3


Absolutely. I agree with that. For me this a very important lesson and also something which I straggling with.

Most of the time I just play some nice music, or I’m going to take a walk and think.

Very important to know, that is the way, it’s amazing that we have PUB and amazing people who dealing with the same stuff and we have same direction, so those with more experiences can be encourage for those who are on the beginning.


I deal with exile and loneliness… with progress and Crypto. I just keep going. Keep reading. Keep learning. Keep growing.


Hey brother!

It took many years of unlayering many falsities I carried unbeknown/unconsciously. It is the moment you realize that you have been fooling yourself when one truly meets him or herself. It just so hard for everyone to face the ego which one protects so foolishly as their identity. No one likes the truth. Once I figured that out, it answered all my questions about life. Furthermore, It’s Illogical to say that all answers to problems lies within the problem. However, Metaphysically, the answers are all there. You just don’t see that the answers are already there before the question are even asked. Hence, questions/problems always take you away from you and the moment. And thus, we live a life of just problems and the never ending problem solving. Solve one problem, another one arises. Until one day, perhaps on your death bed, you realize you’ve wasted 99.9% of your life distracting yourself from yourself through the mind. Thus, one never meets oneself and therefore always feels lonely. Loneliness is a byproduct of the mind. Be the Master of your mind. Don’t be a servant to it.


Dooooge! Dear @Doge thank you very much for reviling those big lessons to younger brother.

I really appreciate your time to write to me and share.

Have a great day and wonderful weekend.


The way i see it Tom Hanks had Wilson image

Delirium has other like minded people in the pub


You break through exile and loneliness by living with great character, faith, passion, humbleness, be content in who you are, sacrifice daily for the greater good, get it done, lead and find joy in others happiness! Cheers :clinking_glasses:


This lesson hit home. I have lived alone for 10 years. There were some years I suffered from depression due to circumstances that had taken place in my life. By my mid 30’s I realized change was needed. I had a yearning to make a big change in my life. Then crypto and blockchain tech came along and I saw the opportunity to invest in the future of the world and potentially make life changing wealth. I have no distractions other than my daily 8-5. I will use that paycheck to continue investing in my future.


I break through exile and loneliness by distracting myself by watching youtube, reading different types of articles online or calling up friends or family.
I used to be better at being comfortable with just myself and my thoughts but lately I have noticed this is not so good because I get caught up in ideas easily and I can spends long periods of time just inside my head and sometimes can’t stop the thoughts unless I distract myself doing something else.


I can relate to this. I spend a lot of time working on my own and I actually enjoy it. No distractions allows me to get more shit done. When I 1st became interested in crypto I was alone. My wife had no interest. She said I had been brainwashed. But now she has the coin market cap app on her phone!


Alone time is more time for creation with imagination and focus.