#B90X - DAY 67 - Going Pro Means Being Alone

Interesting topic. I was born on the day of creative isolationism. I always do my best work when all of the distractions have been removed. I have built 3 minorly-successful businesses. Starting a family is the first thing that I’ve done that actually requires me to look outside of myself, and in all honesty, sometimes I don’t like that. I can grind way harder by myself. There are currently so many things I want to learn about. I must say that I was expecting the Pub to be more communal, but as you said in the video, the first steps are taken alone. I fully understand that my life is my responsibility, and for that I am grateful and responsible :sunglasses:


Exile and loneliness aren’t something I feel I have to break through. I view it as another time in life, such as play time, work time, waiting time…. I know it is not going to last forever, there will eventually be an answer/resolution, and I try to focus and reside in the time that it occurs. Having a Savior, I’m never, ever totally alone anyway.

Breaking through difficult times I:
Exercise – bike ride to relax and stabilize the mind or to think
Put it on paper – cathartic
Put it on paper – to analyze my options
Internet it – somebody has commented on it
Pick and option and think it through
If it’s unsolvable, don’t worry – turn it over to Him, He solves the impossible.
Not being flippant here, it does work.
DAY 67 – To the moon…it’s not impossible. :bitrocket:


I dont get a whole lot of alone time anymore. Maybe some on the weekend when the wife is at the gym, but even then I have the dogs to tend to. I’ve let things slip as I feel like I have no time to accomplish them, yet I still want to see them through.

When I am at work, even though sometimes I can really hate it, I love it. Working on cars, I dont have to deal with customers directly (mostly) and my interactions between people is limited. I just pop in my headphones and listen to music and get lost in my world. This is my little Nirvana of just thinking about everything, and coming up with ideas come easier as they seem to flow.

I need to use this to it’s full extent so I can achieve my goals and earn more of this ‘free time’ and get lost in something.


Growing up as an only child, I understand isolation. I married an only child, so she understands. I know that pushing forward is reliant 100% on my intention. I might get some help once in a while, but most of what I need to get done, will lie solely on my shoulders. I expect that once success is accomplished that people will want to ride on my coat tails. I will have to pick wisely who I let into my inner circle, as I know that there are many will want to pull me down.

The loneliness is not to bad, most of the time. But there are times, rough times, that it stings a bit.


Only you vs you vs you vs you against resistant and telling yourself the best excuses to not do something. No one gonna change your life for you.


In order to keep from having to much time alone when you are doing the things others aren’t willing to do or they don’t think is worthy of the amount of effort required you need friends of a like mind. That’s why I put it in my personal vision statement. :rocket:


Its good to have supportive people if you have them keep them close to help you stay motivated and be on track


I don’t mind being alone, but there are moments when it is a bit much… I need to get better of being in productive isolation. Sometimes I get into old habits when I’m alone for too long as there are certain individuals that help me keep myself accountable to myself, but only I will break these habits and its a long grind of chipping away slowly and consistently getting better.


Bro went pro. Day 1 Pro.


Alone time is my favorite time. When I’m driving in the car alone I drive in silence just so I can enjoy being with my thoughts. Being alone doesn’t equal loneliness for me however put me in a crowd of people that are not likeminded and difficult to relate too is true loneliness for me.

Silence is one of my best friends, solitude is an amazing companion, exile is a delicacy that I enjoy and isolation is my preferred location. :blush:


Been there. Done that. Put your big girl panties on and get tf over it. That’s what works for me. I’d rather walk alone than on a path of normalcy with the crowd.


so far I didn’t

well, you cannot go alone for VERY long
and whenever I try to change something I find it difficult to accept the new people in my life and leave behind the old people, so I end up continuously lonely … until I fall back to where I was

maybe I just won’t accept the new me and its implications
it’s a question of identity

funny, right ?


I grew up in an abusive household. So sadly the dealing with twist and turns of the market, and the lack of support from those near me feels the same way. Not being able to share my experiences with anyone, was abit harsh. In the end, I am walking away from the a cage 99% of all the people I know will never leave.
When I realized that I was upset and lonely, It was almost like dealing with the stages of death.
I am in the acceptance period. I am stronger for it, just like my childhood made me able to deal with ANY environment. From the insanity of several combat zones in Iraq, to the service oriented lifestyle of working in a hospital here in the states. There is not much I feel I cannot handle, if I am forced to.
The same is true with making this financial transition, and getting my family to financial freedom. There are things that I do that my coworkers and extended family simple don’t understand, the opposite is true as well. I know my action and everything I do is in support of my goals of financial freedom and a life choice. It will not be an easy path.

I just put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Meeting one goal after another, this is how I deal with being alone. You will be truely amazed at what you can deal with, when you know there is no other option.


Being lonely is apart of life. Life doesn’t owe you anything. You gotta be willing to put in the hours and grind alone because at the end of the day all you got is yourself. No one is going to get the task done but yourself. I just deal with it because I know no one got my back better than me and if something does go wrong I don’t blame anyone but myself because Im 100% in charge of my life. I look at it this way. I never take losses, only Lessons learned which in the future will turn into wins.

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