#B90X - DAY 68 - What is the Amateur Terrified Of?



Fear is the primary color of the amateur’s interior world.

Fear of failure.
Fear of success.
Fear of looking foolish.
Fear of under-achieving.
Fear of over-achieving.
Fear of poverty.
Fear of loneliness.
Fear of death.

But mostly what we all fear as amateurs is being excluded from the tribe.
Our people. Or whatever group you identify with.

The amateur fears that if he turns pro and lives out his calling, he will have to live up to who he really is and what he is truly capable of.

The amateur is terrified that if the tribe should discover who he really is, he will be kicked out into the cold and die.

I have gone through this so many times in my l ife.
I have hardened my skin against failure. I now embrace it. It’s my winning strategy!

What’s the solution?
We’ve talked about this before in previous B90X videos. You must have your vision and mission for your life. After that, you must decide. Are you in it to win it? Are you in it for the long haul? Are you willing to do that which you have never done before?

In today’s B90X exercise, tell us in TheBitcoin.Pub. What are you fearful of?

Going Pro - 20 Part Series of Going Bitcoin Professional in Life!

I am totally willing to do that which I have not done before, and I am. My fear is that I’ll screw it up before I am confident in what I’m doing (or even when I think I know what I’m doing, because you can’t predict the market!) and not maximize my investment!


My fear is that all my saving will be go down drastically one day when i wake up.
I’m a true believer in the Crypto and the un-banking the banks idea and i want to support it. I feel it deep down that we have the mean to do so with BTC (and maybe a few other currencies).
Sad thing is greed, jealousy, fear and pride might ruing it for us. In some ways i hate the idea behind centralization but at the same time i have little faith in people being able to pull something this big. The fear of losing everything is not something most people can take and i get that. I know even if i loose my saving i wont go hungry as i have a decent job. But for many people its much much harder. When government and banks start to push much harder than they do today i see people running away.
That is actually the lowest risk. The bigger risk is people working with the technology get into inside fighting like what we see today with 2X. I can see these things escalate more and more in the future where it might get out of hand. It can come to a point where someone with knowledge destroy the coin / ledger or make it unusable.
What than? how can we ever get people’s confidence back? Sorry for the long rant, i’m just thinking out loud about what i’m afraid off.
I think for me its more of the factors i can not control directly, not sure if it makes sense.


Fear not my friend. The future is vast and wide.
I fear not the many permutations that will happen.

Bitcoin is out. It cannot be uninvented.


I truly hope so! I’m so invested that i’m actually in a star-up phase for a crypto related company. Might get in touch with you for some advisement if you have the time (i know your super busy and all).

By the way this is “Major Rex” from youtube :slight_smile:, for forums i use my swedish nick usually.


I am fearful of allowing my negative qualities to supersede my productive ones. Simple. And they have. I am fearful of two paths in life I can take; the average one with a decent living, or, utter success and reward through determination, hard work, failures, set backs and most importantly, the smile I see upon my families face.

One scenario - I consistently did the B90x programme, then poor health happened, had to travel, etc and I have not done it for a while now. What Am i fearful of, judgement within a respected community.

What is the solution - Get back to the god damn grind; start from where I left.

B90x, we getting it on again baby


I fear missing out on opportunities. :smile: #BringIt :muscle::grin::+1:


I am fearful…I will be in the same place I am today in 7 years :pensive:


Super concepts.

I’ve already been excluded, so that shit doesn’t phase me. I knew I was the realest one day in middle school when all of my “friends” acted like they didn’t want me to sit at the lunch table anymore because all of the hunnies were feeling me and not them. The one who put them up to it was the biggest hater of all and ended up changing schools anyways. Maaan, I’m my own group. I’ll see myself out before anybody shuts me out.

The humble part…

I’m somewhat afraid of cold weather.
I’m afraid of failing.
I’m afraid of being too successful.
I’m afraid of poverty.

When I think about it though, these are irrational fears.

I can wear wool clothing, a nice hat, and gloves.

I have failed before and I have always made things better through resolve.

Fearing success is so irrational because we all deserve good things through grace. Hard work, discipline, and perseverance lead to success.

I have lived below the poverty line, it wasn’t so bad, and I know that hustle and grace can get you out of that poor situation.

What’s the solution?
We’ve talked about this before in previous B90X videos. I have my vision and mission for my life. I have decided that I am in it to win it. I am in it for the long haul. I am willing to do that which I have never done before.

Thank you for the thought provoking philosophies, questions, and exercises.

Really, I’m not afraid of anything. I’m willing to fight for everything that I love and I’m not willing to have anybody take anything from me whether that be my personal space, my dignity, my freedom, my property, my money, my food, or my family. I’m willing to fight and die for all of these things. No fear. I’m also willing to take care of these things for every good purpose.

The beginning of wisdom is when you “fear” God. Respect. Revere.

I’m God’s son and I’m not afraid of anybody knowing that.


One of my fears is not amounting to someone I can be proud of. As a 20 year old there has been a lot of personal growth and development over the last few years. The path I’m on is very positive and I’m facing where I want to go but it’s that fear that keeps me on this forever improving path. I’ve got my first moon ticket and I’m working on the next one every day.


I feel you, man. The older I get, the more concerned I am that I am not reaching my full potential. Everything in good time.


Can’t be in the same place in 7 years if you make conscious efforts to be somewhere else everyday of each year bruv! Best of luck :slight_smile:


Bitcoin wasn’t built in a day, eh? Thanks for the reply brotha.


I am afraid that when my last day on earth is punched that I won’t feel satisfied. I will feel incomplete. I guess I need to spend some 100% alone time to figure out how to begin to measure my satisfaction with my own life :brain:


I am fearful that I will not find my purpose in life, you know, the mission you know will never be 100% complete be every inch you bring it into reality is more satisfying than all of the gains. Also I am terrified of heights.


I’m generally quite good at taking risks and overcoming fears, however, I am fearful of quitting my job and not being able to pay the bills. I’m also fearful of how my boss and colleagues will react and judge me for quitting.

I think it’s useful to consider the consequences of inaction.
Am I more fearful of not acting and being stuck in the same job for the rest of my life?
Or am I more fearful of taking the leap, trying and failing?
The worst case scenario of the latter is the former.


Failure and complacency scare me. I am also terrified of taking a leap away from corporate America. I have been grinding for 26 years in the same company, and everything else feels like a dark void of unknowns.
In my last role, they were restructuring all the VPs in my city and moving them to a different city, so it was move or leave the company. It was really scary, but I was making peace with the thought of leaving and starting a new chapter outside of my company. I was actually getting excited that I was being forced to try new things, but they found another role for me and I stayed around. I like what I do, but I know I can be so much more. A year later I started grinding my plan, so I can be where I want to be. It is funny how I can have no problem with failing anywhere else, but when it comes to leaving my job, I am terrified.


I cannot encourage you more than this:
We live in a most forgiving country.
You can fail and go bankrupt trying (like I have).
Start again and succeed.

The most stories I hear are from people who took the dive.

Now. You don’t ever have to… but is your pull strong enough so that you don’t regret never trying?


Awesome advice. Thank you for the perspective. I will achieve my mission! Time to overcome and take on that cliff!


My biggest fear is spending the next 6 years doing the crypto thing to no avail. The plan is to retire @ 50 & I’m going to be 44 in a few months.
On the other side of that is the hope that I can pull it off sooner (say 2-3 years).