#B90X - DAY 68 - What is the Amateur Terrified Of?



I am fearful of thinking I didn’t take enough risks and chances throughout my life before I die.

NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF!!! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


I’m fearful of starting my own company, failing miserably, and then having nothing to go back to, so I have a hard time even beginning with the planning.


Being a new father my only fear is danger to my family.

But I do take into account of Napoleon Hill 6 Fears in Think and Grow Rich and try to diminish them to be massively successful.

Fear of Poverty I see as a blessing to be able to gain habits and traits for a truly healthy wealthy lifestyle as you mention block chain designed life but always as something temporary one of the first steps to life.
Fear of CriticismI know to become successful it will take multiple failures to become successful and I understand most people around me will not understand that. I let my emotions guide me if what I am doing to achieve success is something I enjoy and passionate about.
Fear of Ill Health I rarely think about ill health or at all at least about myself. I know my body is strong and made of trillions of cells that have got me through a lot of difficult situations.
Fear of Loss of Love Most painful fear but I know even if I lost my love would still accept the situation and know it happened for a reason.
Fear of Old Age I see this correlated with ill health and poverty but I’m Asian so I wont rasin at close to 40 still will look pretty young and still will have a fun filled life.
Fear of Death I am fearful of death only because of leaving behind my family. I would want to have saved enough money for my death for them if anything.


fear of failure for sure. I don’t want to let my self down or anyone else. I don’t have much to lose. so if I fail it sets me back a lot. I come from a very poor back ground and I’m the most successful person in my family. so I’m the one usually helping others lol. So I try everyday not to fail and its something I do all the time. so I don’t let it kick me down and I learn from it. writing it down here does help a lot for sure.


Honestly I was fearful of the fact that I may have missed out on the opportunity… only to realise only less than 2% of the world know about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency… as you @peter rightly put it. It’s the constant reminder and goal setting. Am so glad I have put together my 2018 Vison Board.


I guess one of the advantages of having lived all over is the fact that I have no tribe to identify with so fear of exile… I don’t even know what that means, or how it feels. I have launched many business and personal efforts with failures, successes and everything in between… I guess one of the fears that remain that I must overcome is fear of the loss of income now that I have two little ones at home, but even then, it’s only a fear… as I KNOW I can generate income under any circumstance. Very enlightening info Petah.


I’m fearful of not living life to the fullest. Carpe Diem, my friend!

I too, am not afraid to stare failure in the eyes and I choose to continue to better myself in every aspect.


I’m the amateur, so I as all of the losers I’m afraid of whole bunch of things which no one care and who would be? No one can change my life for me, only this ugly dude who will get nice beat up on the gym now. Me.

I should be scary of me and my destructive habits. That’s my enemy!


I’m afraid of failure. It’s not a paralyzing fear; however it is a fear. It’s essential for me to have the strength to use my fear of failure as a motivation for me not to fail. If I do fail, I know gave it my all so I can dust off and try again or move on.


I fear dying with regrets and not living up to my potential.
I also fear being in the middle of the ocean with nothing around but the abyss


Sounds like it’s time to change the game.


Fearful of loosing everything I worked so hard to build. :slight_smile:


You can build it again.


My greatest fear is living out the rest of my life unfulfilled. I want to meet my goals. Short and long term. Failing at those goals would be my greatest fear.


The bottom falling out of the housing market before I can go crypto pro.


One of my fears is going through life and later, when I look back, I say to myself, I should have done that but I didn’t. I want to live a full life without regrets even if I make mistakes in the way.


To be excluded from amateurs is something I was grateful to have learned from my earlier failure when I was 18 having everyone say I couldn’t become successful not taking the normal route of going to school and getting a job. I’m grateful to have burned my bridges with negative people. In it for the long haul.


I fear everything i have built for myself and my family will come crumbling down around me.
I have a high risk high stress job and if i miss a critical judgment it can be fatal and end everything i worked so hard for.

Thats why i want to build the backup plan now it would be much easier than to build from nothing again


Respecting you brother!


I’m terrified that I will have to continue to slave away at a job for the rest of my life. I want an easier life. One that allows me time to exercise, meditate, rest, and spend time with my family -every day. I can’t exactly time-box these items as it would create a hardship on my spouse since her schedule revolves around a 2.5 year old and she refuses to time-box him. I’m grateful for the life that I have, but I know I’m capable of more. I fear that I will not achieve that potential.