#B90X - DAY 69 - Instant Gratification Amateur



There’s a bumper sticker floating around that says this: “Too much ain’t enough.”

How true this is. We live in a Burger King world: "Have it your way."
While this is a great slogan for a food service company, it doesn’t work when it comes to your own personal journey in life.

The amateur is someone who wants what they wan t, now.
The problem with that, is that when get get it, it doesn’t work, or it isn’t enough.

The restlessness doesn’t abate, the pain doesn’t go away, the fear comes back as soon as the buzz wears off.

The ebbs and flows of any type of startup lifestyle is one that spans the entire emotional spectrum. From the highest highs, to the lowest lows. The vast majority of the time however, is stuck in absolute purgatory. When you must show up for work. You must put in the time. You must put in the grind. We can live off of big wins… but not for long. We can’t hold our hat on those big wins. As big as they are, the other side of the coin will be some of your lowest lows. Failure. Depression. Lethargy, and of course, the imminent feeling of giving up.

The muse won’t come. Inspiration won’t come. Motivation won’t come.

Get over the instant gratification life when it comes to creating the blockchain designed life that you want.
Celebrate the wins, but always remember, the grind is real.

For me I probably don’t celebrate the wins enough. There are so many times I can remember, coming back from a powerful and encouraging meeting with an investor, client, or customer. I remember the feelings of elation. I did it! What an achievement!.. only to get back to my desk at home and remember that at the end of the day. I must still grind.

I snap out of it, put my head down, and put my hands on the plow.

In today’s B90X, tell us. Where must you put your head down, put your hands on the plow, and grind? Let us know. We’d love to encourage you to keep it up!

Going Pro - 20 Part Series of Going Bitcoin Professional in Life!

This happens to me on a daily basis…
Finish a mini project. It feels good - feeling like a GOD…
Then something else comes up.
It changes everything… You need to learn different skills and need more resources…
I think life would be boring without grind.
We need challenges everyday.
It makes life interesting as well.

BTC is changing my life every single day.
I was never so passionate about anything.
Just like finishing a mini project, I started with my wife… I got her interested initially and bought her first fraction of a BTC…
Did I stop there? NO…
I am now convincing more people, friends!

I think seeing you Peter having the most beautiful family + happy life…
You already bought the lambo.
Already bought the house…
Already built this community & it is only growing.You can retire if you wanted to.

I see you everyday grinding, informing us, leading us…
This also makes me want to review my life and work even harder.
So thank you.
Glad to be in this spaceship since August!


My grind is learning more, learning more, learning more about crypto. So much catching up to do. And I am against the clock here. So many unknowns, so many variables. So many ideas that I want to implement but need to be prepared. Learning all the time, through experience and research and involvement. No time to waste!


Thank you sir for your encouraging words. They mean a lot to me… as much of the grind is on. My. Own.

The daily discipline to get up and just get to work is. Man. It’s hard. But I must do. I must create and build!! Let’s do it together!!!


The grind is well real! I haven’t hit any super highs in this blockchain game, my goals are years away. Anything at the moment is just part of the journey so I try not to get caught up in any real excitement or emotion as I know anything can happen.

My own grind is more head space & keeping focused + acknowledging & dealing with outside influences.


Yoooo, I’m missing the grind! You always post the right lessons at the right times, good sir. Sometimes vacation is just a bit too long, hehe. I’ve been enjoying the Bitcoin grind up, but it’s just too easy for me to appreciate much gratification. I’m happy I could build discipline over the last month. I put it all into ICX yesterday though, I’m down 30% today, and that has me appreciating the precious Bitcoin grind, hehe. Sometimes we need to step away from work to really appreciate it. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the Lord.

In other news…

Well, with my portfolio down, I had to put in some research in on my D3 miners. Apparently that wasn’t my best investment yet, but I think I have found solutions to keep them profitable, and then I got a lovely email from my mother saying she is finally considering investing $1000 into BTC, and a photo of both of my miners that came a month earlier than I anticipated. I’m stoked!

So, the grind is paying off, even on vacation, even when things are turning down a bit, I set my goals, and I’m looking forward to getting back on the grind! Very excited for possibility of graduate studies next year so FAFSA and Uni applications will be holiday grind material :smiley:

We’re going to the moon! Gotta grind! Gotta buy more!


From June to September I lost 25% of my money due to bad decisions. This mainly from listening to everyone else in every chat group or all of the YouTube videos and not having a plan of my own. I thought there was only one way to make money, flip, flip, flip. Then I saw Peter on the CG program and took a peek at the pub. What a find for me. Now I know you can make money flipping, HODLing, dollar cost averaging, using TA, etc. So my plan involves all of the above in the right %'s so I don’t feel stressed. My goal is to double my money each year and in 5 years go do something I love doing…helping others!

I also have stopped buying stuff, just to buy stuff. If I have extra cash…into BTC HODL it goes! Easy!


Aint nobody got time to celebrate wins because as soon as you win you need to grind to get another win. The wins worth celebrating are the monster moon wins, smash for the moon!


I really resonated with this one.
I can’t believe I’m up to 69 already!!


My grind = building the website and sharpening the brain (learn more coding and trading).

I think instant gratification is fleeting, if it’s too easy then you don’t feel a sense of accomplishment. For those who don’t know about the marshmallow experiment, which shows that delayed gratification is a strong indicator for success in life, I’d recommend checking it out…

“The children who were willing to delay gratification and waited to receive the second marshmallow ended up having higher SAT scores, lower levels of substance abuse, lower likelihood of obesity, better responses to stress, better social skills as reported by their parents, and generally better scores in a range of other life measures.”


I must keep up the grind by following my goals every day. As I mentioned yesterday, it is pushing through the FUD and having faith in my plan. I show up every day, I complete my goals every day and I keep true to myself every day. I can see the rewards manifesting, the momentum building, and the daily successes compounding. The FUD is powerful, but the mind and the plan can overcome it.

My childhood pastor when once told me that the journey to faith was like taking a flight. “It is that moment when you get on that plane, they close the doors and you are fully committed to trusting the plane and its pilot to get you where you need to be safely. That is faith!”. A simple metaphor, but it helped my 12 year old mind understand what faith FEELS like. I will take that same metaphor one step further and say: plan that trip, research the route and the plane, know your destination, and then strap yourself in and trust your plan. I need to concentrate and be deep, be purposeful and TRUST my plan.

Thanks for the daily reminders, the structure, and the inspiration Peter!

Necessity is a teacher of great sagacity @Napoleon_Hill


What would life be like without the GRIND???

Everyone’s journey is different but the main thing is that we end up meeting at the same destination!
For me personally my health has been an ongoing GRIND. I have been having to take baby steps… but by doing this i know that i can never stop for too long or you become stagnant like water (and we know what happens to stagnant water)!!!

MOMENTUM is the key… Forward Forward Forward!

So a big thank you to @peter @john and the bitcoin.pub family for all the support.


I just started a new program for work. It’s similar to B90X in that I got to do an exercise every day, but it’s on a year rather than 90 days.
Also, I need to get started on writing my book. I’ve been putting it off for about a month now…


Grinding is such a big challenge for me when I’m going solo. I do what I can to find a team or a partner with similar interests and goals so that the grind seems more rewarding. If I win it’s extra fabulous because I came through for myself and someone else. Double win! :tada::tada:


I just quit my job- felt like my efforts and times could’ve been toward something else. But having saved enough money, I now have the luxury of taking on one or two internships for me to learn about a particular industry.

We’ll see what happens! But I need to put my head down and get that paper.


I need to make sure to study every day, to read, and work out. I’m not going to get anywhere unless I do a little bit every single day. It’s really hard sometimes, but it feels good when you get it done.


If I’m not growing I feel like I’m dying. Right now my grind is instill and drill into my mind the basics of success habits into my mind every day and have mastery of the basics.

Need to be mentally ready when the gains come in. :rocket:


well my biggest grind is working for my self for the first time in a long time. I’m not there yet. but i’m close. I started a business once before and failed because I was a drug addict. I thought this opportunity would never happen again for me. so I gave up trying. Now I’m on the big grind to get my dream off the ground I don’t want anything to hold me back. now when I hear and engine fire up I feel really good. and do it again. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and I’m doing this more and more. If my garage would make more money I could delegate more time and quit my 9 to 5 job I hate. but good things come to those who wait. I guess slow is fast lol


The grind is indeed real and rewarding. Much is expected from whom much is given… @peter and @john you have sacrificed so much. The ton of knowledge here is priceless. Am all in and patience, constant persistence will indeed in the end reward. Feeling re-energized.


We persevere because we know exactly where we’re headed.