#B90X - DAY 69 - Instant Gratification Amateur



The grind is real. We just gotta remember to celebrate and reward ourselves when we do reach milestones, knowing that the tedious grind will continue.


I love Blockchain, so now I really should start learning design patterns and how to develop simple DApps for Blockchain protocols and infrastructures.

So much to do, so little time!


Need to grind harder on TA and research… I know I can go a little harder and I must!


I need to really get moving and Timebox some of my time into creating a website and establishing a business and brand. So many other things to do and excuses made that I keep procrastinating. Fuck it. One night I am coming home a bit early and I’ll stay up till 4 am if I have to. It’s on my whiteboard and post-it notes. Gotta do it!


I must put my head down and learn how to speak to large groups of senior leadership and corporate auditors without embarrassing myself or career. I just need to find the right template/model and practice. :wink:


Did you recently try and mess up?


McDonald’s society wants everything right now.

In life valuable things like everlasting relationships, goals and dreams takes a lot of time, and keep going forwards.

I’m starting with @delirium_igniter and @Nynjah learning TA and that’s gonna be long but I know rewarding process not only financial but relationship as well, all the way to the moon🚀


toastmasters could be good place to learn.


I have the daily grind working my 8-5. Then there’s my evening and weekend grind. Here I’m usually on the Bitcoin.Pub or YouTube absorbing as much info as I can on crypto. I’ll put the work in now…so later I can collect the rewards.:rocket:


I must put my head down and get to the gym more often!!
I have definitely gotten better in this last couple of week from barely going to going at least twice a week but my goal is to go at least 3 times and later on 5 days. I usually have a hard time getting to the gym but once I get there, working out is the easy part. I must not think too much about it and just get my ass down to the gym. Let’s Go!!


Everyday I go work and pick up my tools and work to complete a daily goal. At least once a day I will have a little moment. I will look down at my work and think " what the fuck am I doing here" But then I look up at the whole project and remember, this is my project and when it’s finished I get the reward.


Success and happiness are not destinations. They are exciting, never-ending journeys. Beyond the crypto hype I’m excited on who I will become on the way to the moon. Can’t wait for discipline and actions come to fruition long hodl everything.


Iv got to grind it out at work stop waiting for it to come to me and go after it
stay disciplined on the DCA and remind myself why was it good at the start and why is it good now
and fight the mini battles that try’s to slow me down of my path to where im heading


I’m currently holding a portfolio of 30 different coins. I need to start grinding out the white papers and see where these projects are currently at. I’ve made some noob mistakes (listening to you tubers) and would like to start trimming the fat. I don’t necessarily want to take a loss, but if selling a crap coin can make me gain more of a better coin, than isn’t it worth it? I remember one of Peter’s first videos said to never take a loss on a trade. Assuming that still applies, what do you do if you bought a coin that has lost momentum, or a competitor is gaining ground? Is there a mathematical way to test the coin to determine if it has slumped with the market versus a project that isn’t going to pan out? I know 90% of cryptos will go to zero -just like the dot com bubble (and every other type of business venture). However, I’d like to stay in this space and move money from potential flops into potential super-stars.


This week I’ve become unbalanced….literally.
Somehow, I’ve developed positional vertigo and so I’m getting a break from my routine grind (aaahhh, a chance to think). Instead, this week I’m cleaning out the garage and getting ready for a yard sale. But it doesn’t stop there as I am de-hoarding in all areas (clothes closet, garage, shed, yard, et al.)

The cleaning process caused me to question myself. Why do I need all these things? When is the last time I used this? When will I use it next? Should I trash it or keep it? Why don’t I want to part with this thing?

My thoughts caused me to initiate a paradigm shift.
Am I pursuing my goals? (No)
What happened? (A small excuse here, a small drift there….before I know it, I’m in a strange land and unsatisfied with myself).

Since I recently fell and separated my shoulder I’m thinking “I’m getting too old for this, I should get away from real estate rehabs and concentrate on office work (real estate investing and crypto investing).” So, I’m eagerly returning to my grind with a new approach and a new focus realizing that a new paradigm takes time to implement.

So what is a paradigm?
It is a habitual way of thinking and behaving that leads to the results you get in life.
Everyone has a paradigm. It’s just a matter of whether yours works for you or against you.

DAY 69 – To the moon…:bitrocket: it takes time to get there. :waning_gibbous_moon:


Right now for the short term I must put my head down, put my hands on the plow and grind at work to provide the financial part to survive and fund the items I need to be successful. Whether that be BTC, items to improve my channel, etc.

At the same time, I need to grind for my long term goals I setup in the Alpha cohort.


What perfect timing for this edition of B90X
I have been putting in 12 hour days at work, and some time on Saturday. For every hour of overtime I get $5 to do with as I please. It is an incentive that works and keeps me hunting down that overtime. I chose to use that $5 to buy that Bitcoin. My first mission is to get that ticket to the moon! :rocket:
But 12 hours on your feet doing carpentry work takes a tole. And when I got home, I would spend my time watching Decentralized TV. But now the content is getting bigger, and I find myself not doing the B90X as fast as I was. I justified it by keeping up on the crypto news. LOL So what.
I’m going to get that Bitcoin. I’ve made up my mind. So the news of the day is not going to change that.
So I decided to skip DCTV, and get on with doing what is important. Right now that is doing B90X.
Ya, I’m exhausted. but this shit is not going to happen buy itself.
I’m even more determined to grind it.
I have seen some success and wins, but that was in the past, what can I do now?! and tomorrow?!
The truth is, what caused the win, is still capable of causing a win. For me, right now, that is the B90X program, and pushing aside those things that get in the way of me getting to my vision and mission.
Sorry DCTV. got to grind it.


My grind and plow is much the same as most “WORK”. That’s what it takes so that’s what I shall do. I also help out at our non profit blueberry farm :rofl: but we’re still grinding and haven’t give up. I laughed so hard at the accidental professional athlete part. That’s funny I don’t care who you are. :rocket:


I need to get back on daily Python exercises and learning more. I need to keep my head down and grinding with the content creation and getting designs made for the merchandise store.


Just need to build build some content slacking this week. Some life changing stuff happening… but its all good can’t shake me away.