#B90X - DAY 69 - Instant Gratification Amateur



There are very few days that I’m not working/grinding away towards my goals. Even when I’m sick and in bed, I still work on something. This week however has been a real test of the ultimate grind for me. My kids and I came up with a Yeni Christmas ornament idea a week ago and we are working to sell and ship out product next week. To create a product and business in one week has been an adventure. We have been working 12-16 hours a day to make it happen. We will see next week if our grinding will pay off or not, ether way this has been a great experience with my kids! :grin:



This time of the year, it’s nothing but a grind. Starting seeds, crop planning, transplanting, & prepping for blueberry season. Then throw in building a website, figuring out shipping solutions, researching cheaper packaging products to improve profit margins, holy cow it’s insane!


I need to put my head and fingers more to the grind on the things that I’m doing!
But… not only that - I also need to keep fighting my good fight for my freedom, which I’m reminding myself daily… 2 days left over to one whole month!


I must grind on:

  • improving my physical health
  • understanding people better
  • increasing my self-awareness
  • improving my self-control


“holy cow” -> never heard this before :slight_smile:

  1. Continuing the weekly dollar cost average.
  2. Continuing building my family’s fiat reserves.
  3. Continuing my owns self improvement
    B. Improving my physical and mental health.
    C. Identify my own weaknesses and mitigate them.