#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1



A retrospective helps us look back at our previous week and remember not only the things we did, but how we can continue to do them and consistently improve.

The word I want you to think about today is: KAIZEN - “continuous improvement.”

Today’s assignment is simple:
1 - Look back at this last week, all 6 days of the #b90x program.
2 - What did you say you were going to do?
3 - Have you forgotten already?
4 - What do you need to continue to remember to do?

Write your comments below. Let’s keep each other accountable for what we say we’re going to do and continuously improve!


At present, I’m focused on detecting and eliminating “waste” that I’m unaware.

I’m using an app called “Hours” to track the actual time that I spend during the day in doing everything (from cooking, walking, lifting weights, studying, looking videos on youtube etc.). By doing this, I should become aware of where the waste is, and how can I re-organise my day to achieve a higher state of productiveness.

I’m also focused on eliminating time spent multi-tasking. It’s crucial for me to develop a good sense of prioritisation. For example, I’m super excited about crypto-investing, and I want to read/watch everything that I could about this topic to develop a solid base of knowledge. However, this excitement put me to unwantedly set-back the preparation of an exam that I have to prepare that is completely unrelated to this topic. Therefore I should proceed in order: firstly by finishing to prepare the previously mentioned exam, and then focusing on the crypto-sphere. One thing at a time.


I am right on track…one time waste I wanted to reduce was gaming and i have done that…been to bed an hour earlier each night haha. Also, financially i wanted to reduce spending on fast food…haven’t had takeout this week (which if you knew me you would realize is a huge feat haha).

Oh, and I am facing the Mooon!!!


I am following my plan without a shadow of a doubt!




Looking back at the week, I think I can say that I have done everything assigned. (pats self on back)

Stay with me here… it gets more interesting.

Okay… lets actually look back on each day and see how I actually did. (Self looks more closely at each assignment and rereads all of selfs own posts on each page.)

Lesson 1, Sign up for Pub - already had done this. Read the whitepaper. Okay, I read it, but there’s more to it than just reading it. More importantly, did I understand it? Well, no, not really, but did I get something out of it? Well, yes, but not a whole lot. So in retrospect, it’s almost like I didn’t do it. So I guess maybe I’ll do it again. Maybe after a few times I might start to understand it. Maybe. And if not, at least I’ll feel I gave it me best shot. (:^) And I’m already talking up Bitcoin to anyone who will listen.

Lesson 2, Where am I facing? Like cryptojaymac, I’m facing the moon!!! With small amounts of 16 or so cryptos, thinking about them most of the time, I think it’s fair to claim success on this one.

Lesson 3, Conviction. I’m good with this one too. I know why and for whom and am not forgetting.

Lesson 4, Who Inspires You? Another tough one for me. Maybe I should look for some inspiration.

Lesson 5, Eliminate waste. Okay, I totally dropped the ball on this one. No list of where my time goes. I’ve been given this assignment before and didn’t do it then either. Hmmm. Okay, so where does my time go? Lots of it in front of this computer, reading several newsletters which all seem to be leaning towards Cryptos all of a sudden. Doing the work around here that needs doing, and typically spending an hour with a Netflix movie. (It’s how can get wife and me to stop working.)

Lesson 6, Eliminate Financial Waste. I feel good about this one too. Already happening and will continue to do so. Oh and does anyone want a 1948 Dodge truck? I’ll make you a great deal if you pay with Bitcoin or maybe some other cryptos. Oh yeah, this isn’t the right place to find people who want to buy anything. OTHER THAN BITCOIN!!! Hahaha. But if you know someone … uh… then tell them about Bitcoin, not my truck. Heh.

Okay, not perfect, but in retrospect, I feel good about the week and will work on the weaknesses.

Let’s see what week 2 brings.


A fairly successful week I think. Feeling driven and productive in all areas of my life; smashing it at the gym, at work and spare time spent on crypto. More people seem to be inquiring about Bitcoin so I’m letting them know it’s time to get involved!
However there is always room for improvement. One thing I said I was going to do was read for 30 minutes a day. I haven’t managed this every day, mainly because the book I’ve got isn’t exactly light reading, and it’s something I’m going to work on.
I’ve had a very small amount of financial waste, unavoidable I’m afraid BUT I have had 2 offers of extra work this week so I feel like the gains have outweighed the losses.

Week 1 HOLLA


My fellow lovely crpytonaughts!! Hope you have all had a fantastic day!

I must say everyone, and i know this will fluctuate, but god damn do I feel good! For a while, I have put myself on the back burner and neglected what I may need, but I realised, what I need is what I have always been working towards; success, dissemination to to others, empowerment, positive reinforcement and committing myself to others. Maaaaaan this feels good guys!

Anyway, back to the grind yo!

What did you say you were going to do?

I said i was going to consolidate on financial areas, scrutinise my time management, question everything I stand for, and identify if what I currently stand for, pertains to my long-term ambition. I have been able to identify there have been some deficits, but I have also ascertained this gradual process of improvement and healthy changes in such a short time. I have become even more philosophical in my attitude towards my interest, career remits, trading/HODLING and most importantly, my self-worth which is at an all time high but not because of me specifically, but because of the people who are increasing my self-worth to an all time rocket coursing through the galactic!

Have you forgotten already?

Absolutely not! What I have done is sometimes mislay my intentions and promises, but I have quickly snapped this back into the opposite direction of where I want to face. I remember it guys, I want to face to all of life’s problems and stressors that many find hard to problem-solve, and with that, I have gone full steam ahead to coach not only myself, but others on how we can form management plans and venting mechanisms so as to not allow it to stagnate into the abyss of negativity.

4 - What do you need to continue to remember to do?

To continue as I am, be a student to my mentor(s), to take on board advice and criticism and also do the same. To continue with this community, and spread the word of the ethos and ideology of crpyto-currency and the underlying framework which navigates beyond monetary gain.

Accountability: Everyone, I am still working on the financial aspect but it is getting better day-by-day!





Man. Time to celebrate! Time to go big! Time to shoot to the moon!

Buy more bitcoin. Duh. :wink: :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:



I feel good brother. I deviated away slightly tonight, and got two cans of some fine lager, as I am off tomorrow, but I feel this has been earned and a guilty pleasure can affirm our good work, but self-regulation so as to avoid excess.

My partner is reading today’s journal; and writing some good feedback i can not wait to read. When i got back home she had my journal and a pen ready for me write. Man i am filled with love!

You god damn right. I am buying some bitcoin tonight. In fact, right now! I have done my residual work, now I am going to secure my family’s retirement :slight_smile:

EDIT: £110 of BTC bought. Maaaaaan we going the m000n


I’m going strong my first week :muscle::muscle:
As we get further along the program it will be harder to stay on track so I think it is a good plan to do weekly reviews!

You guys have set up a great initiative and I’m happy to be part of it! Thanks Peter & everybody at the bitcoin pub!


Timeboxing reddit is going fairly well, which is my biggest issue… could be worse I guess? While I am successfully timeboxing I have clicked on my reddit tab without realizing as it’s such an automatic thing for me, so I immediately exited it out when i did that a few times lol. Old habits die hard.

Using my additional time that I have, I’m creating concepts for my logo that I am getting designed next week. =) Maybe I’ll show it off here once it’s made.


I am progressing well on the reduction of waste and actually find more freetime to do what I want because of it. I try to use that time for something new or at least something meaningful. That was the most important refocus for me this week. That and also me getting more money out of removing wasteful expenses. It was also quite nice to reread the Satoshi whitepaper. All in all a good week in preparation of being able to absorb the next lessons :smiley:


I have found out that I mainly need to work on my food expenses. I will also be looking into different phone plans, car insurance options, etc. I should probably get a better paying job too. I continue to hold my convictions and to try to think about the people I admire and the person I want to become and surround myself with influences that face me in that direction.


So glad about reflections! :heart: I think if every week or month - (I) individuals ‘reflected’ about the input they received external (and) internal on performance - they would excel more. :cowboy_hat_face:

I am currently $79.39 USD on my :cheese: Budget (Yooooo! Doing so terrible) :doge: It’s only the 6th of the month!

Seriously though, I’m 37% up on my Blockchain Investment Monies for the month (according to Quicken) Old Skool!

When the “Market Moves” in crypto - I move with it. Summer is my “Hay Day”. That said, I did and am taking a ‘pause’ in September - to work less. :slight_smile: More time swimming, and making those ‘Key Connections’. In the next month.

Enjoy you work & effort @peter - Stay :muscle: Strong.


Wooohooo first week of B90x down. Psyched to keep things going!!!

My week #1 recap:

  • Day 1: Read the white paper and have since reviewed what I’ve learnt from it to help my understanding of crypto and blockchain. I also linked my friend who got me interested in crypto about BiteSize Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Pub so hopefully that’s +1 to the crypto nation!!!

  • Day #2: Where am I facing? I feel like logging onto the Pub and keeping track of my progress in B90X has helped me keep focused on the direction I want to face, that is working on getting into postgraduate study. Like the B90x tasks I’ve been setting myself small goals every day and have worked on ways to better achieve them. Also this Week #1 recap has been a great way to keep all of us accountable on the changes and goals we’ve been setting for ourselves. GREAT THE SEE SO MANY REGULAR PEOPLE KEEPING TRACK!!!

  • Day #3: The reasons I’m doing this have not changed, and so far they’ve kept me motivated both with crypto and other things.

  • Day #4: What inspires me. I wrote about how jazz musicians inspire me, but at the time I couldn’t figure out why that seemed to scream out at me when I was writing the post. But during training last night (I seem to do some of my best thinking while I get beaten up in the dojo :joy: ) I recalled my favourite scene from Tron: Legacy, realised that the idea behind it was why I thought the notion of Jazz related really well to the impact crypto and blockchain is having and will continue to have on the world and our relation with the ‘system’. Describing the Isomorphic algorithms (ISO’s…or maybe…ICO’s? :sunglasses: ) he discovers in the Grid, Kevin Flynn says, “They manifested, like a flame. They weren’t really, really from anywhere. The conditions were right, and they came into being. For centuries we dreamed of gods, spirits, aliens, and intelligence beyond our own. I found them in here, like flowers in a wasteland. Profoundly naive; unimaginably wise. They were spectacular. Everything I’d hope to find in the system; control, order, perfection. None of it meant a thing. Been living in a hall of mirrors. The ISOs shattered it, the possibilities of their root code, their digital DNA. Disease? History! Science, philosophy, every idea man has ever had about the Universe up for grabs. Biodigital jazz, man.”

  • Day #5: I’ve started keeping a ‘timeblock’ journal to keep track and keep me accountable for what I do with my time. I find its realy been helping with me getting rid of the wasted time I use over watching Youtube and doing other wasteful things as I feel more and more conscious of having to write it into the book.

  • Day #6: I’ve realised I spend waaaaaay too much money on soft drinks. I spend at least $5 a day on drinks that in hindsight I figure would be better replaced by water for my hydrational and health needs towards my martial arts and fitness goals. This has helped me realise the impact it has had in hindering me from my goals and has motivated me to be more conscious about my soft drink intake.

  • Day #7: That’s my retrospective done!!! WEEK #1 of B90x down. Another 12 to go LETS DO THIS!!!


So vlogging on my way to work I was retrospecting the week of #B90X and then as I left work i saw that today was a retrospect :joy:


Gratitude for this Program Peter!Thank you Peter and All for support!W

I am on track - The only thing I missed is finished the paper, but i will do it soon. I am familiar with encryption and Bitcoin, but i haven’t finished to read the paper. Please keep me accountable for it. I will finish it this week.

I am going to the Moon with everybody o nboard here.

I am doing good… I had no Peets Coffee (~ 4.80), nor I had any coffee at all. I stopped coffee because I think I am getting allergic to it :smiley: Seriously… I think coffee is creating too much heat in my body. So, it was a good thing to stop for good with coffee. As We are going to enough money to live comfortable
As well, I had no joint or any concentrate at all. It is great!!! I need to give up this habit anyways. It will save me lots of money since I normally spend around $400/m with herbs.

Just came back from Karate class (I was not training since 2002)… To keep the body and mind strong.

Peace & Love.


Hi fellow B90Xers!

I have not forgotten what I have said I was going to do, I have been studying trading, cryptocurrenices, and I have been following through on what I have said. I have made progress, but I have a lot more to do and learn.

I need to focus on achieving my goals and reducing my financial waste.
I think forming a routine will help me be more efficient in achieving my goals and being more efficient.
So I will add this to my list.

83 Days to go!
I hope it’s going great, stay focused everyone!




What did I say I was going to do?
Track my hours throughout the day. At the end of each day I put together a rough sketch of how I spent my time. It has been difficult to write down everything exactly as it happens, but I have been a little more conscious of the time than usual as I am seeing how long I have been spending on things.

What did I say I was going to do?
I am only one day into not eating out, but I plan to put that money that I normally would have spent into crypto at the end of the week as my reward! I don’t know if I will keep it up after this week, since I’m already feeling pretty good about the amount of money I’m putting into crypto on a month to month basis, but it is a good exercise in discipline none the less.

What do I need to continue to remember to do?
*Document how I spend my time this week
*Not spend money on bars/restaurants

I would also like to try to get back on to a more normal sleep schedule over the next week, but as long as I’m getting things done and I’m where I need to be when I need to be there that is all that really matters to me.


I made this switch almost 10 years ago now, and it is one of the best things you will do for yourself and your wallet. After you stop for a month, you’ll never go back.