#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1



Ok, I started the journey yesterday, so I zipped the week in 2 days to get on rail again.
Nice idea to help each other with some discipline and some suggestion in how to survive in this environment.

Let’s go on.


Trying to stick to the sheets :slight_smile:
The week was awesome and I’m excited to continue this journey


Hi Crypto Nation,

1 - I have spent those 6 days in eliminating time I spend in day trading. Also, I have spent a couple of days in self-education, really like that)
2 - My goal is 1 BTC and I have made couple of really cool buyings at 4k, 3.8k and 3,6k) I’m pretty close to my goal)
3 - No) I’m really involved in Bitcoin ) Need some time management to write daily in TheBitcoinPub) And want to read Bitcoin whitepaper again. My goal for next few days.
4 - I need to have a bigger goal in Bitcoins - MOOOORE BITCOINS) I want to have a perfect investment portfolio.
And the most valuable thing that I need to have - discipline! Without the discipline I would have nothing)

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


So far, so good. I bought about .69 Bitcoin this week. :grinning: :rocket: I’m coming to the Bitcoin Pub daily, which definitely helps me not forget. I’m working through the B90X steps, trying to stick to at least 1 a day.
Still learning - Still growing - Staying committed - Moving forward in bite size chunks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize and keep track of everything. Wallets, phrases, passwords, 2FA, exchanges, etc. There’s so much, I’m quickly starting to feel overwhelmed. Any tips / advice is appreciated.


I was very much like you Joshua. I love new information, I love learning. I have a hard time going to sleep at night…was seeing graphs in my dreams…lol.

My biggest piece of advice, is take it day by day. Get your security, 2FA setup and by yourself a Trezor or Nano for safe keeping. Then everything else is not as critical and if it takes an extra week, who cares. The next “big deal” will be there waiting…and one after that…and one after that :rocket:

Be well!


Thanks Mike. Yeah, that’s exactly where I’m at. I’m trying to learn so much and it feels like I’m all over the place being pulled in multiple directions. I’m seeing charts, coins, whitepapers and YouTube videos in my dreams. :laughing: I have to keep reminding myself to slow down and take it one day at a time. I suppose some of that FOMO is at play here.


Yes sir! So true. I had that same issue in the beginning of my journey. I tackled one aspect at a time. A part of you may feel like if you spend too much time on FA vs TA your missing out so you try and do both. I find that to be counter productive. I say tackle one aspect at a time and you will have a solid foundation in no time.


Thanks TEK. It helps knowing that others have experienced the same stuff I’m going through and I really appreciate the support and advice.


Here is what I did when I got through leaning how to do Fundamental analysis. I started the B90x from day 1, but when we got the the Technical Analysis part. I literally would watch the video. Pause it. go to my charts on Tradingview.com and practice it myself. Train your eye to look for these patterns. 30 mins a day. and in a week or two you will see your eyes picking things up that use to look like the matrix code before.

GOOD LUCK. Lets get these GAINS!


Nice! I’ll keep this in mind for the days to come. Thanks again. :rocket:


Retrospective for week 1… mine is a little different as i’ve started the programs in a different order & have already started to implement many of these tasks :sweat_smile:. Going back through this first week of #b90x has been great as i can see where & how it already fits in to day to day tasks & thought processes.


This is great. I’m learning a lot.
Maybe its too much to watch 2-3 videos in one sitting. But, that said, I want to catch up.

Is there an easy way to access the next day of B90X in the Bitcoin Pub?
Maybe there is, but I need help. @peter


I just type B90X in the search window and head back there to grab the next one! Best of luck!





Hi guys! I’m in Hawaii and can’t get into Coinbase. What other way can I get to purchase bitcoin or other crypto currency’s?


@Elvis_Kimura There are several exchanges out there. I didn’t know that Coinbase cared where you are other than trying to get verified. Try Binance and/or Bittrex. Good luck!


I’m sticking with the plan - making progress day by day. KAIZEN!



I’am slowly getting it.I have bought a very small amount of BTC, ETH, LTC and some EOS tokens (You never know?).

I will continue to learn and push on.

To the MOOOOON!! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Perfect frist week. Still on track.
Thank you @peter.


Keep going. The end is where life begins!