#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1



Continuing my daily commitment … plugged reading inspirational material into my morning schedule, following meditation. I know this to be bennificial and I’m committed making it a habit. By plugging in more intentional activities, they will crowd out the time wasters. Need to get consistent on journaling each day and daily tracking of finances and trading activity. Hey MOON! Here we come!


Has anyone else noticed that the number of replies seems to be smaller each day of the B90X challenge? My congratulations to everyone who’s staying with it. You inspire me!


I realized that, too. On one side it’s sad, that this happens so often.


i said i was only gonna spend 3 hours on my laptop. Hasn’t worked but i dont believe that all the time spent on the laptop was time wasted - i was searching for crypto help… But this coming week i am gonna be strict. I haven’t had the opportunity to buy sweets or anything yet so I’m on target for my financial waste goals.


Everyday is a new day to get it right!


I said I was going to do research and continue to expand my crypto knowledge, I’ve certainly done that. I also said I was going to build a website but I’ve spent a lot of time speaking with friends about crypto and setting up twitter and tradingview accounts etc, going to start writing some articles today.

I need to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I need to make time for relaxing activities, especially at the end of the day. My brain is in overdrive and I’m currently not sleeping well at all (it’s currently 4am here). I used to do more meditation, write in my journal and read books before sleeping but I haven’t been recently, any tips from the community would be appreciated.


So ive been looking around at webdesign and web development courses around my area to finally get a hold of my career goals and start looking in that direction which then i will move in that direction :wink: see what i did there @peter, i said i would put my weekly deposit into $ICX for the DCA Experiment which ive done thankfully,
i need to remember that im not always going to get on all the Moon coins but aslong as i stick to my guns and have patience i then will also be on the rocket ship to the moon to join the #cryptonation.


After reflecting on Days 1-6 and transitioning across the New Years threshold, I’d have to say all systems are a go for 2018. Let the firehose-scaled crypto knowledge chugging continue!


This has been an awesome week. The start of this journey so far has been a lot of fun, with a ton of information everywhere. I am truly grateful this morning for thebitcoinpub, 2018 to the moon!!!


I had a good week but I had some missteps. I said I would eliminate someone from my life and I didn’t. He’s a copper trader and he always plays head games with me and I need to keep him at a distance. I agreed to have drinks and dinner with him last night and he magically forgot his wallet. Also another person I used to be good friends with contacted me yesterday and he wants me to handle social media for a new project of his. I said I’d meet him this weekend, but he’s only interested because someone opened their mouth and told him how much I’ve made in the last month and he wants to know more. Last night I realized that I can’t work for him. I will be wasting time and energy on his project instead of myself, and all the time and energy I would put into his business would be taken away from my daily research and investing in cryptos which has been incredibly profitable for me in a very short period of time. I can’t do that. I already have a very demanding full-time job, am buying cryptos and doing well. I have to eliminate certain people from my life who take time and money away from myself. No one is going to make me succeed except myself, and I can’t get wrapped up with other people’s projects, and I’m not going to let people take advantage of me. I know this may sound paranoid, and I am a little paranoid, but the truth is I’m very easily taken advantage of, and I’m easy to pick on and make fun of. I need to stay focused. I’m not in this for lambos and girls (not that there’s anything wrong with that. Peter you have some very nice cars :slight_smile: ). I’m in this to walk away in a few years and never work a job I hate again. I have to stay focused on that goal and eliminate people who detract from that goal.


Ive been on track for the most part but i did slack off when it comes to documenting my time and where it is going. While I am staying focused, im locked in, I did say I would like to have concrete data for a week or longer to see how and where im using my time, gotta continue to stay consistent with that even though my days are productive, I wants that data. I also love when i receive what i call metaleaks. it’s like that little wink from the universe, that subtle little bread crumb that lets you know you’re on the right track, in the right place and at the right time.

gotta love it!


So far so good… still on track. I continue to look for areas of improvement and keeping an eye on the goals.



@peter Thanks Brother!


Well it’s a good day for a retrospective. I’m a year older and a year wiser my friends. If I only knew then what I know now, haha! Anyways the B90X is keeping me accountable and focusing on the long term, I’m just chugging along. A lot of my current goals are long term ones, so taking part in this daily exercise helps me maintain a positive outlook, stay focused, and learn new things in the process. In retrospect of not only the last week which I have settled into B90X, I can say that at this point in life I’m more focused and determined on working towards long term goals than any other time in my life. Looking forward to this semester to begin to get back into a steady routine and work on myself. Also staying involved with B90X through to the end and active in the Pub! B90X and the Pub helps give me a structured method and support mechanism to stay strong and determined in the HODL, after all the Moon is on the horizon! 7/90 :hourglass_flowing_sand::rocket::full_moon_with_face:

Here’s to many more, Cheers! :tada::beers::beers::beers:


Implemented daily journaling to keep me on track and started a weekly call with an accountability partner.

After talking about the day 6 training regarding eliminating waste, I spoke with my wife about stuff in the basement we don’t use. Gonna have a garage sale early spring with all proceeds going more crypto!!


It’s been a great week. Staying the course and staying disciplined. Laying out the foundation for future success.


Good day, Cryptonation!

  • What did you say you were going to do?
    Read Satoshi’s whitepaper - Done
    Set aside waste and invest - Done
    Reflect - Doing

  • Face towards my future in Crypto - Ongoing - Everyday I set aside time to review my position and learn a little more. I actually have it scheduled in my outlook and I have my sheet of goals on a paper on my desk, which includes: Daily (filled out every morning and measured each evening), weekly (Filled out Sundays and measured every Saturday), Monthly, Quarterly and long term. I have also added a section “Commitment - Why am I doing this” - where I list my whys.

  • Have you forgotten already?
    HELL NO!!!

  • What do you need to continue to remember to do?
    Do what I do in business. Keep it scheduled, measure it, reflect, improve and stretch.
    Keep imagining myself looking at my portfolio on a TV in a penthouse here in Miami!! Just Kidding! HA!


Well it’s only been a week so i can’t say i have accomplished much yet.

I feel like I am setting up a nice foundation though. I have downloaded and started using apps to track my time and money. I have stopped talking to Russian brides online.

I have ordered books online to help me accomplish my goals. At this point I can’t do much, only tinker so it’s a good stage in my life to try and gain knowledge while I can.

My time allocation is skewed, I almost spend as much time on the internet as I do sleeping. So i need to make some adjustments here.

Thanks for the B90X program, feel like it’s helping me out already.



if you’re serious about doing this… (whatever “this” is…) then you’re building a lifestyle, not just an investment portfolio. it’ll take time to build that muscle memory… but you’re in the best and safest and most supportive place to do it!

Long live The Pub.

Glad you’re here friend!


thanks man, I was here just to get crypto info.
Then I thought if all I do is make a lot of money then it’s not really going to make anything useful in my life. Other than getting addicted to crypto gains.

Thanks for all the work you do keeping things running.