#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1



I told myself I was going to start taking care of things to free up my time allowing me to do more hobbies and work easier

I have actually been KILLIN it. Making great progress!

Keeping up with B90x will keep me on track :cowboy_hat_face:


I have not kept a detailed record of how I have spent my time, however I am reducing wasted time and money

KAIZEN - continuous improvement: I am pleased with progress but not satisfied, motivation to do much better is high!

So much to learn re crypto, but I feel much calmer after all the FOMO of December now that I will be DCAing Bitcoin in 2018


Doing pretty good.
Eliminated waste. I was already good on being frugal in order to invest more.
I have, however, been looking at my portfolio more than I want (I said once a day and it’s more like 3-4 times a day).
I need to remind myself that it’s a long game & ups and downs are not a big deal because on a longer timeline it’s just going up.


My continuous improvement over the past week has been doing more in depth research into each coin I own and am interested in. Coming from (and still do) the stock market I love charts and basic fundamental analysis. The fast moving explosive low float cryptos are fun and easy money but imo that easy money will vanish soon. So I have started to truly look into the tech behind each coin and gather the viability of each project.


I’m most proud of eliminating waste. The past week I’ve spent more time educating myself with Crypto information (yes i’ve been skipping ahead on b90x!) , spending time with family, and just improving life in general.

My TV consumption has dropped, and the last few times I picked up my tablet was to read a book and not play games. I can’t wait for the day I rid myself of the biggest waste; aka my job :rofl::rofl::rofl:

As part of my New Years resolution, I dedicated myself to cutting cost for eating out. It’s working and that trend continued in the past 6 days. B90x only adds to the accountability to follow through on my resolution.


Today I found an “easy” way to grow my bitcoin doing nothing. But then I remembered that my goal is to get that first bitcoin with proved ways, and for now, the proved ways are saving and trading ethereum.

Thanks to this I didn’t invest my money in something that could or couldn’t work. Right now I need to be focused in the fundamentals.


Trying to remember to cut financial waste, as well as trying to cut unnecessary things I do in the day. It’s a constant battle, but I am becoming more aware of the silly things I buy and have bought. Thanks pub!

  1. I n eed to read about crypto every day, missed on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. I was going to lifting once a week but didn’t.
  3. I need to continue shaving off unnecessary expenses.


Great week so far! 7 days down, 81 to go! Have been pretty good about the financial waste…the time waste…not so much. Still working on that one. Going to be patient with myself haha. It’s a process.


Looking back at this first week I can’t believe its been a week already! unbelievable how fast that flew by and how much value these principles have brought into my life. I want to say a personal thank you to you peter for being unique in introducing us to the world of Crypto in a totally different and humane way; this is what makes me excited to begin a new day everyday on the B90X is learning these new principles that are not only having an effect on me in regards to entering this new and exciting domain but also having a positive effect on my life as a whole by being able to look at myself and ask myself these important questions, Like on conviction or where am I facing because these are important things we should be reminding ourselves off each and every day.

I have a white board on my wall and each day I tick off one of the B90X and this just helps me maintain discipline and to see this grow from an outside view and know each day im one step closer, because each day I can look at it and remind myself of why Im doing this and to look at the bigger picture, So thank you!


I am the adhd hippy of my family so to be completely honest I’m amazed I’ve stuck with something for more than two days. I said I was going to give up my cigarette habit and invest that into bitcoin and today I went to the doctor and started Chantix to help me quit. Myself and my family is still my number one motivation. I am slacking though with the schedule, that’s next!


This B90X Challenge has been awesome over the past week, as it has provided another avenue to learn about the crypto industry without having to look at prices. Since I have jumped into other altcoins around December 10th, I was consumed with FOMO and just about believed every YouTuber that was out there because I didn’t know better. Then I stumbled across the Decentralized news channel the last week of December and slowly started to learn more through Peter’s videos. I eventually made my way to TheBitcoin.pub page and then signed up for Patreon because I want to learn more about this tech and how to invest in the market. I constantly think about the direction that I am heading and look back at everything else that I did in my life that I wanted to succeed in and how I attacked it. B90X has helped keep me focus, organize my goals, and introduced me to a community that wants to help everyone succeed.

  1. Reviewed all items I said I was going to do.

  2. Still dedicated!

  3. I need to continue to stop wasting time and resources. Need take a longer term approach and continue to face towards success. Lastly, need to continue to remember why I do what I do and look to who inspires me.


Be more conscious of the seemingly small purchases I make that always end up totaling to way more then I needed to spend a month. Continue to educate myself daily on things that are of value to me and that can continue to help me grown personally and financially as a person.


I’m loving the B90X program so far!

The big takeaways so far from this week is that the series has forced me to look at what I am really doing and focus on long term think, rather than just short term gains. I have a number of books that I will read/listen too, along with keeping a close tab on where I spend my time and money.

What usually goes into a trading journal?

Darcy C


I have improved in the little area I’ve had available. Today I put off some gaming to do crypto tracking. I found a site that will help track my trades for the tax man beings as rules have changed. It’s cointracking.info pretty good. I was going to set up like Peter’s proff/loss xcel but I haven’t played with anything like that.

I think to keep on track I’ll make a checklist to hang on the wall till I get into a rhythm. I am still aware of what I set out to do and am still facing forward on the path. I’m just going to have to do my best because shortcuts in a game I’m not totally understanding of is going to be a shortfall.


I am always trying to improve, although I have to admit that I missed a few days of the B90X. life gets busy sometimes.
I need to work on focusing on the things that I want to take seriously.


2 - What did you say you were going to do? I said I was going to focus on studying, exercising, letting go of the grasp of social media, and having more meaninful discussions

3 - Have you forgotten already? I have not forgotten, but I’ve procrastinated the study schedule. I can also improve even more on the social media factor, they truly are time wasters most of the time. I will make a point to do this tonight when I get home.

4 - What do you need to continue to remember to do? I need to remember to continue my work outs, get a plan on studying, continue having meaningful discussions, and turn off more social media notifications.


I feel really good about this so far. I’ve already been more productive, partly because of my own schedule, and partly because of this course, a lot less time wasted so far. I’m also trying to improve my exercise schedule to make it more efficient.
I’ll keep improving day by day, this is a long term commitment.


Pardon my handwriting, thats me. Am glad to be part of this.