#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1



I just remembered something I was gonna ask @peter . Where is the intro from? I feel like I’ve seen it in some commercial in the '90s.


P90X! … WE changed it to B90X :slight_smile:


Day 1: Read the white paper
After reading the white paper and learning more about the block chain technology it’s reassuring to know how ground breaking and powerful the genesis block is and truly believing it’s only going to the moon from here.

Day #2: Where am I facing?
Only looking up and focusing on building my portfolio on a weekly basis DCAing.

Day #3: The reasons I’m doing this
For financial freedom for me and my family that conviction won’t change.

Day #4: What Inpires Me
Staying inspired with the people I listen to on a daily. Napoleon Hill, Kevin Trudea, Robert Green, Esther Hicks, & of course Peter from DCTV

Day #5: Elminate Waste
This is something I’ve been working on before B90X at work I do minial tasks so I listen to personal development audiobooks and watch DCTV while working to keep focused on the crypto world and manifesting desires. After work taking care of my child so not much can do there.

Day #6: Elinmate Finical Waste
All my money goes to daycare, bills, and crypto DCAing do eat out from time to time but about once a week. But am eliminating all credit card debts February.

Day #7: Retrospective
1 Week of staying focused and dedicated to the crypto nation down. Not gonna stop at 90 days


Hmm, can’t say I remember ever seeing that before, but it sure looked hilarious!


My reasons, my motivations, and continuous learning are all intact! Hooray! And my financial waste bit, not spending so much money on booze… that doesn’t get tested until this weekend (in 2 days) so we’ll see how that goes. Unfortunately, the day after I said I was going to waste less time on sleeping… I forgot to set my alarm and overslept! D’oh!

I’m learning patience and slowly how to make smarter, less FOMO-y trades as I watch everything go red these past days… but hey, this is going to be a lifestyle and I refuse to let FUD get the best of me. Even if I have to lose some money in the learning process.


I’m happy to report that I am on track. I know exactly why I am in crypto and for whom. I’m setting aside some time everyday to learn more. I’m cutting down the waste of time scrolling through sites that don’t serve me. I am also cutting out the excess dining out and replaced that meal with a meal replacement shake (organic, of course)! I’ve also taken on a local charity project in my community! I’ll be putting a tennis camp together for our Boys and Girls clubs that serve our most economically distressed kids! I’ve met some incredibly intelligent women online that have welcomed my friends and I with open arms. Life is good!


I am still grinding in the right direction folks. Anticipation is killing me, I want to jump forward and knock out the B90X as fast as I can. Taking each day to reflect each lesson. Still weak in understanding the White Paper fully, chipping away in comprehending it.


Yes. Take your time. Don’t jump. It’s not worth it. Take each day, soak it up and let it settle. That’s the better way to internalize it!


Keeping the focus on the future. It’s a good idea to read the whitepapers of the coins I invest in. Eliminate waste of time. Eliminate waste of money. Tracks those expenses. Delayed gratification leads to huge gains.


Stay consistent and do this B90X. I started on 12/30/17. I religiously watch DCTV/Bitesize, read The Pub stuff but this keeps falling through the cracks. This will now become my 1st time box in the mornings until completed.


I said I was going to do this program and try to write in this box no matter the cost. I don’t get into discussions ever. I’m the one in the background absorbing the information not chatting about it. But I am doing this I will be more knowledgeable in the end and thankful to you for that.


I find that listening and considering things are far better in most cases than engaging in the fray (too soon).

Your patience and discipline will reward you in crypto :slight_smile:


Right now I need to continue to remember to not waste my time. It’s going to be a constant battle. I’ve started to get better about it over this past week though. Working out almost every day and I’ve started reading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies and some other stuff found here in the Bitcoin resource list. I think this list is an awesome resource, hopefully more and more people check it out. Like everyone else, I do like those gains, but the technology…
I still could be writing, drawing, taking more photos instead of wasting time. And I’ve got about 10 rolls of film that need to be developed, but I think that will wait longer, just a little more money into the market instead.


This week I am focusing on the future of crypto. Looking into stable investing. DCA seems to really be the ticket for those wild rides.

Looking forward to those great times in the future, on the moon, looking at the earth below.

It’s great to have the pub, to hone ideas and opinions with the input and intelligence of others, but the only person who can be possibly maximally invested in my success is myself. That’s why I choose to be here with everyone else.

To. The. Moon.


Still holding strong. Still on the wagon. I know it is possible to get burned out if I engulf myself in the crypto world, so I still need to be a husband and a father which keeps my long term goals in perspective. I have not forgotten my promises to eliminate financial wastes or the direction I’m facing. We all start somewhere and need to take one step at a time to complete this marathon to the moon!!!:rocket::call_me_hand:t3:


Finally catching up on week one posts.

I am going to bi-weekly invest. I am going to not let the market scare me into selling at a loss. I am going to improve my families finances over time while eliminating wasted time and money.

I am going to buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Feeling good after week one. Currently a lot of my time that I have freed up by eliminating waste is being spent on trying to create additional income so that I can increase my monthly contributions to investing in Crypto. My focus over the last several months has been to just keep laying the stones, one at a time. I have a long way to go, a lot to build, and if I focus on the long term goals, it can feel a bit overwhelming, but I have found in the past that laying one or two stones a day consistently builds something strong. So, reflecting on the last week of B90x and the last few months of crypto, that is what I am reminding myself to keep doing. Keep laying stones! :beers:


As I move forward, in the back of my mind, I evaluate my decisions on a day to day basis. I’m curbing any unnecessary expenses so that I can contribute to my Crypto portfolio without FOMO. The last 6 days of #90x program just reminds me that I have to stick to my New Year’s resolution. Accountability is key, but it really needs to come from myself.

I know I’m on the right track!


Good point ! i got you… screaning all my crypto investement made this week ;


It’s awesome you are talking about KAIZEN here, it’s a great methodology for continuous improvement. We try to use this and other methodologies at my work as best as we can and it really helps us.