#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1



Retrospection seems like a good tool. It is actually my answer to the fourth question.

Thanks for telling me that discipline is a real freedom, Peter. That is important for me to hear it from you

While I was able to remove most of my waste that I wrote about I have invented another one and rationalized it that it is useful. And even though there is some use to it, I think I can make better choice how to spend my time.


Ok ScrumLord, errrrrrrrrr @dogelord :doge: i will perform this retro as i see sprint 1 is complete. When we do retros at work, we highlight 3 key areas:

  1. what went well- during this sprint, i was able to identify several counterproductive problem areas that impede personal progress. I also gave some deep thought to the reasons why i am getting involved in this space, mainly the ones near & dear to my heart. For the sake of transparency and sheer honesty, i can say that- since joining the pub last week- i have been in a great mood every single day. Corny as that may sound, i really do feel like i can finally see the light at the end of the debt-crusted tunnel, and i’m excited to embark upon this journey.

  2. What didn’t go well- despite the fact i was able to identify blockers and impediments, i didn’t necessarily rid them from my daily routine. I am only cheating myself, and i need to have more discipline.

  3. Action items:
    A- lay out a true budget for financial obligations
    B- continue to limit and decrease time spent on pro sports research (fantasy)
    C- propose plan to jump in the DCA game
    D- tomorrow = b90x DAY 8!!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.


I have started to eliminate waste. I started eating lunch at home today. its been 10 years since I’ve done that lol. I’m cutting back on my mountain due amps that ive been drinking 2 a day for 15 years. I had one this morning and another one in the afternoon because of a caffeine headache. although it was half the day before that happened so that is positive. maybe tomorrow ill do just one. makes me realize what that stuff does to me wow. so today I’ve saved $10.

I also told my wife to stop buying my amps and pops for me. no more junk food. not that i have a lot anyways. so i just don’t need it to get where i would like to be. I’ve told everyone in hopes of support from the great ppl i surround my self with.

I absolutely need to stay positive. I have constantly looked at the negative and would take my self out of good opportunity. so i need to remember to just look at the good and hope that my will power will bring more good energy in my life to keep me focused!!!


My review of the week is focussed on building up the energy to strip out all the waste and keep the money saved in a place that cannot be touched. If I want to achieve my goal of financial freedom this is a vital step.


Captains Log: It is the 6th day of the B90X program. So far I am on track with my plan set forth. Ive packed boring brown bag lunches every day for work and have forgone all alcohol consumption. I plan to experiment with “interesting” foods next week to keep up the moral. So far the the journey has not been too challenging, but this is only the beginning…

-Captain out


I’m following my plan :slight_smile:
To the moon!!! :rocket:


I let myself get distracted for the last week or so. I could make excuses, but it really just comes down to I need to stay focused and make sure I make time for what I am pursing. I have to learn to keep myself from getting distracted.


Looking back through week one, I have doubled down on everything that I have learned. I decided to go through my bank expenses and found out that Amazon had been charging me for a service that I was not using. After getting off the phone with Amazon, I will be getting about $240 returned and will use it for crypto on my next DCA.

I need remain conscious of my expenses to remove financial waste at all time!!!


I’ve already improved by not stressing over little things. Keeping focus with my current day job, engaging social activities with friends and learning about Blockchain and the crypto world.

Eliminating waste is difficult, but can easily be done with commitment! We have to ingrain into our brains, these past six steps and march on forward. I’ve already saved a few bucks financially buy not splurging on junk food and cutting ties with useless subscriptions I was paying for…

Looking forward to going up, which was my direction and up is THE MOON!


Retrospective of week 1:
My attention is all over the place… I have to much on my agenda and I find it really difficult to focus on just one thing. I am a bit of a late bloomer in general and now experience FOMO big time…
So I basically need to limit myself to just 1-2 things at a time only.
I like the Kaizen principle: One continuous step at a time.
Slowly, slowly I am building my space rocket. :bitrocket: :dogemoon:


Still on the path. Continuous improvement still needed on some budgetary cutbacks. Those should fall in place over the next week.


Still hodling and working towards the bitcoin goal! Once i thought about wasting time on facebook, i REALLY noticed how much time i actually spend on that, youtube also. Working on cutting back on it all. KAIZEN life from now on.


So far im sticking to my guns, crushing it and things just keep getting better. KAIZEN!!


Yes, very pragmatic, very useful, thank you Sir. Kaizen


I’m not a player I just crush b90X! Kaizen


Still tracking full steam ahead although I did forget about 2/3 of the Bitcoin Whitepaper. I think Illl read it again :slight_smile:


I haven’t forgotten my goal of acquiring at least 1 BTC by the end of the year. The main thing I need to remember is that every single freaking moment matters, so don’t waste time. Make sacrifices now so that I can enjoy later.


It’s only week 1 so my will batteries are still at almost full charge but to be honest it hasn’t been easy. Trying to keep track of everything plus work and other things that keep me distracted but If I compare myself from a week ago, I can definitely tell, now I am more aware I guess when I do things. I question things a bit more and feel guiltier when I do something that I waste my time on. Definitely gotta keep tracking my daily usage of my time and keep grinding till the finish line.


I would highly recommend following a couple of different role models or people that inspire you.
I say this because I believe that we as a person, have certain capabilities and capacity and once we reach our limits, we need someone else to help us get to that next level, may it be psychological, mental or physical. Example of this are coaches, professors, CEO’s, etc.
My father used to say to me, surround yourself with people that are smarter than you and until this day that advice has proven right in my life.
I finish with this. Would you rather be the smartest person in a group of dumb people, or be the dumbest person in a group of smart people? Something to think about.

Glad that we are in this together man, let’s keep grinding until the end where the MFuckin leprechaun is waiting for all of us with a pot of gold.