#B90X - DAY 70 - Amateur's Seek Permission



The amateur believes that, before she can act, she must receive permission from some Omnipotent Other - a lover or spouse, a parent, a boss, a figure of authority.

Why the hell are we in blockchain? Bitcoin and blockchain technology is a permission-less system! Take from the principles given to us by Satoshi Nakamoto!

Go back to B90X Day 1 for a reminder of that!

Now, I’m not telling you to do anything that will get you in trouble from your boss or spouse or significant other. However, I do want you to consider whom you may be waiting for permission from.

Can I tell you a secret? They aren’t thinking about you. They aren’t thinking about giving you permission.

In today’s B90X exercise it’s very simple. Tell us, who are you waiting for permission from? If any? If not, great. Get back to work.

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Don’t need nobody’s permission! Ain’t got time fo dat! Got werk t’do!

I’d insert my life’s motto but my sailor talk got edited last time LOL! So I’ll just say “Screw 'Em!” and edit myself, even if it’s not quite as effective! :joy:


I’m not asking any one for permission, but I posted a picture of a chart on my story on snapchat and a guy in my class saw it and asked me what it was… then he wanted to invest in random cryptocurrencies and is asking me about everything he does (annoying…) and he finds coins that he belive will go up 10000% in 5 then it drops by 96%
And I just tell him thathe shouldn’t invest in stuff he dont know what it is or just hodl btc
And also he wants to buy 1$worth of btc and want to trade satoshis until he becomes a billionare


I’d like to say that I haven’t been waiting for anyone’s permission, but when I get real and think about it, I guess I have been waiting. What’s funny is I can’t think of who I have been seeking the permission from! I didn’t even realize I was doing it until this video, and now that I do I see how utterly ridiculous it is. The last couple videos have really hit home!


I don’t neccessarily look for permission but a lot of my life was spent looking for approval or advice from my parents. I’ve since realized that they lack even basic knowledge. For example, one of them didn’t know exactly what counts as southeast asia, and thought that maybe australia was a part of it. It’s bizarre. I’m grateful for what I have but still think my true potential is so much higher and that’s kind of depressing


Last i checked i was in charge of myself. Going back to work now :smile:

Great video man!


My grandpa calls it rule number 3…

Better to ask forgiveness, than to seek permission! :stuck_out_tongue:

ok back to work ty


The only person I seek permission from is myself and sometimes “myself” is slow to respond! I need to know how to get “myself” to move faster and I assume it will go faster when the plan is complete, I am emotionally connected to the content and I am excited. Then I can run through walls!

OK back to Da Moon :rocket::rocket:


I don’t think I wait for permission from anyone but I often run ideas past family and friends to seek advice but I guess also approval/confirmation that my ideas are good… It definitely gets more difficult to follow through on ideas that meet a lot of resistance. I could cut some of the resistance out by not asking people and finding out for myself :thinking:


Too true. In extreme times I will find myself desiring validation, but I usually shake it off and do what I know I need to do. It is a matter of self-confidence; I do not need validation, I trust myself. Back to work!


I like the way Joe Rogan put it in his “monkeys in space” standup. Talking monkeys on a spinning rock in space. Everyone’s trying to find out who’s in charge but really…no one is.


Unfortunately my girlfriend has a very very bad taste in her mouth about Bitcoin. She saw my huge gains in December then jumped head first buying bitcoin at $18,500. Whoops!!!
So I do want her permission but it’s a very touchy subject since her investment is down 70%
I tell her to HODL even though she has no idea what I mean lol
I need to grow a pair and be a PRO. No more permission, just watch me grow and get on board if you dare.


I can admit to feeling this at some points in my life, although it’s more that I’m doubting my own ability and want feedback regarding what I’m doing/going to do. I think I’m still afraid of failing at what I do, so I ask others what they think about it. This is something I need to work on, and just go for it and fail more so I stop being afraid of it. Waiting for someone else to weigh in on whatever I’m doing will only slow me down.


One of the key basic success principles I listen to is always ask yourself who do you listen to. Listen to your mom, uncle, friend, business teacher making 40k a year that didn’t do any business to make money or listen to the guy that’s actually made millions has what you want and doing it. Observe observe observe habits and traits of the successful people get to see one every day pumping videos all day take advantage of it crypto fam.

No permission here were all creators of our realities through our own subconious thoughts of what we believe to be our reality.

Back to the grind crypto nation.


I don’t need permission from anyone. I’m making my self my own boss. I get up for my grind every day. do I get distracted from time to time yes. but I quickly get back to the grind that’s for sure. It’s not easy being your own boss. If you mess up its your money. If It’s not done its your fault. You don’t have anyone to tell you to get back to work or another to put blame on lol. You just got to get on the grind and make that money!!!


Nice… Back to work.


We better be wearing our big boy pants by the time we’ve reached this point of our lives and the B90X program, otherwise you should go back to mommie and daddy. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission… it works!


I’m all grown up! I feel sorry and sad for those who don’t have the balls of steel to think and act for themselves. Granted, some people make horrible decisions, but they should think more clearly before making or taking actions.


So, I’m thinking Do I wait for permission from someone. I don’t know, maybe, but there is no one except me who will give it to me, so I back to work!


Don’t need permission. Grindin 8 days a week