#B90X - DAY 70 - Amateur's Seek Permission





I’m not waiting on permission from anyone, back to the grind brotha!


Permission? Pfff…nah man. Peace. :v:t3::rocket:


I used to wait on people or higher ups to get permission from them at work but now I am the boss. I ain’t got time to wait no moree.


No one. Back to work for me


The crypto nation is permission less :fist:


Asking for permission can eat a :eggplant: too much red tape and bureaucracy in this world permissionless and borederless ftw

Heres the latest incident when i didnt have time to wait for permission to be granted from the authority #transparency #pirate :pdealwithit:


I´m not the first to mention this, but I got a real Matrix-Morpheus vibe down my spine from watching this episode!!! Nice:sunglasses:

Grint for you. Be mindful and people will catch up.


Not one to wait for permission, but I have acted rashly when impatient and don’t have the facts. Got into cryptos in the parabolic run up. I should have consulted experts (like those here at the the bitcoin pub) before jumping into those rough waters. The ultimate choice is mine, no permission needed

DAY 70 – Launching without a countdown….because I can. :bitrocket:


Permission takes too much time, just make sure if it’s something you should have asked your wife, you get her something nice :joy:


I give my self permission to be extremely successful.

That’s all I was waiting for. Done.

Carte Blanc


I don’t have any room in my time boxes for permission. :rocket:


Done seeking permission.


Permissionless system now with music being decentralized not stuck to radio, not stuck to news and tv shows provided to us, and now money things only looking up. Just feeling my gut feeling with what is incredibly fun and brings joy. No point in doing something even if its a good idea if not focused on the goal in mind majority of the time.


Slaves need permission, masters give permission. The only time I asked for permission in my life was asking my parents permission to borrow the car. I hated having to ask for permission to go to the bathroom from a teacher or boss which I think has caused my allergic reaction to slave mentality. Though I do seek council and advice on what I do to make better choices, once I make a plan I do it to the best of my abilities, no permission necessary and I can go to the bathroom whenever I darn well please! :rofl:



Nobody needs permission. That’s an excuse. Your brain working against you. Back to work :muscle:


This very short lesson is actually very important to me!
Yes, for a long time I represented that “waiting for permission” posture but I’ve done with that.

The interesting situation happens a few days ago when I wanted to start a special and dedicated IG account. I had a tone of thoughts “should I do it” “should I not” “maybe I should ask” but secretly I knew the answer and I thought when they will know about it that I did it without questioning it will come with even more approval and happiness! So, I did YES without asking! :yenicorn:


I usually wait for permission from my figures of authority at my work. I think I’m respecting them by doing this. I think that they like to be in control and that my decisions need to be approved by them.

But at the end of the season I get their feedback that I need to be more proactive … :rofl:

Just a bad mindset.