#B90X - DAY 71 - Amateur's Live in the Past



You want to know one thing that I’ve realized within my short time on this planet?
That many people I know, whether they be regular citizens of the world, corporate employees, and even startup entrepreneuers, many of them are stuck in the past.


It’s because right now, in the moment, at the exact spot they are in, they have achieved nothing, in terms of their current goal.

Now what do I mean by this?

It means that they may have a goal, they may have a vision for their life, but what they are doing RIGHT now, the position they are in RIGHT now, is not showing the fruits of their labor. They are in the purgatory of their project.

When this happens, this is the resistance that I was talking about in B90X episode 66, 67, 68.

Because of this resistance, they look back into their past. They think, “Man, I was able to do this before!” “Why isn’t this one happening as easy as the last?” “What am I doing wrong? I did it this way in the past before!”

Get over that. Getting stuck in the past doesn’t help you move forward in the future.
You’re into a new project now. A new lifestyle or behavior pattern now. The old wineskins are no longer useful.

The past evoked by the amateur is make-believe. It never existed. It’s just a highlight reel that the amateur edited and stitched together from events that almost took place or should have occurred.

In a way, the amateur’s re-imagined past is worse when it’s true. Because then it’s really gone.

The payoff of living in the past (or even the future for that matter) is you never have to do your work in the present.

We live now. We’re in the present now.

Tell us, if you’re willing to share in today’s B90X exercise. What in your past is holding you from moving forward today? We’d love to get to know you more intimately so we can help you learn and grow!

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I’ve been on a long journey of self-reflection and increasing self-awareness. I understand the human condition. I’m a very passionate and compassionate person, highly intuitive. Open, honest, forthcoming, loyal, respectful, sane, reliable, accountable. But one thing I have hard time resolving in my past are a few extraordinarily shitty people that lack integrity that I had the misfortune of crossing paths with. Forgiveness is hard for me when it comes to someone that has royally screwed up and behaved in a shitty manner. I’m aware of my issue with this and I’m in the process of trying to get better at it, to stop letting them rent space in my present, to understand that it has nothing to do with me, it’s their own problem. It bothers me that people are ok with their own shitty behavior, that they can live with themselves and not be better. Living with integrity and honesty is SO much easier and so much more satisfying! Nothing I say or do to try to get them to think about how and why they are damaging themselves and others will make them change, they have to come about it themselves, if they ever do. Crypto is one of those communities that brings out ego, greed, selfishness, shadiness. I am grateful that I’ve found this community to learn and grow from, it’s a good environment. All I can do is continue to be a good human, be a good example. For myself, my son, my family, my friends, my tribe of good humans I choose to surround myself with.


I was charged with a few felonies in my young adult life but I was able to beat the charges with years of probation, community service, substance abuse counseling, and making donations. Community superverision was a challenging time, but it also helped me learn more about myself, my faith, and grow. It will be interesting to see how my arrest record affects my applications to graduate school this next year.


No worries my man. I’m right there with you! No worries!


Thanks for the encouraging words, Peter. I’m glad that you have turned out well.

I just read this quote in the monthly newsletter from the American Association of Geographers and it seems relevant to today’s topic,

“You build on failure. You use it as a steppingstone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.”

Johnny Cash,
singer and songwriter

He was a pro :slight_smile:


My past failures, and weaknesses got me to where I am today. I took too long to realize them, when I did I started fixing them one at a time. I’m in a really good place now.

My day job would be the main thing that is holding me in the past. I fully intended on walking away to do my own thing at the beginning of the year. I actually did, but I ended up signing on for two more years. It was on my terms, and I still think it was the best option for my future. The offer would have been a no brainier for most people. The plan I had ridden to the end got extended. I’m not enjoying it, but I knew I wouldn’t.

It’s actually kind of ridiculous that I resent it. I don’t need to be here, and that’s always when I said I’d be done. Nothing is bringing me back when this sentence is over. I’ll be able to do more than just help myself when I’m out. That’s what gets me up in the morning.

I know it’s a shitty sob story, but my past should be over.


Did you go through this?
Resentment is a powerful emotion to action!!!


I hadn’t, but that’s not me. I resent selling out. I don’t put up a facade. I don’t have to. I’m good at what I do. I’m the one that doesn’t care to fit the culture here. This was a means to an end, and a pile of money got thrown at me after I crossed the finish line. I put in the work, and told everyone that got in my way to fuck off. Then I signed on the line, and killed my plan. That’s not me. I’ll be retired at 40 instead of 38. I’ll have more resources to do things I care about. That’s what made up my mind. I was set either way. It’s one more sacrifice. The scope of my goals widened to more than my future. I’m set.


Great post.

I think what is holding me back by living in the past is my routine. Things I’ve grown up doing and really that have just been apart of my daily routine all my life… are actually hindering my potential.and not productive. (eating a lot of fast food, watching too much t.v, sleeping in, not tracking my spending, blazing da herb, lack of exercise)

This B90x in particular helped me realize this more, which will help me react accordingly.

Thanks. 2018 will be glorious


Live in the present with occasional glimpses into the future


I have a recurring dream where I wake up in my teenage bedroom but at my current age. I really do think that my life got derailed during those years. But the content of the dream mostly revolves around me trying to make a friend out of someone in that neighborhood

Without going into too much detail I probably should just find somewhere new and make a new life. I should make new friends. Do something my teenage self would be proud of.


I have started or been involved with 6 different startups. They all begin with huge emotion and solid partners but then I either allow my partners to be more controlling and they mess up, or I take my eye off of the goal. I get discouraged easily and while we have great growth, I sometimes tell myself that providing a “stable foundation” for my family is more important than branching out. I then go back to the old way of doing things. Self sabotage.

At this point, the continued failure is holding me back. The anti-highlight reel. This time things are different. The kids have graduated, the Mrs and I are awesome together, and we are ready for our new adventure! I need to stop thinking about the past and just plan the future. The journey of a thousand steps, begins with just 1. Thank you for all of the videos @peter and helping us all realize a little bit more of our dreams than we would on our own!

To Da Moon! :rocket::rocket:


The parts of the past that are still present act like running with a parachute behind you. We need to shed them piece by piece until we are able to run freely within the present.


I’m living in the past by continuing my day job, which I studied towards and have worked at improving in my profession for many years, but have now realised it’s not what I want to do.

I need to quit so I can focus full time on my future.


I am focusing on today, in large part because of this program. I fill my day with purposeful timeboxes and goals so I can accomplish all the small milestones that will lead to the larger successes. If I did not, I would be gripped by my past and start to second guess myself. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop, and that is so true for me. I keep busy, deliberate and purposeful every day. I celebrate my successes, analyze the learnings from my failures and move on, because I know myself; boredom will lead to analysis paralysis.


What’s been bugging me is I wrote a book a few years back and never got published. It took a while but eventually was able to let it go & move on.
Now, my main professor has thrown the idea of co-authoring a book together. He told me if I took the lead, he’d follow when the time became available to him.
I’ve been a bit hesitant but finally started this week. I’m already dreading the hassle of writing that much LoL.
I’m also worried he’ll bail on me which would greatly decrease my odds of being published.


If he bails you could always try and find another professor in the department to help or even reach out to professors at other universities. Don’t let the doubt keep you from pushing forward, fight through the adversity.


sometimes I find that my shortcomings limit me from taking risks moving forward. I have to understand and acknowledge that I am not my past. While my experiences may have shaped who I am today, I am also shaped by what and who I aspire to be. I should allow that aspiration to guide me!


Living in the past for me isn’t really reminiscing about past accomplishments, or how easy everything was, it’s mostly about remembering all the terrible people I’ve come across. Thinking about what was said, what I should have said, or just how lousy those people turned out to be. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to stop remembering the people I dislike when they hardly ever had any positive impact on me, just another thing I need to practice I guess.


I’ve been pondering on this I dont believe to be living in the past. However I do look at the past and feel grateful for things happening the way they did. Seemingly bad situations happening at the right time to be at this opportunity to find this community. :pray: