#B90X - DAY 71 - Amateur's Live in the Past



For the longest time the ppl I surrounded with held me back. I tried to keep all my high school friends. they were my drug friends. the good time friends! not the smartest I know now. lol but I tried to help them to get to my level. It held me back a lot because my friends couldn’t. If I did they gave me shit for acting better than them. I’m not better than them. I just stopped getting fucked up all the time and found that had money. as I got sober I couldn’t watch my friends get fucked up. not because I wanted to. I had to watch them after they were high. not fun!!! but as I cut friends I found that they were steeling from me too. not cool!!! but now That’s behind me I’ve got good ppl around me that support me in every way. and now the Pub too!!! And talking here helps a lot thank you @peter!!!


I love this well stated.


Glad you’re here, Zealot :slight_smile: Let’s get it! Today, and into the future :smiley:


Like I always say, “stop staring at it and just flush it!” That pretty much sums up how useful it is to live staring at the past.


Living in the past is a bad notion. Thinking about the past can be helpful, but not healthy at the same time. I for one have a bad tendency of not managing my money well when I have extra income. Currently, I am debt free with some extra cash at my disposal. Making better decisions will be something I need to overcome in order not to be stuck in the past (high debts).



I :100: agree with @nathan words.

Very good lesson. I don’t want to live in past anymore. There’s no way I will go through life by watching behind my back all the time.


It’s nice to reminisce about the past, with friends and talk about the ole time; however, the history is just that. I have always strive to find the silver lining in everything. I’m thankful for the hardship that I have gone through, the difficulties I have faced kept my focus on the now and plan for the future. Onward!


I learned from my past, and then left it where it belongs… in the past


I can tell you prior to starting this program I was unconsciously living in the past but this journey has me living today, facing in my intentionally lead blockchain lifestyle. Thanks again for the good word. Cheers!


Getting into crypto is my first real step in looking at my future. I’ve gotten in early and it has been a roller coaster of emotions. But I continue to learn. Knowledge is a valuable thing when your trying to look ahead instead of behind you.


One of the things that was holding me and sometimes still holds me back unconsciously is being in a really good shape and going to the gym consistently. I mentioned this in previous b90x but there are times when a group of friends or family start talking about getting in better shape/being healthier and I reminiscent about how it was going to the gym every day and how great it felt by being in really good shape.
I recognize that I am not in the same shape and don’t have the same consistency I used to but I made peace with it. I gotta stop chasing a past version of myself and find a new version of me, better and more improved rather than the same as before. Baby steps!


I have made lots of mistakes in the 40 years I have been around. I know I will make lots more. But never the same mistake twice.
I missed out on a few opportunities, I’m not going to miss out on crypto and I’m not going to walk away from my strategy.


At the moment I don’t not think I’m living in the past. I do think I live in the future at times which is just as bad. Being part of the pub and mainly discord makes me very excited to grind and for the future.


I have already posted on day 71. But on Wednesday I went to Wimbledon and watched this guy play.

I have played Tennis since about 9 years of age and I play to a good club level. But today Rodger was the greatest player I have ever seen at Wimbledon. On the 150mile drive home Wednesday evening, I heard him being interviewed on the radio. I quote home. " To win. You have to bring your maximum energy to the court or pitch every time you step out there. Every time" Now thats what being a Pro is all about.


I quote Rodger not home, stupid predictive spelling!


i go back in the past and think was spending money on cars motorbikes and travelling was better than having better financial control and invested when i was younger and where id be now

it holds me back and i feel the resistance from my goals when i have the urge to want something now

i have made my goals and missions and these are the mini battles i must fight to reach them


Memory – If it wasn’t for my memory, I could forget the bad things from the past that have been holding me back. What I keep thinking over is the ways I could have done things better and minimized the damage to myself and others.

I like to reminisce (age 68 and retired). Classmates.com takes me back to high school. Cleaning out the garage today and found hospital uniforms from my respiratory therapy days and a duffle bag with my army uniforms. These things triggered memories that slowed me down for the rest of the day. Grateful for all these experiences that made me what I am today.

DAY 71 – Reviewing the past….just don’t need to live there. ‘Cause I got my ticket for the rocket and I’m enjoying the ride. :bitrocket::waning_gibbous_moon:


I dont anything from my past is holding me back, at least that I can think of. I’ve had many different experiences. Some good. Some bad. But I am constantly looking to improve myself. The stories of the past just show where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.


I am not at the success level that I postulate. I am, at this time, unable to identify what parts of my past are holding me back. but I do know that they are there. I know because I am not at the success level that I postulate.
I learned once, that Psychosis is having your attention stuck in the past, and if you have ever met a psychotic, you can see it plain as day. they are engulfed in the demons of the past.
Neurosis is someone who has there attention stuck in the present. They cannot think with the past or in the future. They are stuck dealing with what is right in front of them. Sorry Mr OCD,
Sanity is being able to look into the past for guidance, plan into the future with intention, and deal with the here and now without being fixated.
Working just to pay the bills (part of your past) is psychotic.
I know that there is crap in my past holding me back, and when I do identify it, I will nip it in the butt as best I can. Many bad habits have been nipped in the butt.
I’m looking to a successful future, and grinding in the present to make it happen.
I had a crappy day at work today, which only made me more determined to lock in the crypto lifestyle.
I’m going to the moon, bad day or not.


My dad has always said that " Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is the present so treat it like a gift. :beers: