#B90X - DAY 71 - Amateur's Live in the Past



I do not believe I live in the past and blame circumstances however just battling with old habits and resistance.


I’m too focused on doing what I can in the present so that the future will be that which I shape it to live in the past.


I really don’t have time to live in the past. I have learned a lot from my past but I am really to focused on what I can get done today to accomplish things for the future. I think the closes I come to living in the past is talking with my kids about what they did as babies or stories about me as a learning tool for them so they don’t make the same mistakes, hopefully.



I have never been one to dwell on the past. That water under the bridge can’t be brought back. Live for today. Work for the future.


I lived in the past! YES - I did, that was part of who I’m - an endless rethinking of things and situations I could act differently, which doesn’t produce any value, only bigger regret.

But things changed, I changed - and I have a lot to work on, quite frankly I think I have more than ever but that’s because I see those things. I live and work on things today I can control only today my efforts and daily grind! - Thank you, Peter and John


Hello Peter , thank you for these videos, you are a wise man, and I’m grateful you share your wisdom with us. Today was a hard day, I HAD a great paying job and lived in SF and find myself daydreaming about it at times. Today I begrudgingly DCA and found myself dragging my feet about it and dreaming of the future. I’ll close my laptop now and meditate.


Highly recommend brother. Great to have you!


Well, today:

  • I’m holding back from getting the next job as last time I took some high chances, but my expectations were thrown to dust after 1 year. So now I’m just less willing to accept any offer and I’m also looking for more stability.

  • I’ve enrolled into a 7 week online program, but I’ve fallen behind with my assignments during last week when I was travelling. As more stuff piles up to be done I’m losing momentum. The extra stuff that should have been done in the past also takes away some of my focus.

  • My lack of “expertise” in relationships prevents me from getting to know new people and form new relationships, as well as from maintaining current relationships. I think is something I avoid because I feel like a loser in that area.


Time to put on that smile and engage!