#B90X - DAY 72 - #1 Sign You're an Amateur



So we’ve just spent the last 10 B90X videos in a series around moving from an amateur to a Bitcoin professional, or having a well crafted blockchain designed life.

Now, let’s capstone it with the #1 Sign that you’re an Amateur… and we’ve talked about this multiple times in the last 70 videos! Let’s get into it. This one is going to be short and sweet.

The number 1 sure sign that you’re an amateur is that you have a million plans and they all start tomorrow.

Going Pro - 20 Part Series of Going Bitcoin Professional in Life!

I’ll watch this video tomorrow :doge:


I will buy BTC tomorrow.


Yo, i did smash 10k E today, and i liked the price!

Don’t worry, it was just a payment from a factory that lost their critical data, and i managed to recover it just in time for their audit! They were extremely happy :doge: :doge: Now i’m happy too YOO

Why CME Futures Matter for Bitcoin

Price will drop tomorrow and I will buy tomorrow.
(Meanwhile price goes up).
Too expensive, I will wait and buy tomorrow when it drops…
Price goes up even more.
Damn should have bought it yesterday.
Now I don’t have any money. I need to make money and buy tomorrow.
Price drops a little.
The price is nice but no money. I will buy tomorrow.
You see where this is going :smiley:


@goodoldfiat join the dark side :doge:


That’s the best video by far!! Short and to the point.


The sun will come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that, tomorrow. Hehehe



I finally worked out while doing my laundry and the sun came out for a little bit. I feel awesome. On my way to eat couscous now, hehe.

Thanks for this crucial message today. Happy Friday, everyone!


Solid life advice! Im guilty of waiting till tomorrow (says 8th year PhD student) sigh


This was awesome!!!


I think this loosley ties in well with a Ted talk saw (I will elaborate):

My take: The setting of the goal will sometimes give our minds a sense of accomplishment by itself, especially when verbalized. We fall into the trap of goal setting for our tomorrows, getting that satisfaction that the goal is “on the books”, and we let that carry us… until we have to do the work. Our minds got a high when setting the goal so we do it again, we set the same goal for tomorrow, we write it down, we tell a friend, we brag about it, and then we justify it away (Day 54) when it does not get accomplished.

I try to schedule my day in a way that challenges me to complete them today. While I do set long and mid-term goals, I create daily goals for today to get me there. I and try to be aware that the act of setting the goal does not accomplish anything.

Simply put (but hard to create the discipline):
8 AM (10 mins) - Map out daily goals (personal). Keep them on my sheet on my desk (I print out a new sheet every day, from the one I created on day 44) and I schedule tasks in outlook accordingly.
8:30 AM (15 mins) - Daily Scrum (team) - What did we do yesterday, What are we doing today, Set today’s team goals
The daily huddle itself creates accountability. Each day everyone knows they will have to discuss what was done the day before.
8:45 AM - Start execution
End of day - I review my sheet, what did I accomplish, what do I need to move and add to my long list for the next day (control = the compounding of incomplete daily goals is a motivation to complete them).

In a way, I have to be brutal and direct with myself and push myself hard. The grind is real, yet satisfying!


I know what to do. Stick to the plan and continue to grind, today.


It’s back to the grind :pray:


this one is funny. lol I’ve been starting my shit today. no waiting because tomorrow never comes and today is right now. so today I face the way I want to go. and if I find tomorrow It’s ok because I did every thing today!!!


Am proud of myself. Cant wait to get it done and achieve my goals… Success is a Science we can all learn and attain… thanks to the Bitcoin Pub… Fulfillment on the other hand is an Art… Lets do this!


Mañana jefe! That is the most common expression you hear in LATAM and it drove me nuts so I make sure I don’t procrastinate.



I forgot to comment last night, so I did it tomorrow (today in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:)

See you on the MOON, tomorrow!


I’m starting today!!!