#B90X - DAY 73 - Your Life Will Not Change... When You Go Pro



We’ve just gone through an entire 10 part series on what it means to be an amateur. However, the goal is to go pro. To become a Bitcoin Professional. Now, let’s get into a 7 part series of what happens when you go Pro. It’ll be challenging, but I promise you, it’ll be very rewarding.

When you go pro your life doesn’t actually change. When I personally decided to “go pro” in this crypto game, to build a Youtube channel, to build TheBitcoin.Pub, to build our first mobile app Cryptoyum for the cryptonation, nothing really changed in my life at all.

I didn’t recieve enlightenment. I’m the same person I always was, with the same weaknesses and the same fallibilities.

But everything is different since I turned pro.

Before we turn pro, our life is dominated by fear and resistance. We live in a state of denial. We’re denying the voice in our heads. We’re denying our calling. We’re denying who we really are.

We’re fleeing from our fear into an addiction or a shadow life or shadow career.

What changes when we go pro is we stop fleeing.

When we go pro, we stop running from our fears. We turn around and face them.

It’s time to go pro. We’ve spent time in so many B90X videos talking about facing fears, waking up and deciding to be men and women of action. Your life won’t immediately change and I hope that going through that last 70 videos or so have helped you fully realize that change begins with mastering your own mind.

So tell us again today in TheBitcoin.Pub thread below, are you ready to go pro?

Going Pro - 20 Part Series of Going Bitcoin Professional in Life!

I’m ready, today. Enjoying a day of rest, today. Resting like a pro, hehe.


Taking action and going pro. Because waiting around for something to happen doesn’t do it. The longer you wait to go pro, the more regret you’ll have. I don’t like regret. I’m going pro because I see a huge opportunity for myself and I’m taking it. Go pro. Do it now.


I am ready to go PRO! I want to see my 5 year plan come into clarity by creating a month by month plan to see my dream come true! Any other way would be useless!

To Da Moon :rocket::rocket:


I’ve actually have never asked anyone else this before - but does anyone have a non-psychotic voice in their own head that tells them to do something?

Only rarely do people refer to “the voice in your head”.

I think that’s your subconscious mind. It’s still you, but strangely it’s bifurcated

But yes it is time for me to act like a pro. I’ve had family instill doubt all my life that I can’t do something. This is usually the case if you want to go outside the box. The dunning kruger effect probably also applies to levels of awareness also. People who are not really aware of all possibilities dismiss possibilities they are not aware of. Hence why some people think bitcoin is a fad.

Only recently has it clicked that due to technological change there is not only a door open for me but I can get most of the knowledge I need directly from the internet.


It’s time to get serious and go pro because I’ve been playing around long enough now! I’ve been half in instead of all in ad it’s time to commit and go all in, which means it’s time to really live the blockchain lifestyle.


I’m going pro as it’s my time to take full control of my life & get to where I want to be.
I own going pro as it’s me fully accountable for each and every decision to get to the end goal.
Going pro means I’m going to learn a hell of a lot more about myself and the world around me.
Let’s get it done.


I’m going pro so I can find the development a crypto cowdfunding site


I feel like I’ve been subliminally primed to buy a GoPro.

I’m going pro to learn how to invest, trade, build websites and code so I can become financially independent and escape the monotony and stress of the 8-5 life. This should give me more time to spend doing the things I want with the people I love.


I am going PRO because TIME favours nobody, and nobody will give me the TIME to achieve what i want!


That is why I am here and going pro!


“Early retirement fund”. The irony is that I have a metric fuckton of projects in the works so I can’t see myself stopping for quite a while. A blessing in disguise really, as I got a good 5 years before my crypto “needs” to be worth $$$


I am going pro to make the biggest impact I can while I’m still here on earth. and to have more fun!!


I’m going pro to learn and become a more responsible, driven, and hardworking person, who can make a difference in the lives of the people I love.


Rich is monetary wealth is a mindset. Going pro for self mastery no point in riches without feeling happy and fulfilled.


I’m so ready to go pro. this stuff the more I learn excites me. I’m going full on nerd with this. I’m taking any extra cash and putting into btc now. trying to get my First ticket to the moon. lol


I like this… Its my kind of quote. I am Pro.


I’m going full retard pro on this one!


Going pro will be a tough challenge, but the rewards can be oh so sweet if successful. I imagine going pro as a crypto trader, enthusiast or learning the tech can be a tricky thing and not all of us will succeed. We should all help each other as best as we can, but remember; it is up to you to commit and become pro at the end of the day!


I’m going PRO having blockchain design life for my life.

I’m going PRO to achieve my dreams, my goals, for my life and my family.