#B90X - DAY 73 - Your Life Will Not Change... When You Go Pro





I’m going Pro. Nobody will ever come to me, hand me a silver platter and say- “here are your dreams, manifested”


I’m go Pro Platinum my brotha!! Pro Pro Lambo lol yooooooo maybe not like that :grin:


Going pro. Just gotta HODL during this bear market. Then accumulate.


Definitely ready to go pro. I am tired of making excuses and not following through in some of my plans. I am not saying that by going pro I will stop all this stone cold but I can safely say that I am more aware and now have a better understanding on my behaviors.
I am also ready to go pro because I want to take more control of my life and make some greensss on the way.


I’m ready to go pro to improve my families life. 10 years from now I want to be retired from property development.


Im ready to be a crypto bro. I mean crypto pro


Im going Pro because this is the focus i have to go all the way through to my goals and beyond


Go big or go home. Go Pro or go home! Moon goals on the horizon -just need a decent (real) bull run to bring the market cap up to a profit taking area for me.


Something I’ve always liked is knowing information that the masses are ignorant about or have overlooked. Most people do not know about cryptos, what they represent or how they work, but I believe block chain and digital currencies are a near-term technological tsunami.
It’s our incredible journey.

DAY 73 - Go Pro…let’s catch the wave together. :surfing_man::surfing_woman:


I have been working for pro’s all of my life. Some were better then others. But it all boiled down to, that were willing to take responsibility for EVERYTHING: the customer, the facility, the employees, the product, the finance, the PR…EVERYTHING. And for that they got the nice house, nice car, nice boat, nice guns, nice hobbies…

I’m taking responsibility for EVERYTHING. Not because I have to to get the things I want, but because I want to be that guy loves what he does so much that taking responsibility for EVERYTHING is not a chore, but just part of the game.



I have seen a change in behavior, execution and necessities. I’ve also been doing more investigating into the financial system more recently and looking at it, is worrisome. However, I have been taking the steps towards preparing myself against this, and see this being a catalyst to the value of cryptocurrency especially with the halving.

I’m ready to go pro and change my life. I never want to have my family or I worry about finances ever again.


I have always had some pro habits. I also have always had some amateur habits. For example the first time I ran through B90X so fast I picked up on what I wanted to start on, I read posts and never responded. This time around I made the decision to do it right and time box the time required for me to take it one day at a time. It has and will be forever life changing.


I am going pro so that I can choose and shape my own destiny. This will not be a switch that gets turned on and I still have a long way to go for sure, but I’ll be around and will achieve the pro habits, behaviors, and mindsets to win over the long haul.


Cannot wait for the day to meet a significant goal and just be like this was expected and keep chipping away. Glorious.


I am going pro because I am over living a life of passivity and circumstance. I see many people around me living that lifestyle and watching their years fly by with no goals or achievements that they want to chase in their life.

I don’t want get stuck in this cycle, I want to achieve what i have set out to achieve, i want to become the best version of myself.


I am going pro! I’ve had enough of this survival mode crap. I want to live, play and have fun not survive just to scrape by to survive another day.



This …This is why I’m pro. #B90X - DAY 49 - Blockchain Designed Life is INNOVATIVE


I’m going pro, because of me, my future, my dream, my goals.
For me, my family, mine golden circle fam