#B90X - DAY 74 - Your Life Gets Simple... When You Go Pro



When we turn pro, everything becomes simple.
Our aim centers on the ordering of our days in such a way that we overcome the fears that have paralyzed us in the past.

We now structure our hours not to flee from fear or pain, but to confront it and overcome it. We plan our activities in order to accomplish our goal. And we bring our will to bear so that we stick to this resolution.

This changes our days completely.

It changes what time we get up and it changes what time we go to bed.
It changes what we do and what we don’t do.
It changes the activies we engage in and with what attitude we enge in them.
It changes what we read and what we eat.
It changes the shape of our bodies.

When we are amateurs, our life was about drama, about denial, and about distractions.
our days were simultaneously full to the bursting point and achingly, hearbreakingly, empty.

The simplicity of our lives is noticable. It’s something that people will wonder about. They may even ask you about it. And… in many ways, that’s when you know you’ve really begun.

But we are not amateurs any more. We are different, and everyone in our lives see it.

Tell me, if you’ve been on this journey for the last 73 days. Has anyone in your life noticed how you’ve changed?

Going Pro - 20 Part Series of Going Bitcoin Professional in Life!

I’ve been around the crypto space since June and can tell you this space, as well as B90x has changed the way I live my life. People seem to notice my increase in drive and happiness. It was something that took a little awhile to fully notice myself but I’m just a happier and less stressful person. I’ve learned most if not all stress in your life can be eliminated by just having self discipline. I have goals to work towards and enjoy getting closer and closer to them through actions everyday. I have something to put my energy into that I love and want to wake up at 5 am for. I noticed I needed more time to fully focus on cryptos about a week or so ago. I can only do this early in the morning when people aren’t awake to distract me, so I started waking up at 5 and establishing a routine. I watch previous B90x videos and take more notes on them. I play around on bittrex and see what the market is up to. Eat some breakfast and have a head start to my day. I love it. Thanks again for all the knowledge bombs you drop Peter.

PS: BCH sucks.

PSS: BTC is king.


Yoooo, I feel changed and some of my loved ones have noticed the difference as well :slight_smile:

I’m relearning to embrace the challenge and pain of strength training, it makes me feel and think healthier in the long term. I have conquered my fear of being an alcoholic my abstaining from alcohol, and then drinking responsibly on occasion between larger intervals. I’ve realized that I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol as much anymore though and I have been sober for a week again. Maybe one day, but not for now. Nothing against those who still enjoy it.

Its so hard for me to get up out of bed when it is cold outside, but I’ve been enjoying going to sleep later and waking up later while on vacation. I was previously going to sleep before the sunset and waking up before the sun to make it to work on time. I’m sure this will change again soon.

I’ve been gaming pretty hard lately, I secretly want to be a pro League of Legends player, LOL! However, like an amateur, I am pushing off my financial aid applications and grad studies applications until I get back to Florida, like 10 tomorrows away >< At least I have a plan though, hehe. I could be coding/studying, and I probably should, so I will resolve to start today, even if just for 30-60 minutes.

“The Warren Buffet Way” was an interesting read, somewhat applicable to crypto in that he buys businesses that are producing something that he believes in. I think most of know how he is slow to investing in technology, though. Now to order Peter’s Scrum and Agile Handbook so that it arrives in time before Thanksgiving.

I’m looking and feeling healthy, woooooooooooooooouuuuuuuhoooooooooooooooouuuuuuu!!!

I’m mitigating drama, embracing my shadow, embracing the light, and working on ridding myself of distractions to become more serious about my own success. I don’t want to ache, I don’t want the heartbreak, I don’t want the emptiness.

I want to be simple and successful. I enjoy when people ask, “How do you do that?” It is simple, but it must be done.

Thanks for the invitation to become a Pro, Peter! We are different, and everyone in our lives sees it.

Lil shawty noticed yoooooooooooooooooo! :smile:


Yes they have! I have a new drive, and it’s exactly as you describe. I’m obsessed about bettering myself with crypto since I was introduced to it, and everything else follows. Wasteful, unproductive, and unhealthy things actually irk me, aren’t worth my time. I’m at my best when I’m focused! Thanks @peter and @john and pubbers for keeping me motivated and on track!


Yes, yes, and YES! This is exactly what I try to do every day… refine my environment so I can focus even more!

Deep Work is super rare, but, it’s the most important type of work.


For me these 73 days have been rocky that’s for sure. Highs and lows.

I know I’ve been able to be more open with people around me, they have noticed & responded accordingly.

I’ve probably learnt more about myself and found direction in the last 73 days of doing this b90x than the last 10 Year’s of my life! :100: %


I have been reading and watching as many “what will the world be like in 20 years” and send so many links to my friends about the Pub and the future, that most people think I am crazy. It is true, I am crazy in love with what I want to become and I love the energy it is providing.


This is spot on in my life right now. Went out to dinner with my wife and a friend we haven’t seen in a while. At some point in our many conversations the topic moved to bitcoin and blockchain tech. My wife says “get ready because Phil is going to go “Bitcoin” on ya’ and I have heard this many times.” Now some people might view this as a derogatory statement but I choose that I am doing my small part to spread and demystify Bitcoin and blockchain tech. I accept her comments as a badge of honor. I am determined!

Is Peter Saddington a Robot?

I actual think I was traveling this path for awhile before I started B90x because I just had someone comment on how I live my life. Thank said Peter, thank you for helping me refine what I need to do.


Love B90x! Allready made it to day 74.

Sofar it helps me to acomplish my goals. At work and in my private life. I’m trying to keep it simple and stay focussed.

I also helped a friend to get a job he likes in a company that sells and buys crypto. This year I also want to change my job. And work in a company that’s Into blockchain or cryptocurency.


Woah. Work in blockchain? Now you’re talking!


Yeah. I’m confinced it’s the future! Hope to find a suitable job around Amsterdam in the near future! :relieved:


At first I thought I hadn’t changed that much but then I realised that the change has been gradual. I drink a lot less, I exercise more, I work harder on projects outside of work and I’m reading something every day that will sharpen my mind.

Nobody has commented on the change yet but I live abroad, I haven’t been interacting much with a lot of my friends and I was already going through a big change in my life.


This B90x program keeps me on my toes and helps keep my focus up! Change has for sure been noticed by people close to me.


People have responded to my increased purpose-driven execution. I have had a couple comments regarding the way I handle my day. Thanks!!!


I have learned so much about crypto currency & trading. Even thru people still tease me about bitcoins, I will have the patience to see their faces when my bitcoin portfolio goes to the moon.

The prices are down right now (March 2018), however, there are still so much interests and people waiting to get in the game, its only a matter of time.


I’ve become more focused in other areas of my life, namely work. The change is obvious.
Because of that focus someone asked me yesterday if I was still “doing that bitcoin thing”
“Yup. In it for the long game but on the side. If you put 10Gs into something and it’s worth 100 in 5 years that would be a pretty sweet deal right ?”
“Well yeah, obviously”
“Exactly, so I’m just smashing it in while I do all this other stuff. In 5 years you wanna be the guy that says I should have or the guy that says I did ?”


My life has certainly changed… I recently quit my job despite being on the top performers because I found it increasingly difficult to wake up for work. I knew, deep down, that my energy could be devoted to something else.

and I’m excited for what’s to come.


I have been getting comments about seeming a lot happier and at peace with myself. It all started quite a while ago, and some of it is probably due to finishing another online course that helped motivate me, but I feel like B90X has done a lot for my determination and purpose in life. :rocket:


My life really has become very simplistic its really just listen to audiobooks and read crypto news all day.

At work I’m pretty much detached to the stagnant complacent environment. I just read the news every time in break room or sitting. Especially with the new Cryptoyum yall built reading like 20+ articles daily. So much content gets put on there love it. Then just listen to audio book all day while working.

Don’t go out really since just take care of my family and work Friday & Saturday overnight. Although I work a lot still go into work feeling motivated even though it isn’t my dream it feels good to know I have goals I’m working towards and slowly accomplishing everyday.