#B90X - DAY 74 - Your Life Gets Simple... When You Go Pro



well my wife sees that im less defensive with ppl and that I try to be understanding with more of an open mind. I’ve stopped watching T.V. and haven’t played a video game. Everything I watch is car or crypto related. I’ve been eating way better now. taking my junk food money and extra cash I was spending on shit to build a mining rig and to D.C.A. into btc. ppl at work see a person trying to change his life positively. I’ve got friends that see me being so much happier and positive about everything.


There is definitely a huge change and I get this a lot… Yesterday 5th May 2018 was a good day all my siblings are switched on about crypto and its humbling to see us discussing on Bitcoin, Altcoins and Blockchain stuff… I still get the “Bitcoin on ya” thing. The beautiful thing is am the go to person to consult and ask on any Bitcoin related question from my friends. Its all about persistence in this course.


Simplicity in action, direction, engagements, decisions and commitments. Man it feels good to become a Spartan in terms of focus and drive. Decisions are much easier to make when you have a focus and mission. Pro all the way



Yes, this is a great lesson and observation that I thought hard and long about. My friends have seen and noticed a happier and more upbeat demeaner from me. They have really taken a liking to the way I present them with blockchain news, how I am more motivated in life and am more passionate about the simple things in life.

This is a fresh new beginning for all of us. Work and better yourselves for the upcoming challenges we will be facing. Peter has been great with all that he has provided. We learn, strive to become the best and of course most of all; trying to find happiness.

We are so close to the end, but yet still so far! Keep it up everyone and see you on the MOON very soon!


The change is absolute. I try and inspire every person in my life to think long term about health and wealth. To invest and plan. To live healthy. (I am always attempting to inspire health in my family). I have begun talking to my whole family in a daily group where we talk about global news, investing, and of course my crypto perspective. (This was a no-no scam 8 months ago).
I have begun taking the first steps towards my personal business. If the conversation is not about health, wealth, progress, positivity, truth(not always positive), or ideas, I don’t have anything to contribute.
I’ve set my sights- I’m headed forward.


Very important lesson and intriguing also.

I understand that, going pro create passion and drive, that’s why life begins easy, because it’s like running with never ending energy of sorts.

I don’t really know if anyone seen change in me, I hope so, I hope it’s. Go pro!


I decided to ask my girlfriend if she had seen any changes whether they were negative or positive in the last 73 days. She confirmed what I thought was true about me since I started B90X. I have become more focused and organized about everything I do. It also helps that my girl understands timeboxing and is now using it herself. In a way, she is joining me on this journey.


That’s amazing. You are happy man @delirium_igniter


I’m a fortunate man sir!


My wife has noticed I’m no longer watching TV shows with her lol She knows I’m grinding for the fam and to grow so it’s not a big deal really. I am however scheduling some time for her two times a week w/out her knowing she’ being penciled in :rofl: Cheers!!


I can finally say that someone really close to me(brother) has noticed a changed in me cause he finally asked me about investing in bitcoin and other coins yesterday. I’ve been passively talking to him about cryptocurrency for the past few months and finally he said, he is going to drop some money and asked me to guide him. I told him as long you have BTC and ICON, you should be gooood so today I’m going to teach him how to create an account on an exchange and go form there. Finally those baby steps paid off!!!
Stay strong everyyyone!


Since I live alone I can only speak for myself. I have become a very focused person in achieving my crypto goals. This bear market has made it a rough ride but I’ve learned a tremendous amount these past 6 months. I look forward to seeing how the year finishes.


The bear market has made it easier for you to achieve your crypto goals! Spin it around!


Right…except I no longer have any fiat to invest. So depending on how low we end up going, I’m going to have to strategize some in what I can invest in. We’ll see.:+1:t3:


Side hustle. Sell some crap (we all have something we dont need)!


My girl and my friends have noticed the changes happening in my life. The reason video games have been boring to me because they are to repetitive. That PVE farm money grind is super repetitive knowing that I could be doing repetitive simple habits in real life & level up.


i feel personally i have changed im less distracted on social media deciding to delete many of the junk from my life and focusing what truly matters most that can only benefit me

i have started to write down alot more notes and ideas to keep track of what im doing and what i need to be doing

i dont think people see a change in me but they are surprised im still so passionate if not even more about crypto after the price has fallen and nearly everyone i know has lost interest in it


Well it’s taken me 8 months to get here on day 74 but I’m here.
I have changed. I’m focused on a plan that I’m sticking to.


Everyone I encounter is aware that I’m invested in BTC and trying to spread the good word. My life is getting better. Your course has ignited a fire in me that strives for more than just BTC returns. I’m looking at bigger moon-goals, and better life goals (that aren’t even financial). Thanks for creating this program, truly eye opening. Keep grinding!


Yes. My wife said I have changed, but the way she said it didn’t sound like a positive thing.
She asks me why I can’t wait until tomorrow to do some things that I do.
“Because time is not a renewable resource,
Because the grind requires urgent action,
Because I have a passion and a purpose,
Because a man’s internal drive is to build and achieve,
Just pick one, Honey” (I’m trying slowly to bring her along)

Started B90X on 16 Jun 2018, currently 88 days (includes 2 weeks vacation)– should be done by end of Sep.

DAY 74 – Stay motivated Pubbers… :beers::beers: our B90X diploma is in sight…:scroll::scroll::scroll::mortar_board::mortar_board::mortar_board: