#B90X - DAY 75 - People Change when you go Pro



I’ve always had a very small group of people to socialize with, and it got even smaller last year when I ended most of them. Those relationships were not positive for my growth as a person, and some of them were even negative. Besides my family which has always been supportive I only have one acquaintance that I’m considering letting go, I’ll have to do some more thinking about it.


I only hang out with my partner and baby which she is very supportive of me. Hang out with my friend that got me into crypto to talk about all the big things happening in the background of crypto very positive individual. Also hang out with my cousin time to time to catch up. Which he is the same and has never changed even though he has been wanting to since high school so I rarely see him.

This is why I feel blessed to be apart of this community alot of inspiring positive people in here.


this is a good one for sure. I started this journey 3 years a go. started cutting off ppl one by one. It was hard. I’ve known them since high school. but I had to. they were using me because I had a little bit of money. un like them I always worked for what i got. and they knew I didn’t want to have fun by myself. and I was stupid and allowed them to use me. but that shit stopped!!! so now I have All new friends. some are on here now to. that’s cool lol. there was a lot of ppl I was blind to. Its an experience that will teach me that I just need to protect my self better that’s all. So I now understand making better decision and I have and It has helped so much. I was being used for my money so I wised up after years of being stupid for being that nice trying to save the world lol.


Couldn’t agree more.


There has been a great culling of relationships for the last two to three years, which has lifted quite a bit of weight off of my shoulders. The challenge I’m having though is finding people I respect and admire locally, most of them are in different time zones and even abroad. I guess it’s the way of the interconnected world.


Sounds like some house clean is in order.

Thankfully, I have gathered all my closest friends, educated them and we vowed to either make that money together or fall apart together. Family bonds stronger when they agree and lend a hand, especially in times like these.

Personally, I ignore all the people who say they will learn and become insightful about Blockchain or cryptos, but we’ll have the last laugh!


I can :100: agree with Matt. Btw. I miss you @unitedwestand17 my friend so much.

UK PUB would be in different place if I wouldn’t messed up. But I didn’t mean it, unless I always wanted you to know that. And the reason is yeah, very little English which couse problem with communication, but secondly I have problem which today B90X is about. I’m drug addict.
It’s better than I was in UK but still I’m in slavery.
Possibly in Monday I’m moving out where I will be working with new people and in dream work.

I look forward to see you in the PUB Matt and hopefully If you will want one day, to see in person.


Luckily I have rid hanging out with past friends and honestly it’s been a blessing. Life is what you make it, be strong minded and stay focused. As I mentioned in the previous video my wife is noticing the work effort is changing and is having to readjust. It’s ok when it’s to better your family, I’m finding the balance. Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Good B90X this morning, I couldn’t agree more with Peter on this one. It is essential to continue on our path and not follow others. And if we do decide to follow others, they must align with your beliefs and goals anything less than that would make us sheep.


Tis but a change, tis but a change…


This is all on me. There is no one else who will change me or my goals. I dont have anyone close that will cause any issues with my crypto mission. I am my worst enemy…and I am my savior.:rocket:


A very kind message brother! Please do not say sorry, you are not accountable for the meet not happening. You are a kind human being, and you was helping, and for that i respect!

Feel free to message me.


I’m glad to see you on the PUB as always.

You probably don’t know who I’m. Hard to see through that trash panda.


Very kind words! I don’t know who you are lol, but your words and personality is enough :slight_smile:


I am serious about making change in my life only focused on my family and the grind. My friends have changed to mainly positive pub members.


I would have to say this is an area I do struggle with especially with people I have grown up with or known for many years. As I do get older though, I have learned that saying no gets easier and losing contact with people that don’t edify me it has gotten easier. So far, I can say that my group of friends and close circles are all people that support me, even though a lot of them still talk smack about bitcoin and cryptocurrency but I know that they do it not to put me down or bad intentions but because they are honestly worried and just want the best for me in their own thinking. I am a firm believer of the quote, “Tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you who you are”.


Iv made this decision early on at the start of the b90x venture of waste management was to get rid of the toxic people and distractions from my life.

I associate mostly with now a close friend who is also into crypto investing and have a mini mining venture together with similar views and strong work ethics to push each other to achieve our goals.

Many people inspire me in the pub and in discord with a collective of great minds and different walks of life all driven for the same purpose for me to stay focus and keep me accountable to why i started this.


This is a hard one.
I want to start by mentioning someone who is supporting me.
That person is my wife. When i started getting into crypto she was really against it, but… Now she has totally got behind me.
Someone holding me back would be a mate of mine.


This is a scary topic. I feel like my wife is on my side, and also not on my side. She wants me to succeed with BTC, but then she keeps coming up with more ways that we need to spend our hard saved money. Or she’ll talk about how we can spend the gains we hope to make (where I can only think of reinvesting those gains). My social life is pretty much limited to work since I’m doing the family thing now. Luckily, I’ve already removed the distraction-friends. It is rather hard to figure out how to get my wife on board though. I’m hoping that during the next bull run (please be soon), she’ll get on board more easily when she can finally see some gains.


This was a real “food for thought” subject for me. I don’t think I have trouble cutting people lose or making new friend in my area of interest.

Relatives are the only mandatory associations, but, unless they live nearby, one should easily be able to control the amount of contact.

DAY 75 – People come and people go…make the best use of the time you have. :yin_yang::rocket: