#B90X - DAY 76 - There Must Be a Business



Going pro is like kicking a drug habit or stopping drinking. It’s a decision. We’ve talked a lot about this in previous B90X videos. It’s a decision to which we must re-commit every day.

Think about that for a second. This is part-parcel of living a blockchain designed life.

It’s a daily commitment. A daily discipline.

Twelve-step programs say “One Day at a Time.” The Bitcoin professional says the exact same thing.

Each day, the professional understands, he will wake up facing the same demons, the same resistance, the same self-sabotage, the same tendencies to shadow activities and amateurism that he has always faced.

The difference is now he will not yield to those temptations.

He will have mastered them, and he will continue to master them.

This is something I’m acutely aware of as a startup entrepreneur. My brother wrote a blog post months ago that will resonate with me till the end of my days.

The title of it is: “There must be a business.” It’s as simple as that.
There must be a business.

We can profess all the platitudes of what it means to have a great company culture. Make sure that everyone “feels good” in our company. None of that matters in the beginning. Making sure people “feel good” ensures the demise of what we’re trying to accomplish.

There must be a business. Without a business, noone gets paid. Nobody gets a salary. Nobody gets a job that they enjoy.
There must be a business.

I am that business. If I decide to NOT show up today, those around me suffer.
Likewise, in what we talked about 2 series ago in our Product Design series, you are the product. If you don’t show up. If you don’t decide to go after your goals every single day. There will be no business. There will be no change.

You must decide. Daily.
Will there be a business? Or not?

Let us know in TheBitcoin.Pub. What’s the business you’re in. Will there be a business?

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:doge: I sell shiny metal things :doge:


:man_technologist:I develop software :computer::keyboard::wrench::hammer_and_wrench:


Good god! I knew you’re an onion webmaster!


I am not master at anything but I think I know a few things :slight_smile:
Always learning and grinding.


I am a Geographer in the consulting business. I also teach English as a foreign language. There is a business. I am trying to become a better crypto trader as well. Right now I would consider myself a novice because I have recently made some big mistakes but I am confident that I am still learning and my mistakes will help me strengthen my patience. I am writing down some principles to follow, like, “remember the early mornings, hard work, and aching body that were required to earn that capital before making a big trade”, and “don’t go all in on one trade”. Pretty basic concepts I think most people know here, but are easy for me to forget in a hype moment or with fear of missing out.


I always wanted to be a blacksmith. :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:


I’m an IT incident manager, but I mainly do that to learn and earn a paycheck. I try to spend at least 4 hours a day on music production for my project called “Introspect”. If I miss a day of producing, Introspect doesn’t move forward. I’d like to treat it more like a business to limit missed days and really develop the consistant grind mentality.


I’m an environmental engineer with a Chemical Engineering degree, but my BUSINESS is investing in BTC to become debt free, which will bring on a wealth of other things once that’s complete!


I am a real estate agent, a hobby farmer, and a trader/investor. Right now I am building my trading/investing business so that it plays a larger role in my financial life. I am doing this by focusing on selling real estate and taking advantage of any other money making opportunity I find. This episode is a good reminder for me to keep grinding and thinking about my longer term goals and plans. Sometimes the amateur comes out in me and starts whining and getting all dramatic about being uncomfortable. I am practicing stepping out of that and behaving like the pro that I am!


I have a day job. I turn up.
It pays me, allows me to do what I want. Allows me to invest.

I am my business, each day growing, grinding, learning, crafting a better me to reach the end game goals :facepunch:t4:


Each day, the professional understands, he will wake up facing the same demons, the same resistance, the same self-sabotage, the same tendencies to shadow activities and amateurism that he has always faced.

The difference is now he will not yield to those temptations.

He will have mastered them, and he will continue to master them. - Peter

This, really, gave me tingles down my entire body, and not sexually lmfao! But no seriously, that statement there is god damn powerful it is untrue! I am getting that canvassed, and it is going on my wall.

My business at the moment is to create business, the saying ‘It’s none of your business’ does not apply anymore, unless it is private or sensitive. It is my business within ethical boundaries to create a sustainable business model in an area I feel is the one for me, which I am developing. I am often approached for business advice funnily enough, and when that first started to happen, well, it was a snowball effect

I have set up businesses before, engaged in business consultation, and very very often is that the issues that arise within the infrastructure and goal setting is weak. There are many more obstacles, but I have found direction to be an issue, so to summarise:

My Business is to make it my business!


I’m in e commerce, I was thinking about looking into web design freelancing. I have to call a supplier back in a few minutes. Most of the resistance I feel is towards getting on the phone.


Exactly @altcoinchick, @Anthony and @unitedwestand17. I too am in the business of making my life what I WANT it to be! I deserve to be happy and satisfied and I won’t stop until I get there! Crypto is one of my passions and so is helping and bringing people together. When you surround yourself with like minded people who are facing a similar direction, you get synergy!

Synergy is what accelerates you to your own goals! I love the Pub for this reason! Thank you all for helping us all move ahead!

To Da Moon :rocket::rocket:



Cheers brother!

Keep grinding! We all together in it for the long game :facepunch:t4:


I am thankful for you and this community where we understand each other!


The business is “Philip Torres & Family”. Yes I work at an oil refinery but that is only a way to earn income and then utilize that income to invest in myself and family by way of property, stocks and other investments. But investment doesn’t always have to be money. Time spent learning and doing are just as productive. I always have and always will consider my finances a business.


I’m a physics teacher but I’m working on a website and looking into other sources of passive income.


I want to create an ethical clothing company that projects a positive message to all and educates people about the values of taking care of nature and each other as well as creating some sort of community project for the young.


My business is building my blockchain life. I show up or it doesn’t happen, that simple. I am the business and I must manage it / live it.