#B90X - DAY 76 - There Must Be a Business


Bank of America Regulatory Engagement and Exam Management for Mortgage and Vehicle Servicing. High risk, 48 turn times always demands rising up and executing! I love it!


I’m in the business of learning and adapting to my surroundings. Has one seen “The Big Short”? I watched it last night for the first time and boy was everyone is business!


I’ve got a day job. But I’m in the business of learning blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Getting debt free is my goal. My long term mission is creating life changing wealth. Now, back to business. :facepunch:t3: :rocket:


I own a small import/export business but I am currently working towards selling my business and do a career change as soon as I sell it. My future plan is to get more involved in the blockchain field and figure a way to combine fitness + blockchain. Still got a loooong way to go. #baby #steps.


Im in the business of being a ships captain i run a tight ship and lead my crew by getting my hands dirty

i going to translate what i know and what you will teach me and crush it with yen


I am a property developer and my business if investing in crypto to provide a free life for my family.

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I’m in the BTC business! I’ve made it through this long winter (BTC’s retracement). I’m still keeping my eyes on the horizon for the next big move. I grind daily on youtube crypto, coin prices/TA, and B90X. I’m looking forward to some real gains. Grind, grind, grind…


This week I am an Executive Yard Sale Management Director for my wife. On Monday I will be demoted back to my previous positions of Property Rehabber/Investor, Crypto Trader, Blockchain Intern, Financial Strategy Planner and Jailhouse Evangelist…I wear several hats.

DAY 76 – Sometimes one step back…:running_man: makes for three steps forward.:footprints::footprints::footprints::footprints:


I trade old relics. Its like american pickers, but with a micro budget, but it gets me that Bitcoin, a little bit at a time… The big game is to buy a building to set up a second hand store, and yes, crypto will be excepted.


Currently a BMW Technician, father of 2 corgis and a husband. Building my blockchain life, my financial wealth (non fiat) and trying to share it with all those who are interested and want to improve themselves as well. Owe no one and be your own master. :muscle:


25 years of Custom Home building and 4 years of Organic Farming. I start a new career path tomorrow in shipbuilding for a defense contractor. Husband and Father. Certified DCA Executor :grin: The Goal is to make a living through the Blueberry Farm. :blueberry:


Exciting to be doing some action after 3rd time doing B90X. No way gonna watch Peter build Yen whole time and not build anything myself.


I’m building myself, figuring out an e-commerce store, learning to code, and building an authentic online presence. I can’t wait to pick the flute again, being a broken record about it will make it happen, and it will be a great journey to document. All I’ve got for now, lets keep grinding and building.


After crashing on books, watching videos and engaging in many networking events, I’ve learned so much!

We’re in the business of changing old money for new money!

This bear market has been brutal, so here is some tips for making it your “business” to make gains!


've been working on investing, creating and developing new businesses. Crypto is actually a small part of my business plan yet a very integral part to accomplish my vision/mission. Each day I am doing or learning something to take steps towards that goal so in essence I’m minding my business to make sure it grows. :grin:


I am in the business of self improvement and crushing goals.

Yes, absolutely there’s is a business that will only grow from here. No doubt.

If I’m not here in 90 days something major is wrong. Like I’ll be dead :100: You guys are stuck with me. So get over it :crazy_face:


I’m in the business of living with a purpose.

This is the beginning:


just don’t put ALL your eggs in ONE basket

let’s say you choose a % of your wealth (or a % of your monthly income) that you want to redirect to BTC; in my case, I would be comfortable to redirect about 15%


The business I’m in is making money and wherever that is, is where I will go. Gonna make money and invest it into crypto.

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