#B90X - DAY 76 - There Must Be a Business



25 years of Custom Home building and 4 years of Organic Farming. I start a new career path tomorrow in shipbuilding for a defense contractor. Husband and Father. Certified DCA Executor :grin: The Goal is to make a living through the Blueberry Farm. :blueberry:


Exciting to be doing some action after 3rd time doing B90X. No way gonna watch Peter build Yen whole time and not build anything myself.


I’m building myself, figuring out an e-commerce store, learning to code, and building an authentic online presence. I can’t wait to pick the flute again, being a broken record about it will make it happen, and it will be a great journey to document. All I’ve got for now, lets keep grinding and building.


After crashing on books, watching videos and engaging in many networking events, I’ve learned so much!

We’re in the business of changing old money for new money!

This bear market has been brutal, so here is some tips for making it your “business” to make gains!


've been working on investing, creating and developing new businesses. Crypto is actually a small part of my business plan yet a very integral part to accomplish my vision/mission. Each day I am doing or learning something to take steps towards that goal so in essence I’m minding my business to make sure it grows. :grin:



I am in the business of self improvement and crushing goals.

Yes, absolutely there’s is a business that will only grow from here. No doubt.

If I’m not here in 90 days something major is wrong. Like I’ll be dead :100: You guys are stuck with me. So get over it :crazy_face:


I’m in the business of transformation my life into a masterpiece.

still far to go!

but I really believe that and this is kind of funny because I see how I changed! but still far to go!


I’m in the business of living with a purpose.

This is the beginning:


just don’t put ALL your eggs in ONE basket

let’s say you choose a % of your wealth (or a % of your monthly income) that you want to redirect to BTC; in my case, I would be comfortable to redirect about 15%