#B90X - DAY 77 - Fail to Win



Thanks for sharing this info and motivating me to overcome a past failure :slight_smile:

I use an iPhone 5, I have a free android phone, a pc with windows 7, access to a mac, and I’m familiarizing myself with Linux ubuntu OS.

I would like to visit Mumbai, Goa, Calcutta, Kashmir, and the Himalayas (off the top of my head) It is kind of a mission to get to India from Florida now because I am still pursuing my masters studies but when I go I would like to spend at least a month traveling and visiting there, if not three months. I have an old Indian pal from Spanish class who also would like to go and visit Kashmir. I would also like to visit the border with Pakistan, go there, and perhaps even Afghanistan to explore the Hindu Kush mountains.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I am on a Mac and I am using “Devanagari - QWERTY” < Input Sources < Keyboard < System Preferences.
If you want I can share 6 pics with you to find out how to type the characters in Devanagari script which is used for Sanskrit, Hindi, and over 120 languages, including Nepali.

Wow, that’s amazing, I’m literally getting chills. I also wanted to visit Kashmir… I’ve been to several places in 7 Indian states… I might never go to Mumbai and Goa… Calcutta was kinda on my list… I have like a dual citizenship by the way… I am basically Dutch… Also, my parents and grandparents were born in Suriname (former Dutch Guyana, South America) – so I can apply for like dual / triple citizenship there if I want to I believe. :slight_smile:

न म स् ते
[ nuh ~ muhs ~ tih ]
= greetings ( very polite ) :nerd_face:


I failed to do any personal work this week… I only did my usual 8-5 job.
What did I learn? That it’s difficult to keep up with personal work and the 8-5 job.
I did learn a lot from reading on my commutes though.


I fail a lot! I tell my organization all the time “Fail Fast, Fail Cheap and Learn”. My man Napoleon Hill said it best:

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Does failure impact me? Sure, but I have to learn, get back up and keep executing; otherwise, I should just stay in bed all day. Failure is a part of learning how to win. Failure does not define my limitations, it shows me new opportunities and alternate paths!


One of my favorite quotes is ‘It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking, than it is to think yourself into a new way of acting.’
Often times we fall into our own heads and try to change our thinking before taking action when it woulld have been simpler to just act.


Cold calling! I’ve had thousands of phone conversations and constantly getting rejected has enabled me to build thick skin. It forced me to be concise and clear in my communication, and to ask all the right questions. Probably one of the most important skills I’ve ever learn in my life!


I’ve been starting to fail with my timeboxing lately, which has meant that I haven’t been able to get as much work done. That just means that I have to try harder and be more strict with how I plan my time, not giving up.


Learning how to fail without damaging your ego should be an early life lesson. Unfortunately something learned much later but something want to teach my child early. :pray:


I have failed at every thing I do. I’m 37 and all I really am is a parts delivery driver. I’ve got 3 AAS degrees in auto and auto management. I’m nataft certified and have ASE too. and all I am is a parts delivery driver o boy. tell me I haven’t fucked up my shit a lot. Now I’m struggling to get my business off the ground. my life of bad decisions slowed me down tremendously. but I’m fixing that slowly. I’m filling this hole I dug up. I’ve got goals now and nothing, I mean nothing is going to stop me now. I know 2 things I’m good at. classic cars and DCA into bitcoin. so I get the fuck up every day now telling my sell I will change today and make it better for tomorrow. no excuses. MY FUCK UPS END TODAY!!! I can fail but I can’t just keep fucking up.


Three years ago, I opened up a Korean Fried Chicken restaurant with three of my friends. I was the main investor and put in the most of my hard earned money. It ended up not working out and we liquidated everything, and got almost nothing back for our investment. I learned many things from trying to open up this joint.

This failure helped me understand a lot about running a business and if I can go back, I would have done many things differently. Or heck, maybe I would’ve decided ultimately to never try it in the first place after realizing some of the things we lacked as a group. I sometimes reflect and think… what if I put all that capital into cryptocurrency, I could’ve had significant significant gains but I’m over it now. There is no point in living in the past.

It did slow me down to grow my wealth and my pursuit of financial freedom but I think without it, I wouldn’t have ever learned the valuable lessons I have learned until I experienced it on my own.

I think one of the most important lessons I learned from this failure was that I need to be ALL IN and be willing to put in a ton of work. For a small business owner, I can’t rely so heavily on a manager I hired no matter what my relationship to that person may be. I needed to put in the work and be willing to commit enough working capital (which requires an ALL IN mentality) to survive the storms…

Whether or not crypto succeeds or fails, I can really respect those who are trying to earn their living doing something they are passionate about. It probably takes a shit ton of work to make all this happen. Respect to ya’ll who are working so hard to maintain and make this community grow.

Did this failure invigorate me to try again? To be honest, I’m not there yet to be an entrepreneur. I am still working at a good firm and making a decent living. It’s safe… but it drives me crazy that I am not doing something I am so passionate about. I definitely envy you and those who are pursuing their passions. One day I will join you.


I have failed many times, succeeded a few times, but your formula has just revolutionized my way of seeing things in a formula form!! You’re fucking brilliant Peter! Speed of Execution will definitely be present in my next big enterprise!! Thank you!


How have you failed recently?
What a fantastic question.

The way how I feel is pretty remarkable. On scale. I chased off everyone who ever care about me. And I literally despise on myself.
Good, I need to keep that way, ignore me, that’s the only way, I wake up.


I’ve failed so many times that I’ve become an expert in starting over. I’ve found many ways NOT to do things, and it took me a long time to figure out that the steady grind and discipline applied every single day, is what is going to help me succeed. Steady grind. Discipline. Choose progress every day. Failure is but a stepping stone


Failure has pushed me to achieve some of my greatest accomplishments. FUCK FAILURE!


I failed leading a Corporate Audit call with Risk, Compliance, Business Ops executives last Friday. I hosted w/ WebEx and joined but it didn’t show me as the host nor gave me a ball. In panic mode sent out a Skype meeting and started hearing dogs barking and people’s voicemails with no ability to mute. The executive took over advising it wasn’t going to fix itself provided a WebEx number advising everyone to open the attachment in the invite and walk through the deck individually. Why didn’t I think of that, so focused on screensharing overlooked the solution. Cheers to fucking yo biggly lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Have you tried Zoom?


No sir, it also has to be a bank approved.


I failed today, Peter!

Tried to deploy a website with new framework and other 3rd party assemblies and it worked on my staging machine, but of course when I deployed to the server, fucking errors galore!

Never assume all things will work equally. What I did was take a step back, rolled back the deployment and did some research. Yes, tomorrow I’ll take another stab at it…

Life can be tricky, so everyone should be prepared. I will fucking win tomorrow and update the website at all costs!



I have failed at some of my short term goals. Eating out and spending money carelessly is still plaguing me. I‘ve succeeded in other areas so I need to build off of that.


Fail errrday. Mainly fail with ideal self since main goal is self development. Just retrospect if could’ve did something better or should’ve reacted certain way or notice thought patterns go to negative. I don’t ponder on it at the moment and lead to inhibitive actions though. Either way getting better and better day by day.