#B90X - DAY 77 - Fail to Win


i failed high school because i didnt show the fuck up
i failed college because i didn’t show the fuck up
did it slow me no down i went and got a job and i was determined i was going to make something of myself somehow and i stuck it out working on a boat throwing my guts up from being sea sick but i was showing up for work every morning not willing to quit not wanting to let myself down again

i want to feel the same pain again and grind it out

i still fail to meet my mini daily goals and its a resistance im fighting to not be lazy at home


I had a couple of start ups that didnt go anywhere.
I lost interest in them.
I know this was because they were business ideas suggested to me by other people. I was not following my own path.
I have learnt my lesson.

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My wife will probably tell you I’ve failed at being a good husband today, but then again, that’s not my focus just because I’m at home on a Sunday, lol. My failures so far in this crypto space have included a platitude of Noob mistakes. I fomo’d in to purchasing BCH at all time highs (ouch). I followed that up with purchasing a bunch of coins that youtubers were shilling (double-ouch). I then proceeded to use a self-created mathematical idea to purchase a bunch of top 20 coins because I suspected they’d climb further than BTC as BTC moved up. I failed to realize how the market cap applied to that last fuck-up -lesson learned. I didn’t DCA into any of my first purchases which make up about 80% of my crypto -and I bought all of that while the prices were still above their bottoms. About the only noob mistake I haven’t made yet is to join somebody’s crypto-calls and try my hand at swing trading. Nevertheless, I’m about 50% deep into cryptos compared to my overall portfolio and I’m not giving up yet. My blockfolio is currently down 27% but I haven’t taken a loss yet. I’m not even sure if it’s wise to still be holding things like BCH. There are a few coins I plan on selling once I can brake even/profit. I will continue to grind and learn through my failures. As much as I believe in the tech, I’m seeing people in the pub make gains on a daily basis. I will continue to observe and learn. Grind, grind, grind…


Most excellent. Stay the course!

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My failure was having my money tied up in a rehab property for two years. A personal injury caused me to sell it “as is”. Slowed my momentum.

Turns out it was the best thing that could have happened. After the sale I cleared out my debts. House rehab no longer hanging over my head, resolved my stress and I get to start over. Already looking for my next investment.

DAY 77 – Some things (my accident) happen for a reason. Hodl on pubbers…:btc::ada::doge::icx::nem::miota::litecoin::eth:

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I “failed” a few videos I made for alpha… realized I didn’t like doing certain subjects. Those actually become wins. I failed to take the leap onto when I was originally introduced. I’ve failed at many things in life, but they have made me who I am today and now I have learned from my mistakes and am improving my life from them.


After 4 years of failing to make a profit at our Blueberry Farm we’re still giving it hell. All profit has had to go towards inventory , power bills, Freezers, property tax etc. I wish i had all the money I have poured on the ground experimenting on our blueberry BBQ sauce, blueberry lemonade, and boiled peanuts. You never lose if you never quit.


Have to correct course by making errors to reach the destination like a torpedo. Better to make errors than to stay stagnant.

The 2 points made in today’s lesson is key do lack discipline for both but do marketing everyday.


One of my biggest failures has not been executing fast enough, but being here is breaking that habit. I’ve failed trading, which has made me learn even more TA and get stronger and more patient, I’ve failed at following my degree path into the job market by not doing micro-bio or ecosystems-bio or some other bio type of research as a career. I’ve failed at turning many jobs into careers, and I have failed and will fail many more things. All these have brought me here though, to the best community on the fucking planet.

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I love this! Life is hard, you’ve just got keep pushing on and powering through.

“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place… and I don´t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently, if you let it. You, me or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life. But ain’t about how hard you hit… It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward… how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That´s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, go out and get what you worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits. And not pointing fingers saying: You ain´t what you wanna be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain´t you! You´re better than that”

  • Rocky Balboa
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Speed of particle flow = Power
I know this but still forget to apply or am forced to delay by outside influences.
I have been failing a lot lately. I learn from it, but a whole bunch of failures back to back crushes the spirit. Then the inertia is stifled.
Executing with speed is being retarded by outside forces that I have little or no influence over, but mostly it is economics (the very thing that I am striving to fix)
The saying it takes money to make money is so true. And when you only have a little, you only make a little…ouch, and one false move and the bankroll can be wiped out. Real world FUD.
And to be honest, the string of failures has pushed me down to where I was not showing up to work and grinding like I should.
The day job is still there, but the side hustle is giving me trouble. Either the hustle I have picked needs to change, or it needs to be refined. I like the hustle I have picked, so I am leaning strongly to refine.


I have Failed in starting my YouTube channel. I have failed in loosing the amount of weight that I wanted to. I have failed in controlling my emotions when it comes to the markets. I have failed in focusing to study for my CPA exam. I have failed so much this year that I am honestly shocked that I haven’t offed myself yet. Iv been trying so hard to hide my failures and honestly I’m done. I have been in this position before and its about time I felt this motivated again.


I can say I have failed many time this year, my biggest fail may have been rushing into the crypto makret early this year during the all time highs. Loosing money in the markets since i thought it would be an easy way to make some quick money.

Though after failing and loosing money, I’ve taken it as a great learning curve and embraced it. And i am still here 10 months later, picking up from my failures and mistakes. If it wasn’t for Dogelord and the BitcoinPub community i may as well have accepted failure months ago :smile:

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So my latest/current financial failure is the Yeni snowflake that we created however we succeeded in actually accomplishing designing, making product and creating a shopify store in 2 weeks.

The failure was from:

  1. Not doing product and market research to validate the idea, cost and pricing. I should have done a better job at calculating cost and time of creation of product before creating product as well as marketability and demand for product.

  2. Timing of product. In actuality I knew before starting that a product like this should be started in April and then started selling in October however it was an experiment with my kids to get something done.

This has been a great lesson, albeit financially disappointing, for my kids on what can be accomplished in a two week sprint and how working together as a team can get amazing things done.

Now for a holiday break for the next week then starting the New Year with our next adventure. :smiley:


Shipping with usps = fail. Never again. :woman_facepalming: I knew better. But I had to give them another chance. Just because of the convenience factor. Nope :-1:


Let’s do the right thing! Always!

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I fail at closing deals in my professional life as well as in my personal life

unfortunately, it slows me down

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Failure is just one step closer to success. The more you fail, the more you learn and the more you learn the more you earn. High risk high reward. Im starting to see why the crypto market isn’t for everyone.

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