#B90X - DAY 78 - Shame Produces Will


My biggest shame and force of motivation was late last year when I began thinking about my health. At one time I ran 13 plus miles every Saturday with a friend. Then I began thinking that I could not even run 1/4 mile :rofl: now. So I embraced the shame and got to work. :muscle: 10 strait months and counting I have not missed a day on my routine. Its one of the best disciplines I have now, and It bleeds over into so many other things.:rocket:


I feel shame when I think about how long I’ve aloud myself to be stuck. Both in jobs and in physical location… I’ve tried certain job changes and nothing has sicked, but for the first time in a long while I am chasing something with purpose and intention. I am building and growing too forge my brighter future.


One of my biggest shame is not finishing college. However that was my choice to not be in debt and be a slave with high debts. So still a slave with a lot smaller debt not as nice of job but it is what it is. I have a burning desire to make it with no college just for another fuck you to the system.


Right now, My shame is not pushing through a string of failures and not showing up to work. I show up to my day job, but my side hustle was put on the back burner. I stopped doing the B90X (the very thing that keeps me motivated) and just watched DCTV to stay connected in some small way. I hate myself for not pushing through the bad times, and just loosing ground.


You made the right choice. Cant wait to party with you on the moon. Keep grinding.


I literally talk about my shame in every post. This is a great retrospect moment.


i have never thought about shame from this perspective and I totally agree with what you are saying. I can now think of many scenarios where shame has led to will and for me to take action to get up and do something about things i was shamed about.

I think a major one for me was when i was over weight, I saw myself almost at 100kgs and decided enough is enough i can’t go on like this. I turned that right around and dropped over 20kgs in one year. The power of will through shame is real.


Many times in my life I’ve felt shame and have tried to change my life however today, Christmas Eve, as I look into my children eyes I am overwhelmed with the shame of poverty. There are so many things that I want to do and provide for my family yet because I didn’t make my goal, I am unable to provide or do for my family. Right now I’m crying so I guess that is embracing the shame and I know that in a week I’ll be back to working on things however for today, I am dreading the holiday but I’ll wipe my tears and go make cookies with my kids in hopes that they will have some happy memories even if I failed to provide anything else.

May 2019 be a better year for all of us.


Don’t let the times get you down. We still have it better than most in the world!
Enjoy the small things this season!


Thank you @peter. Some times its hard getting over my expectations an just enjoy the moments. With the help of little miracles everything worked out. Merry Christmas. :blush:


Oooh shame is powerful if it’s used properly. I can tell a really good story about that. I’ll save it for a memoir series :wink:. The abridged version… living your high school years with your single mom in a trailer with plywood floors that has duct tape over the cracks :flushed:… yeah. That’ll produce some shame. It’s embarrassing to even talk about. Still. To this day. For some reason I always think of this song when those years are brought up :woman_facepalming:


I hope I pass my drug test for my employer, otherwise, I’ll feel shame! lol
Anyhow, keep HODL’ing, learn, share the technology and embrace it. You and I will redeem each other from any shame, when we go to the MOON!

Oh man, I’m bringing you quite a good news here. You can pass the test without a single issue. Check this article read this synthetic urine review . No thanks, man :slight_smile:

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when I’m different than the rest, many times I feel shame
not a useful shame
still a problem

I started to change this bad habit and try to be proud of myself when I’m different, in spite of disapproval form others … will take time, though

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I remember a couple of months ago this person who I was pretty close to said some stuff that you just shouldn’t say while your drunk. So I didn’t talk to this person for a week even though they were msging me. Then we spoke, kinda sorted it out and as the weeks went on it was still on my mind. I was angry doing stuff I shouldn’t be doing and then a couple weeks later I called this person while I was drunk and well you could say the rest was history. Had no idea what I said but the next morning felt like I had a weight on my shoulders. Long story short I resolved the issue while I was sober. Peter like you said about cognitive dissonance. People will keep pushing you if you don’t say anything back. Since then I have realized who I am and created a mission and vision thats keeping me going.

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