#b90x - DAY 8 - What are you Consuming?






I am loving this topic. Getting great ideas on books to read.


The last book I bought was Tim Ferris’ Tools of Titan and before that, Four Hour Work Week…before that, the last book I can remember buying is “the pickaxe” book for Ruby Language programming back in 2007 or 2008.

Almost everything I research, I find it online now. I rarely buy a book unless it’s just that great these days.

Even so, I scan through hundreds of articles a day, choosing to read maybe 15 to 20 in full and those feeds come from everywhere from newsletters I’ve subscribed to over the years to curated Twitter follows to just random googling.



I’m currently reading Extreme Owndership by Jocko Willink. And I just ordered The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos for my next one… trying to learn as much crypto related stuff as I can fit in :wink:


I Have to agree, there is a plethora of different regimes, diet, exercise etc out there. What they do not consider is that we are all individual and unique, not to mention that it does not always acknowledge those with underlying health problems, time constraints, lack of funds to purchase such a lifestyle.

I often find it can be a one-size-fits all with a generic approach, albeit often backed with evidence-based information and generally gives a concise overview but the downfall is, that we are not all generic.

Over the years I have been a fitness freak, and tried out many different regimes with respect to diet, exercise and sleep. Not to mention stress, for instance, which releases an abundance of cortisol, stress hormone, known to have a variety of perceptual disturbance.

The conclusion I came to was, study the area of choice and cross-reference with a multitude of other sources. Then apply it to ourselves, and realistically, what we can actually do consistently on a day-to-basis.

It is time consuming, however, it is an important component of life for it requires one to be able to delegate specific times as to when it fits in with work/life balance commitments. I definitely have accumulated a comftable level of self-sustainability with respect to health and awareness. But I am human, and i make mistakes, and concurrently neglect myself by something as simple as not valuing sleep, fluid intake and general cardio exercise.

Reduce those simple sugars for complex carbohydrates to sustain glucose, and consueqently, glycogen, to fuel our muscless and allow for better oxygen transportation. Sleep is so essential to allow the neurons and exposure to stimuli to amalgamte and process the behavioural response in us, so as to better know how address such situations. This is autonomous and we are often unaware. Deep sleep accounts for 20-40% of sleep; hence why it is so important to get sleep.

Please, please, unless you have a deficiency, do not buy into the facade of multi-vitamins unless they are - magnesium, zinc, cod liver oil and cranberry extract for ladies.

A multi vitamin is not absorbed in the same manner, as when we absorb vitamins from food. WE NEED digestion to co-occur with the intake of minerals and vitamins!



Looking through the thread I see some good suggestions for books to read, and I have only ever read or studied from a screen. Time to get me a paper back I think. LOOK FORWARD to reading through your suggestions,


Sweeettt! Extreme Ownership is up next for me. Re-reading Crucial Conversations and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.


My reading is more for relaxation and not so much about cryptocurrencies unfortunately. I mostly read in bed and i find after reading crypto news all day (that is all i seem to do now) I need a break from it. It can be exhausting in a market that never sleeps.

Just started reading John Grisham’s The Whistler (read all his books).

Recently, I have started reading some autobiographies by sports athletes, particularly Hockey. One of the most moving ones was Theoren Fleurey’s Playing With Fire. It is an emotional story about his life growing up, sexual abuse by a coach, drug and sex addiction, and his life as a hockey player that no one really knew about.

Here is a little video clip describing it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9h1vss2H8Y


I’ve read Theoren’s book as well. He’s become such a driving force and an inspiration to so many.
I’m from Edmonton; so to us, he’s not just a hockey hero, but a humanity hero.
We forgive him for playing for Calgary :grin:


This is getting interesting
I struggle to maintain reading habit
Henry Ford authobiography is the last book I’ve read

This book looking good, always dreamed of reading it. But before I have to finish Refactoring by M.Fowler which I started a bit long ago :expressionless:


Hey could you edit this link to remove the referral part of it?


Hey could you edit these Links to remove the referral link


I see some great suggestions here… Anyways, I am not a great reader person.

But I am consuming an audio book: “Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda”

But I just bought “Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain 2nd Edition” :slight_smile:


I’ve just finished reading -> Robert Greene and Joost Elffers, The 48 Laws of Power
I’ve got an upcoming certification so I’m reading/studying this at the moment -> James M. Stewart, Mike Chapple, Darril Gibson, CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide
…and these are the next on my list -> Thomas Mann, Joseph und seine Brueder, Buffett, Mary, Buffettology


Oh man!! 6hs test ahead!! :wink: I got that :slight_smile:
The tip:

Always starting reading the answers from botton-up ( d -> c -> b -> a instead of normal a -> b -> c -> d). The reason is that you “trick” your mind to pay attention to all answers before you choose. In my cissp bootcamp, the teacher gave this option and I passed and I wasn’t even in security that time yet. :wink: I see a lot of people in security struggling to take this paper… It is just a paper and a “club” to make your resume looks better :wink: Good lucky man! Let me know if needs any help! This is the toughest test I ever did.


Thanks a lot! I’ve been doing quite some practice exams already and had tried the bottum-up approach and it’s working nicely! I’ve struggled the most with the badly translated German study guides I have been reading/studying before. I just found out that I can take the exam in English here in Germany too so that’s a relief. In part I’ve been in IT security for some years now. Now being the IT security officer full time in my day job makes some certifications mandatory. Next on my list will be some additional data protection certification and CISSP-ISSMP.


Right now I’m reading the ESV study bible. I will be looking at suggestions from fellow cryptonauts and will be ordering many books on blockchain and crypto!


I picked up Michael Gladwell’s Blink last week - finished it within 3 days.

Just re-reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey - an absolute classic and finally Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss which is more high hearted and easy read.


I can not post the link to amazon?

I’m not affilated with them so don’t see the problem but ok I will edit.


“The thinkers guide to analytical thinking”

I’m less into reading books on investing and more into reading books on thought process.