#b90x - DAY 8 - What are you Consuming?



I am currently reading The Book of Basketball. I love the sport and have played it all my life. There are a lot of good lessons throughout the book that can be applied beyond the realm of basketball. With the entertainment industry being my goal I see great potential for adapting this into a screenplay.
Also I just ordered The Internet of Money Volume 1 and Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.


I am reading

Day Trading 101 by David Borman

Tons of books on this subject but I picked this one because a friend has the same last name! 1/4 the way through and is a pretty easy read. Easy to understand and good info so far. I am not really interested so much in Day Trading but wanted to understand the whole thing. Goes into explanations, although cursory, of all types of trading but obviously mainly focuses on Day Trading.


Internet of Money is good but I had watched most of his videos which the book is just text from those. Mastering Bitcoin does get very technical but great book! Love that Guy!


Any good value investing books you would recommend?


Hey you guys,
I used to read. Prolifically. When I was in second grade. In a tree.

Now I am nigh forty, and though I’ve had a good five year run to drop so many of the destructive habits from my teens and twenties, I just am missing the way on this one.

I audio. A lot of audio. But I want to read again, like you said masters x3 guy, deeply read.

So guys, give me your best tips on how to get me back into reading for the long haul!

P. S. It is not lack of GOOD books… I have STACKS…


Reading comes after desire.

But in most cases. Just start. You never know what adventures lie in a book until you start.


Reading this one now! I’m at the part where the development of writing comes in and it’s interesting that the first piece of writing discovered was actually a transaction ledger :o


Or the earliest I should say.


Like so many others, I am currently reading Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Prior to that I read The Reason for God by Timothy Keller.


I did buy a book on Crypto and it helped me understand the fundamentals of how everything works. but i get most my news from, the Pub and DCTV.
As for other reading, I like technical stuff. I’m now reading the complete sailing manual as i want to learn as much as i can about sailing!


Oh where to start - I have accumulated quite the collection of books already. Ranging from various topics from financial, self help, biographies, tools and some for my creative projects. The follow images show my existing books available to me, most I have not dived into yet:

Oddly, I have none that really touch on on cryptocurrency or blockchain… at least until now. I have gone ahead and made the following purchases, one of which is on Ethereum.

I will now have to set aside dedicated time to read, something that should be easy since taking additional time off from my work schedule. PS: I’m looking at all the previous replies in this thread to see what others are reading, so I can add some to my wishlist!

Darcy C


Just got Cryptoassets in the mail pumped to read it!

Some books I have read that I recommend:
-Think and Grow Rich
-Be obsessed or be average
-Sell or be sold
-The richest man in babylon - everyone should probably read this one
-The last safe investment
-The intelligent investor

I also read plenty of fiction. I think it is important to have some sort of a balance I find myself going crazy if I read only mindset/educational books but thats just me.

Podcasts are also a fantastic source of info!
I listen to:
-Crypto 101


Ok as far as my appetite for knowledge I’m always hungry. Unfortunately it’s random knowledge I prolly won’t use day to day. I have to get better at what I take in. For crypto I scout the net and read forums, Reddit mostly and YouTube. I look at charts daily and try to watch for the swings. I started a good book a while ago and set it down because I got busy with this but it was this… maybe I’ll give it another go.


Got this in the audio format


Do finish it bud, it is a considered a classic that all should read.


I got like 3 chapters into it and didnt want to put it down but work called me for more hours. I will finish it I just have to make the time. Thanks for your encouragement, take care.


Ive been thinking about audio books, I drive for a living. Where’s a good place to get quality books?


I have only been using Audible, best place so far, but there are other places too.

Darcy C


Thanks Darcy, I’ve heard of them just never checked um out. I’ll give it a go. Have a great day!


Audible is definitely king but there are some other apps that allow you to listen to older ‘classic’ works for free as well. Just search around on the app store and you will see what I am talking about. Happy reading or listening!