#b90x - DAY 8 - What are you Consuming?



Last two books I’ve finished have been ‘the Internet of money’ volume 1 and 2 by Andreas Antonopoulos.

Currently I’m reading ‘the orchard keeper’ by Cormac McCarthy. My favorite book growing up was The Road by the same author. Looking to see what other great works he has done!


I’ve been really bad at reading for most of my adult life. The past year has been better however, and even though I’m not reading anything right now I just finished a book recently. I should look into getting some more books, since I’ve run out of books to read.

Most recent books I’ve read:


Well am just about done with psychology of influence. unnamed great book. My next book is cryptoassests.


Since starting the B90x have listened to two audiobooks.

Your Wish Is Your Command -Kevin Trudeau
The Magic Of Thinking Big -David Schwartz

These audiobooks are personal devolpment. And haven’t read an actual book in awhile last book I’ve read was the Compound Effect by Daren Hardy.

Mainly been listening to audio books for convenience and multitasking at work but also because I get all of my audiobooks for free on YouTube and get more money to spend on crypto.

Do need to start actually reading again. Plan on getting specialized books for crypto starting with Bitcoin Jesus written books. Will set a goal of buying 1 book a month and reading it.


Argh, I’m not reading anything! Well, technically, I’m in the middle of Think and Grow Rich, but I only pick it up randomly. Started it months ago, oops.

I do enjoy reading. I like having words to go over multiple times and accompanying visuals. I prefer it over videos, actually. Seems like I need to get back into reading. A bit of a time and money investment.

If anyone has recommendations please feel free to send me some old copies :slight_smile:


Started reading Andreas Antonopoulos, “Masterin Bitcoin.” And have in waiting, “the 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey.
Working and studying toward my CAPM and have been going through the new PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition. I have some PM experience while I was in the Military. Taking my CAPM exam end of the year.


This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I usually read a novel a week. But it’s time I use my reading to learn something useful. I’ve been getting my info from videos, chats, telegram, you name it. I downloaded The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos, but haven’t begun reading it because I thought it would be over my head. I also have Cryptoassets by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar, haven’t started that one either. I love reading! I just moved them to my nightstand. I will start ASAP! Thanks for the gentle nudge.


The power of now- Eckhart Tolle (:


Cryptoasssets: The Innovative Investors Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond by Chris Burniske & Jack Tater


I completely agree that we are what we consume - from our food, what we read, even our thoughts.

Fast food is poison for the body.
MSM is poison for the mind.

Right now I am reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. Stoicism is a crucial psychological framework for any activity that can create heavy emotional responses, like crypto and trading in general.

For crypto / trading, I have been moving from getting a feel for the market through twitter to now learning to move from being a speculator to a novice trader. Taking the crypto course at learncrypto, and planning to start the extensive trading lessons that can be found online.

An excellent one that I have just touched the surface of is https://medium.com/@CarpeNoctom/toshimokus-trading-tips-tricks-f0ff5cc38cc8.

I have several financial books in my Amazon queue (so much to read!), currently reviewing these:

If only there were 72 hours in a day and I didn’t have a job. Every day I am chipping away at the rock, slowly revealing the sculpture hidden within.


The book I picked up to read is “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss.


You might enjoy Cliff Graham’s Lion of War series. Day of War, Covenant of War and Song of War. He is also on Patreon.


Day of War (Lion of War Series) https://www.amazon.com/dp/0310331838/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_t91DAb0K28SZQ


Thanks for the tip @UncleChuck, I find it ironic that I actually have an uncle named Chuck :joy::joy:


Not a financial book by any means, but I am re-reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book is simple, but it helps me reframe my thinking and gives me a more positive perspective. Good stuff


Well, i’ll tell you i’m not much of a reader even tho let me give my husband a plug here he is an Author you can find his books on Amazon under Tracy T Thurman. I have read his book but other than his books the last book I read was by John Steinbeck “Cannery Row” before that Dave Ramsey I seem run my finances a lot like he tells people to do it.


I’m consuming all the anger from all the FUD tanking our beloved BTC :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: grrrrrrrr :grimacing:


I kind of already answered this in day 7, but I’ll state it again. I’ve been reading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies found here in the pub. For something different, or lighter reading, short stories by Hemingway. And on a somewhat different note, I don’t have Netflix so I haven’t seen it, I read Altered Carbon a few years ago for a sci-fi lit class, and now it’s a series on Netflix. It is well written, I’m sure the book is better than the show, but it’s got all the Hollywoodness you could want. Sex, violence, explosions, along with sci-fi futuristic ideas such as implanting your mind into different bodies.


Great list of books everyone is sharing! Just bought Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnenan.


Some audibles I just recently finished:

The Business Blockchain by Wiliam Mougayar & Vitalik Buterin (had this for a while and stopped listening for how hard ETH was being pumped/ loved on) finally done and have to listen no more.

Get a Job, Build a Real Career and Defy a Bewildering Economy by Charles Hugh Smith
Why Our Status Quo Failed and Is Beyond Reform by Charles Hugh Smith
A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology, and Creating Jobs for All by Charles Hugh Smith (not done with this yet)

I went heavy with Charles Hugh Smith, for audibles in the car, on the recommendation of a friend. So far I would say he is a big fan of decentralizing the world.