#B90X - DAY 80 - Top Daily Habits #1 - Wake Up Immediately



New series!
We’re on the final stretch here guys.
It’s cool down time.

Let’s jump into a final series of 10 daily habits that I have for success!

#1 - Wake up immediately. Don’t hesitate. Get to work!

Try it! Let us know your results!


Hitting it hard everyday brother! Time on deck 7:24am CST. Yo can you or John turn the Dogeloard into a custom alarm and sell the SHIT out of it… SMASH that phone and get back in bed LOL JK


Lol. The point is to get OUT of bed and begin!


If you snooze, you loose. :slight_smile:


Getting up early is part of my daily routine. I rarely get more than 3 hrs. of sleep at a time. For me it works almost like your countdown but I don’t have to force myself up. I’m lacking in some morning exercise though that once was part of my morning routine. Gotta work on that.


Try 1 push up a day, you’ll end up doing more but commit to one everyday. Eventually it will be a routine but you tip toed in it almost unknowingly.


My body clock is already used to getting up at that 430-5am grind day in day out straight away.

In order to get a solid workout in before work, it has to be done this early as I don’t like training at night. By getting up this early preparing the night before is key for a smooth day ahead.


i’m awake all the time now biotch! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a terrible habit to wake up at 5 or 6 and then go to bed again. I know that I can start my day at 5 easy, but I’m lazy. Why? Because I have no discipline in this area of my life. Also, I have noticed that a good planned next day motivate me to wake up earlier. Will plan my next day every night!


I am a terrible snoozer. I get even more tired with each snooze. I even set my alarm early to allow for snoozing…Jeesh talk about creating a bad situation. OK, will try to set for accurate time and blast up in bed on first alarm and will update after next week.



They say that if you plan out your day before you go to bed at night, your brain has the ability to organize things by the time you wake up so you can accomplish that plan most effectively!


Yo yo! Sounds legit to me!


I am not a morning person, never have been. Is it worth staying up later and sleeping in? I will try the planning out my day the night before trick and see how that goes. This task of just waking up may honestly be one of the hardest things for me.


Count down from 5,4,3,2,1 when you wake. It helps you get up. Past the hesitation to go back to sleep.


Sound advice from the man that never sleeps .
Time is money and all that :rocket:


There is research that suggests one hour of sleep before midnight is more beneficial than two after midnight. So try and get to bed before midnight (not sure if you do or not) and see if that helps. OH! Parasites! Try a parasite cleanse! Parasites can cause fatigue! Raw, organic, unsalted and shelled pumpkin seeds are a natural parasite killer but Black Walnut Hull extract is also a really effective parasite killer! Never hurts to try it since more than 80% of us have parasites and are unaware.


OH! I also listen to healing frequencies and Delta wave frequencies before and during my sleep. I wake up at 4-5 a.m. feeling great! I do a positive affirmation meditation first thing when I rise, drink about 30oz of alkaline/spring water and then do my sun salutations (yoga)!


Thanks for all the tips and tricks. How many hours of sleep are you getting?


You’re so very welcome!

I get about 6-7 hours most days but I was military for over 10 years and function very well on 4-5. I do yoga in the evening and the combination of the healing frequencies as well as trying to get to bed before midnight helps a lot in my ability to get a great nights sleep and wake up rested. Oh! I also make sure to go to bed on an empty stomach! I don’t know if there is anything to that…I just know when I go to bed with food on my stomach I don’t sleep as well.

Hope that helps!


Thank you. Empty stomach thing is interesting because I am a 24/7 eater, except the days I do small fasts.