#B90X - DAY 81 - Top Daily Habits #2 - No Electronics First Thing



Here’s an experiment worth doing:

No electronics first thing after you wake up.
I promise you, you’ll feel better, be less distracted, and it’ll allow you to focus far better each day!

Try it!

What are the first 3 sites websites you visit when you wake up?

Love the energy.
The problem with this is my alarm is my phone :smiley:
I have to look at it but…
I can certainly skip checking my emails right after I stop my alarm.
Thank you.


I would like this video, but i don’t have any device nearby :doge:


i spend the first significant few hours with family… it’s a good thing.


Omg, I have only noticed, that I spend a few first hours of my day on phone and laptop. @peter, you are awesome) I will keep that in mind from now)


I at least managed so far not to use electronics until after a little workout and shower in the morning. But while I’m brewing my first coffee I’m reading through some of my mails (threat feeds - occupational, part of the job; IT Security). Private emails are usually untouched until noon though.


i have to start doing this more often, i panic sold POWR just now watching the charts… and lost about half 2/3 of my stack

lessons learned, the hard way i guess … rip tho…


I’m going try this 100% as to far as i’m already waking up when my brain wakes me but i’ve made a routine of wake - get up - check blockfolio, check pub, check instagram…then get going to the gym/day.

Plan of attack now is to up, snack/preworkout, prepare for gym, out the door & not check anything till home again!
Lets Go :muscle:t4::facepunch:t4:


It’s hard to create new habits with consistency, challenge accepted!


I use my alarm to get me up but I try not to look at my phone first thing. Admittedly I will see a text and this will distract me.
Going to try and not use an alarm and get up when I wake up. I did get up earlier today and I exercised then did a b90x (still have 2 more b90x’s to catch up on after work).


I started this 2 years ago. What a difference it made!!!


No phone, no problem.
I know I can follow this routine since I drive for a living. With a class B CDL It’s illegal to use a phone within working hours. But as soon as I clock out I’m 5 hours straight of Decentralized TV and thebitcoin.pub


@peter would you recommend just buying an entirely separate alarm clocking instead of using your phone as an alarm?


I’ve been doing this for a few months already. Although my phone is my alarm, it’s a really old phone, so I can’t really do anything on it except call and text, so I just turn off the alarm and get started with my day. Apart from just writing down my weight for the day, I don’t use any electronics until usually two hours after I wake up.
I will try and see how much more efficient I can get by not reading email or news while I have my breakfast. Eating can really drag out on time if you get distracted reading something, you forget that you’re actually eating!

Update on yesterday. I got to bed an hour earlier yesterday, and woke up at 5:18 this morning, no alarm needed. No problem being too sleepy to wake up, so I got started right away.


Sounds great haven’t done this yet definitely does ruin my day by giving me a slow start


I haven’t done this since before cell phones when I was In high school. lol I will certainty start this tomorrow. Now I will try to just turn on the pc to fire up some wake up music only in the morning now. great idea peter.


Guilty as charged… I do this a lot. Guess I shall have to do things differently. The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Jump off the bed works… Will try this out today. Thanks.


You answered that one yourself :smiley:


Damn it Petah, here I thought I was doing good waking up early, no I realize I was doing the WRONG thing! I am replacing emails with accomplishing tasks related to my Vision and Mission!


I need to check this out tomorrow when I wake up 5,4,3,2,1.GO!