#B90X - DAY 82 - Read Daily - Top Daily Habit #3



How can one expect to know about the possibilities out there?

One must read. And read we shall do.


Ok, so now I know what I will do in my morning, instead of wasting time on phone and laptop) I will read with timeboxes)
Right now I’m reading: “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
I’m learning what is antifragile and how could I become antifragile, to get the gains from every situation in my life) @peter, I think you are antifragile)


I’m very much antifragile. Nothing can stop me! Nothing!


I finally did it, I got “The Agile Pocket Guide” by Peter Saddington! I got the Kindle version via Amazon so I can read it on my phone during my flight home tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to get home, yoooooooooooooooo! “A Quick Start to Making Your Business Agile Using Scrum and Beyond” :slight_smile: :books::open_book:


Reading the Pub count???


I am reading " thinking Fast And Slow" by Daniel Kahneman. Learning how the brain works. Fantastic book!


I’m reading “The Well Life” by Briana and Dr. Peter Borten. It’s all about learning how to create balance, happiness, and peace for yourself. Great read!


I’m reading “Tales of the City” from Armistead Maupin at the moment. Every time I pick this book up and start reading in the back of my mind I hear the main theme of “Streets of San Francisco” mixed with 68 Mustang engine noise…Bullit… almost completely unrelated… just can’t help it.


Currently reading for a second time - WIN OR LEARN: By John Kavanagh.
It’s a great read for reinforcing persistence & discipline.

I’ve posted this before that i was never a big reader in life…i fucking love it now!


Reading Crypto Assets by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar as well as a collection of poems by Charles Baudelaire to stretch my French


I am reading The Sovereign Individual - The Shift from Industrial Age to Information Age - The 4th Stage of human society. Learn and continue to adapt or else get left behind and forgotten. Great read thus far. I love the timebox for 1 hour thought with tea. Sounds like a great way to start the day!

To Da Moon :rocket::rocket:


Currently reading “Surely your Joking Mr Feynman” for leisure and the “4 hour work week” for learning.


I’m reading Unflattening

“The primacy of words over images has deep roots in Western culture. But what if the two are inextricably linked, equal partners in meaning-making? Written and drawn entirely as comics, Unflattening is an experiment in visual thinking. Nick Sousanis defies conventional forms of scholarly discourse to offer readers both a stunning work of graphic art and a serious inquiry into the ways humans construct knowledge.”

Next up will be

Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future
by Lasse Rouhiainen

Chapter I: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Chapter II: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Many Industries
Chapter III: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Business Processes
Chapter IV: Chatbots and How They Will Change Communication
Chapter V: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Job Market
Chapter VI: Self-Driving Cars and How They Will Change Traffic as We Know It
Chapter VII: Robots and How They Will Change Our Lives
Chapter VIII: Artificial Intelligence Activities of Big Technology Companies
Chapter IX: Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Part I
Chapter X: Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Part II


I picked up an awesome book a couple days ago The Agile Pocket Guide. So pertinent to what I do right now, especially since I just picked up a Data Powered Operations group. The book is a refreshing reminder of agile fundamentals with a simple yet powerful perspective. The book is challenging me to get back to basics and teaching me new ways to look at the dynamics of an agile team and their environment. You can always tell how much I enjoy a good book by my annotations and this one is getting filled up.

I am also re-re-reading “Obstacles Welcome”.
This was written by a close family friend, mentor, and Chairman of our company. He discusses real-world applications in business, and how to overcome adversity. It is a practical guide to rewiring the way we approach personal and career problems. There is always another way to frame problems in life, and this book has helped me frame problems as opportunities. I pick this one up every couple years when I need a new perspective.


Nice book! Haha! I hope it helps!


Many years ago I read in a book (I’m paraphrasing) : “read a book a week in your chosen field. In 10 years you will have read over 500 books on the topic and will be in the top 1% of that field.”
This week’s book is “love & addiction” by Stanton Peele


I love to read! :laughing: I need to do it more and more. There are so many good books being shared here. Thanks y’all, I’m going to try to read all of your listings.


I’m two chapters into Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari! My neighborhood has a community book dropbox where people are free to drop off and pick up books. __ I’m also 24 chapters into the Book of Acts; I fit in at least one chapter a day. I will be moving onto The Book of Job next week!


I’m reading You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor. It’s the kind of book where you read each chapter ten times before moving on to the next, take lots of notes, and meditate on what you just read. I’m learning a lot about mindset and spirituality. Although I’ve never considered myself religious, I still feel that this book will be highly beneficial for me to read. It contains a lot of things I’ve never thought about before, and I’m learning a lot, even if it takes a long time to absorb the ideas.

Update on yesterday’s task. I ate my breakfast away from the computer this morning, and finished it 30 minutes earlier! Amazing how easy it is to get sucked into all kinds of things without thinking about it. That’s 30 min extra I can spend productively while I’m still fully awake and ready.


I’m reading Compound Effect by Darren Hardy atm. You definitely make me want to read more and the pub. Been sick past 4 days not tryna let good habits slip up.