#B90X - DAY 84 - The Power of Imagination - Daily Habit #5



This is one of my favorite. It is often combined with several other habits (which we’ll talk about in the next coming days).

Everything that you have, everything that you’re surrounded by was created in the mind of one individual, using their imagination.

We can create things before they even exist!

With your mind!

Consider this today. Take some time to allow your imagination to craft your future world.


your reality is only what you perceive it to be!!!

one of my favourites too!!! thanks @peter :fist_right:


The power of imagination and visualisation are real and powerful tools, albeit intangible and difficult to prove.

Imagination is important because without dreaming big you will never push yourself to think of or believe what is possible. This is also one of the reasons I’m a great advocate of hallucinagenics. While I’ve never done a lot I can honestly say my brain operates on a different plane to what it used to. It’s also the only time i have ever seen God, but that’s another (long and rambling) story. I still occasional grow magic mushrooms to keep my mind supple. In fact I have a few serial entrepreneur friends who are much more successful, in business terms, than I will ever and would ever want to be. We have been known to rent a couple of very plush suites at the Mandarin Oriental, do some mushrooms and then go into Hyde Park and chat crazy conceptual shit for hours.

But you need to get to where you see yourself in your imagination. You have to visualise it continuesly.
When I was 8 years old I took my skipper’s license because my father was a yacht sailing instructor at the time. The key to sailing, and a great metaphor for life, is that you can’t control how the weather knocks you about but that if you’ve got a visual navigation point you will get there as you know where you’re meant to be going every bit of the way.
I can say that I now very much live the life that I always visualised growing up. There have been plenty of times when I’ve got blown off track but my navigation points always got me back on track.


The question is, how to come into the state of flow, where you just lay back and let the pics arise? I know that meditation is a good tool to become all-one ( hence to be al-one is the best that can happen to each of us). But these days its even very tough for me to bring myself into the state of meditation. Puhhh, grey weather since weeks, terrible news on global scale, no job and so on…


I am going to give some time to this over the long weekend. I believe in it wholeheartedly, but like Lamasan, I sometimes have trouble clearing my mind to get there completely. My mind is always racing with things to do, scenarios replaying, distractions, thoughts, etc. I’ve tried meditation and need to keep at it, but same thing, I’m not good at it yet 100%. Psilocybin isn’t something I get my hands on every day to enhance my imagination and mushrooms don’t agree with my system anyway, nor have I ever gotten that effect from them before. Maybe a big turkey dinner will assist in the development of my imagination visualization :slight_smile: I also just found this that might be of help that struggle with this: https://litemind.com/how-to-develop-visualization-skill/

I will work on it during the Thanksgiving weekend :maple_leaf:


This is what @john and I do everyday.


Those conversations & the people you have them with are the best!


This is why I always welcome menial tasks, as i consider them opportunities for natural contemplation and defragmenting of the old noggin. Also why I welcome boredom into my life. Boredom is the catalyst for the best ideas in my experience.


This is a great subject and one that I also believe in.

@altcoinchick love the link to how to enhance ones visualization technique. Thanks. Will try that over the weekend.

The problem with life is that we “grow up”. As children we rush to grow up because we have more authority over our personal being. Once grown up, we are given the “rules of the road” and this, like the laws of gravity, begin to shape our actions and tell us what is possible and what is not. For example, to be married and have a house, you need to have a job making $X per year and have $Y in savings, etc. If you want to get married, your engagement ring should be 1.5X monthly salary, it is stupid to run in the rain because you will catch a cold and get sick, etc. That is the problem.

The solution is simple…never grow up! Be responsible most of the time and don’t hurt others, but be free and let your imagination go!

I love this video…one of my favorites that I watch every few months…and I ask myself. Is this me or am I still young at heart?


Anyone know any good jobs for someone with a strong imagination?


Entrepreneurship. Build your own future.


I know I’m slow at coding, is there a market for ideas anywhere?


I’m not using my imagination much at the moment, my job takes up most of my time and mental energy. I have imagined a life of financial freedom though and I hope to realise it this year or next.


If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney


Funny how this comes together perfectly with the book I’m reading. One of the chapters is called “The image-maker” and is about exactly the same thing. Create images of prosperity in your mind, and keep and nurture those images at all times, and you will continue to move towards them. I can say that I am terrible at this, probably from an overconsumption of different interactive entertainments throughout my life, and too much school. Whenever I try to focus my mind on an image I want to see, all kinds of irrelevant images invade my brain and I lose the image and get distracted. I’m still trying to improve, and I will check out that link with tips on how to get better at it.

When nothing of real value is taught in school, and whenever you look on the news etc. all you see is misery, it’s hard for people to imagine being rich in spirit and worldly possessions, which I guess is the point…


well being a mechanic i do use my imagination all the time. From diagnosis to figuring out how to take something a part. I just don’t sit down to write Ideas down. Or just let my mind free flow. I’m always quick with a joke. that’s me thinking in the moment but it shows my minds creativeness. lol so I will try to set some time to do this before work to get my mind going in the morning.


Mmmh, this really intriguing. I couldn’t agree with you more. Since the beginning of this year I believe my stellar is getting in line with the cosmos and great amazing things happening. Its all in the power of thought. I love listening to the audio book: The Strangest Secret a 1957 spoken word record by Earl Nightingale. All the beautiful creations the good and also the bad, buildings, cars, households, thebitcoinbub was at one point a thought. Its a really powerful tool, the brain. So glad am in the space and making use of this… Its an amazing journey. We become what we think about!, A man is what he thinks about all day.


I have done this sporadically but never as a daily exercise. I have allocated right next to Retrospecting!


What a great lesson today. So important for me, I watching now “The power of imagination” from the Patreon to catch more. Thanks @GrillingWithGuns for recording bro.


I’m using imagination right now to shape my future. I Imagine of the man that I want to be, and working towards it now,

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

  • Albert Einstein