#B90X - DAY 84 - The Power of Imagination - Daily Habit #5



Imagination station

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.
-T.E. Lawrence


I’m crafting a fingerprint or retna scanner to unlock or start cars vs having a key fob.

Zero gravity beds for a great night sleep :wink:


I imagine that I am healthy, wealthy and make a decent mark in the future. Blockchain life is tough, but I know it is and will be rewarding throughout!

Our brains adapt to being stuck in routines, so we need to break the mold and really listen to our brain for guidance and creativity!


I think my problem is not the lack or unused imagination, it is the opposite. I am a introspective person and tend to imagine and think too much which causes me to waste time and have a hard time falling asleep because my mind is always going 100 MPH especially at night. What I need to learn is how to better quiet down those noises rather than impulse them.


Grateful to have heard your talk on the power of imagination you give to large companies for big bucks for a small discord access fee.

Imaginary council to kick my ass when feeling lazy or indecisive.


I love the topic of imagination as a kid i always played with lego and drew cartoons then progressed onto architecture design civil and structural engineering in college.

When snowboarding surfing and skating i imagine the tricks i want to do and how to land it.

When i dabbled in music i imagine the tunes i wanted to create but they were never executed too well

I love photography and videography and i imagine all the time of the photos i want to capture and video i want to create, im not quite sure exactly what i want to do yet but i have a few ideas for YEN


I think this ties in well with meditation. Need to clear the mind prior to utilizing its full capacity. If my mind isn’t clear, I write things down that need to be done. This allows my brain to clear its do-to list. Then I sit back and stay silent for 10 minutes while letting everything empty from my head. Now I’m free to imagine…


I already do this one! Sometimes If work is really boring I can do this, All day long…


I think I have good imagination but I haven’t formalized it into a daily ritual. If I did it routinely I could come up with something beneficial to society.

Recently my mind has been occupied with our recent/current/ projected outer space programs, the international space station, launch and reentry methods, orbital mechanics, surviving in outer space, living in outer space, zero gravity, Challenger and Columbia disaster, Bezos and Musk projects, etc.

Do you know that astronauts experience a gravitational pull of only around 3g upon launch and reentry to/from space? We could all do this! The average citizen is fit enough to go for a space ride….to da’ moon.:woman_astronaut::man_astronaut::bitrocket::last_quarter_moon:

DAY 84 – I am not an animal……I have an imagination. Hahaha! :sparkles::sparkles::bulb:

P.S. Thanks to @altcoinchick for the excellent link to visualization.