#B90X - DAY 85 - Work Out Every Day - Daily Habit #6



In one way or another i do work out everyday


I need to do a scheduled workout again, but I am already active all day at work. I have been trying to fit a round or so of disc golf on my lunch break. I usually just eat while I work, but being able to decompress just a little is nice and clears the mind of negativity.


Got to do a minimum of about 30 minutes of intentional movement a day, that’s roughly a 1.5 mile walk depending on speed. Just doing that little bit makes everything better.


I could not agree more. Exercise is the fountain of youth. I had overtime today so I Woke at 3 am and pulled in the driveway at 430 pm which makes for a long day. But the first thing I timeboxed when I got home was my stronglifts routine . I knew when I finished I would feel great. :muscle:


Does chasing kids count? lol… .:crazy_face:

In all seriousness I know this is one habit I really need to work more on.